Xavier Samuel and Ashley Greene Reveal Their Most Romantic Actions

The UK’s ITN got them to reveal the info.

Kellan Lutz, Xavier Samuel, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene on the Alan Carr Show

As part of their UK promotional tour the group was on Alan Carr.

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Charlie Bewley and Xavier Samuel Visit the Today Show

The footage from the actual studio isn’t online yet, but in the meantime enjoy the guys visiting with the fans in Rockefeller Plaza, just outside the studio, where the fans came to see them.

Eclipse Cast Surprise Audiences July 3

Charlie Bewley made his way to New Jersey after being in Minneapolis the day before.

Nikki Reed (she is really entertaining in these) and Xavier Samuel (sadly all video is too dark b/c management didn’t turn the lights in the theater up!) who were just back from European promotions handled Long Island and Manhattan.

Cameron Bright wowed in Atlanta

Bronson Pelletier was on the case in Ohio and Michigan.

Jodelle Ferland posed with fans in New Orleans

ME, @JODELLEMICAH, & @Benedictarnold9 at #Eclipsemovie (@... on Twitpic

Julia Jones traveled around Chicago on Friday

The Handcuffing of Kellan Lutz

Kellan was also at the London premiere where he talked to media and fans.

Lexicon Interview: Bryce Dallas Howard, Jodelle Ferland, Xavier Samuel

Interviews from the Eclipse Premiere. TY to Kaleb Nation who let us dub in his sound because our audio feed went out on Bryce and Xavier.

Xavier Samuel: Denise Richards Connection

Reelz Channel: The Cast of Eclipse at the Premiere

Naibe and Reels along with MTV were the first media outlets to embrace Twilight back when no one in media knew what it was. It’s great to see their coverage.

Eclipse | Kristen Stewart | Summer Movies 2010

Eclipse | Kellan Lutz | Jackson Rathbone | Ashley Greene | Summer Movies 2010

Eclipse | BooBoo Stewart | Kiowa Gordon | Kiowa Gordon | Summer Movies 2010

Eclipse | Dakota Fanning | Bryce Dallas Howard | Xavier Samuel | Summer Movies 2010

Richard Crouse Interviews Ashley Greene and Xavier Samuel

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Hit Fix: The Bad Vamps of Eclipse

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