Peter Facinelli: Riddle Me This

Peter Facinelli has been keeping his Twitter followers entertained by putting up riddles every week or so. Some are cheesy, but it’s a lot of fun guessing.

Peter also spoke about what’s going on with the infamous bet and the back of his chair. It seems he did hit the margin of users needed (the numbers were all over the place) but Twitter recently put on some type of controls where only so may people could follow your account in a short time as a spam prevention. So long story short, even though it only looks like Peter has roughly 300,000 (at this writing) users, he actually did hit the 500,000 mark.

So, Rob (Peter’s IPhone app designer, not Pattinson) will be doing the bikini shuffle on June 30th. Peter has promised to take photos.

To thank his fans for their support, Peter is going to give his Twilight chair seat back to on of his followers on Twitter. Additionally, Rob (who is really being an incredibly good sport in all of this) is giving away several free Peter Facinelli IPhone apps.

Peter is going to the Affliction clothing store to pick out Rob’s bikini and Affliction has agreed to donate $10,000 to the Christopher Reeve Foundation in honor of Peter’s followers. Additionally, Peter will be doing a signing at Affliction on TUESDAY JUNE 30th 4-7 pm. Affliction-Los Angeles Store 7811 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles. He’ll be announcing who wins his chairback and the IPhone apps there. The winners do not need to be present to win. Information on how to enter all contests will be posted here (the site is currently down, we’re sure that they will shortly have it fixed.)

Alphie and Pel Are Forks Bound

Alphie and Pel are headed to Forks as part of the Summer School in Forks Symposium. We’re looking forward to meeting folks face-to-face like Kaleb Nation (Alphie has never met Kaleb), the Mitch Hansen Band, The Bella Cullen Project, Larry Carrol and more. We are going to be Twittering our adventures. If you don’t have a Twitter, no worries, you can follow along below.

If you are attending SSIF give us a shout out so that we know to look for you!

Twitter Update: Taylor Lautner Not On Twitter

Rachelle Lefevre just had dinner with Taylor Lautner and Taylor confirmed with her that he does not have a Twitter.

According to Rachelle, “Had dinner with Taylor & asked if he is on Twitter. For now he’s NOT but he might. I’ll work on him!”

So a huge thank you to Rachelle for reconfirming what we have been saying that the various Taylor Lautner twitter accounts where he supposedly interacts with fans are all fakes.

We also noticed something else, today Rachelle has just over 20,000 followers. This means another $100 was raised for breast cancer research.

For every 10,000 followers that Rachelle gets, she donates $100 to fight breast cancer. It’s also a cause the Mike Welch supports as well. So if you have a Twitter consider following Rachelle. Also click here and help someone get a free mammogram.

Until Twitter gets around to verifying all celebrity accounts (they are a little backlogged) you can always check it out on Truth Tweet. They do a really good job of investigating Twitters.

Billy Burke: To Stash or Not To Stash

Billy Burke wants to know what all of you think about Charlie Swan’s mustache. The admin team has never really been that fond of the stash. So, our response was “@billy_burke Please yes! Porn stash needs to retire. Motivation text based: Charlie is trying to impress Sue & Sue doesn’t like the stash”

The exact series of tweets were(read from bottom up):

  1. i see there are already a lot of strong opinions. yes, i say a campaign is in order. i can feel my upper lip quivering with anticipation

  2. jus sayin. wonder what the final tally would be.

  3. what if… for Eclipse, Chuck Swan actually parted with the <!#k broom on his upper lip?

  4. or maybe… fer reals

  5. what say we get the SWAN TRAIN up to oh… 100,000 give or take a couple hundred thou and THEN we have an actual vote. ya know, jus fer fun

  6. here’s what i’m thinking…

  7. i wonder what the consensus would be if the Twi fans put it to a vote…

  8. i’ve been seen without any facial hair. (Charlie’s moustache now has it’s own makeup trailer)

  9. jus some pics with a brilliant friend photog seein’ if he can make me look presentable. got me thinkin. it’s been a long while since..

So what do you think? Follow Billy and tell him!

Peter Facinelli Ups the Ante

If this doesn’t get him 500,000 followers nothing will. Watch the video and Peter will explain it all to you.

Rachelle Lefevre joins Twitter

Yes yes we realize it’s spelled wrong, but is actually the real Rachelle Lefevre.

Here’s the story. We get this Tweet out of the blue from telling us she’s the real Rachelle. Now you have to understand, the first thing I notice is that it’s spelled wrong. I thought Oh brother, this one can’t even spell, and it has some nerve thinking we are going to fall for that.

I would have just ordinarily ignored it, but I thought, this was pretty..well frankly… ballsy for an impostor, so, we checked with Rachelle’s management and according to her management, “…this IS indeed her authentic account…there are…other parties out there who have taken her name and opened accounts and said they are her! …One of them is using  her correct spelling of her last name Lefevre, so that is why you see her account with her last name without the “e” at the end, her correct spelling had already  been taken…”

To Rachelle we slice ourselves a helping of humble pie with a side order of crow for doubting that you were you.

Don’t forget that you can see Rachelle in person at the Twilight Fan Trips Vampire Baseball game in Portland. Tickets are still available. Get the details here.

Aussie fans will be happy to know that Rachelle is going to be at SUPANOVA in Syndey in June

Now given that Rachelle’s management has confirmed that the below Rachelle’s are fakes, it stands to reason that the  other Twilight accounts that they link to are fake as well. Especially since the fake Rachelle’s were having back and forth conversations about set experiences, dinners, shopping trips, etc.  with the other supposed “real cast members”

Fake number 1:

Fake number 2:

Fake number 3:

Fake number 4:

Peter Facinelli Has EXTRA on His Side

So far Peter Facinelli has gotten Ryan Seacrest, Demi Moore, and Chelsea Handler to help him win his bet and retain his Twilight chair in his quest to get 500,000 Twitter followers by June 19th. Now he has EXTRA on his side.

We are also noticing that a lot of the fake Twitters are now self-deleting or being suspended. We suspect that it has to do with the new Twitter verification service.

100 Monkeys Interview and Concert Today

Follow along on Twitter with Pel and Be My Escape (Laura and Jen) as they hit the road to see 100 Monkeys. They will be tweeting their experience as things happen. If you think of a last minute question for the band, send them an @ message.

Twitter Showdown Continues

OK, here’s the story. Peter Facinelli below has some video encouragement for all of you who haven’t followed him on Twitter yet. Peter needs 500,000 followers by June 19th or he loses his Twilight chair.

Now Gil Birmingham is rising to the challenge, Gil’s latest Tweet “Okay you twisted my arm. If you guys get me to 100,000 fans by June 19, I’ll post a photo of me in a Speedo…any takers?”

Now, if you if you don’t yet have a twitter, here’s why you want one.

1. It’s more fun than an RSS feed. You can keep up with all the new posts on your favorite sites and stars at just a glance and then decide which stories you want to click on.

2. The Lexicon frequently posts heads up to Twitter before ever writing a blog post.

3. The Lex does Tweet some exclusive content. For example this Sunday we will be tweeting our 100 Monkeys Experience and we will be Tweeting our Comic Con experience.

So go to and make an account and follow The Lexicon, Peter, Gil and whoever else you want!

Peter Facinelli’s Twitter Bet

Peter Facinelli bet Rob DeFranco, the guy who made his Twitter skin and IPhone app, that he could get 500,000 people  following him on Twitter by June 19th. If Peter loses this bet Rob gets to win Peter’s chair from Twilight.

On the other hand if Peter wins, Rob has to walk down Hollywood Blvd in a bikini singing all the single ladies with a sign that says “Twitter me”. Peter has promised to take video. No idea what LAPD will do. For the sake of Peter keeping his chair, and the good citizens of LA not burning their retinas on Rob walking semi-naked down Hollywood Blvd. please follow Peter on Twitter…then again it’s Hollywood Blvd., maybe he’ll just blend in.