Eclipse Cast Surprise Audiences July 3

Charlie Bewley made his way to New Jersey after being in Minneapolis the day before.

Nikki Reed (she is really entertaining in these) and Xavier Samuel (sadly all video is too dark b/c management didn’t turn the lights in the theater up!) who were just back from European promotions handled Long Island and Manhattan.

Cameron Bright wowed in Atlanta

Bronson Pelletier was on the case in Ohio and Michigan.

Jodelle Ferland posed with fans in New Orleans

ME, @JODELLEMICAH, & @Benedictarnold9 at #Eclipsemovie (@... on Twitpic

Julia Jones traveled around Chicago on Friday


  1. I was at the SF metering and Julie Jones < Leah from the wolfpack was there to say hello but didn't stay for long!! She had to go to 5 other shows

  2. RockerChickWG says:

    So who was in Dallas?! There was supposed to be someone here, but I wasn’t able to go…had a family thing.

  3. Natalia says:

    I just read Taylor Lautner came out in Pittsburgh

  4. RockerChickWG says:

    Thanks, Becky!

  5. That’s mee!
    (Hahaha, that picture is of me and my sister!WOOH!:) )

  6. Allyson says:

    I know that this isn’t from the 3rd but I recorded video of Ashley Greene in Jacksonville! Sorry its fuzzy!

  7. I don’t understand, I went to the 7pm showing in Toronto, Cameron Bright was supposed to be there but he was not 🙁

  8. Who was in Washington D.C./ northern Virginia at tysons and fairfax corner?? Couldn’t go either 🙁

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