Forks HS: The Real Principal’s Take

The real principal of Forks HS let the participants from the Summer School in Forks Symposium know what it’s like on a daily basis in what is becoming America’s best known, small town high school. The talk took place in the Forks HS cafeteria which also doubles as their auditorium.

He was one of the first of the local residents who welcomed the group to Forks for the event. The one thing that was in common by everyone in Forks was how friendly they all were. Every single person from our waitress in The In Place, the staffer at Gathering Grounds coffee shack, former students, chamber of commerce members, shop keepers…you name it…were the nicest people.

You can tell from the principal’s talk how they are amused at the influx, have a good sense of humor about it, and are enjoying how the extra income benefits the community.

The Real Charlie Swan

One of the great things this past weekend at the Summer School in Forks Symposium was that we heard from the real-life citizens of Forks.  We talked to everyone from former and current students, business owners, high school staff, and of course the chief of police. So what is it like actually being the real police chief in Forks, Washington?

Real life Chief of Police Mike Powell explains it all. Later on when he was asked about the  representation in the movie he thought it was pretty acurrate and he thought that Billy Burke did a great job playing a chief of police. The only part he said wouldn’t have happened was that he would never have been cleaning a firearm while drinking Rainer beer as was the case with the movie.

Summer School In Forks Overview

Kaleb Nation, The Twilight Guy, shot this very cool footage while we were in Forks. We are still working on some of our pieces, but for now enjoy Kaleb’s.

You have to love Lori playing Bellaesque crazed fangurl screaming for Edward in the forest. See additional photos on Kaleb’s site here.

Forks Day 4

It’s day four. On the slate today is a speech by Kaleb Nation and Texas style barbecue. Larry Carrol of MTV will be at the prom tonight. And we’ll be tweeting it all.

Forks Day 3

Alphie and Pel are in Forks High School about to give the first round of their presentations. We’ll be Tweeting  our experience all day long. We just had breakfast in the real Forks High School cafeteria and we met The Bella Cullen Project. Tonight we are headed to a bonfire on First Beach in LaPush.

Alphie and Pel Are Forks Bound

Alphie and Pel are headed to Forks as part of the Summer School in Forks Symposium. We’re looking forward to meeting folks face-to-face like Kaleb Nation (Alphie has never met Kaleb), the Mitch Hansen Band, The Bella Cullen Project, Larry Carrol and more. We are going to be Twittering our adventures. If you don’t have a Twitter, no worries, you can follow along below.

If you are attending SSIF give us a shout out so that we know to look for you!

Teachers Can Get Credit at SSIF Convention

Summer School in Forks: A Twilight Symposium

This just in from the Summer School in Forks Convention:

“Thanks to a partnership with Peninsula College of Port Angeles, Washington, SSIF is offering Washington State Clock Hours for attendance in approved workshops.  If you are an educator in the K-12 system you are eligible to apply and receive a minimum of three (3) clock hours by attending a minimum of three approved workshops.  There will be a $15 fee per applicant due to Peninsula College.  This is due when your form is turned into the LIFE, Inc. staff.  To participate in this option please pick up a “Clock Hours” packet at the check-in desk.  All completed registration forms, verification forms and student evaluations will be returned by the LIFE, Inc. staff to Peninsula College on the final day of programming. ”

Check out SSIF for details.

Summer School In Forks Panels

Summer School in Forks: A Twilight Symposium
The Summer School in Forks Convention has announced the discussion panels. The ones that the Lexicon staff is participating in/leading are highlighted in red. Looking forward to seeing you there.

List of Presentations

  1. Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans…Oh My!!”
  2. Defanged?  Exploring Misogynistic Undertones in Twilight
  3. Revamping the Genre or Sacrilege? Twilight’s Twists on Vampire Lore & the Anti-Twilight Backlash
  4. Tall, Dark, & Handsome:  A Teacher’s Guide to the book Twilight
  5. The Father Figures of Twilight.
  6. If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em: Using Popular Literature in the Classroom
  7. Big Heart in the Air*…”Why Doesn’t My Husband Understand?”
  8. Living in the wake of Twilight
  9. What if I’m Not the Superhero…What if I’m the Bad Guy?
  10. Bracelet Make –n- take
  11. Craft make n take:  Forks Clear Rock Pins
  12. Creating a Twilight Fan site/Webmaster Gurus
  13. The Physiology of Twilight:  Could Renesmee Really Happen?
  14. Film Drips – Vamps in Film
  15. Short Bites – Vamps in Lit
  16. Bloodsucking Snacks Workshop
  17. What’s with this Fan Fiction Stuff?
  18. The Appeal of the Twilight Saga Across Generations
  19. Bella Swan: Nobody’s Wilting Parrot Tulip
  20. lyana Kadushin:  The Voice of  The Twilight Audio books
  21. Twilight: the Series, the Fandom, the Movie Workshop
  22. Twilight Saga Book roundtable
  23. Inscribed Narratives of a Circumscribed Life: How Life Imitates Fiction in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight
  24. Bella Swan at Hogwarts: The Important Influence of the Potter Novels and Potter Mania on Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga
  25. Why We Love Twilight: The Artistry and Meaning of the Bella Swan Novels
  26. Oh my, I’m in Love With a Vampire: What makes Twilight Vamps Hot and Other Vamps Not
  27. Team Bella: Desire, Collectivity, Identity and the Sociology of What Makes the Story So Compelling for Its Fans
  28. Twilight Saga Archetypes: Chiseling away at the Marble Façade
  29. So Many Species, So Little Me! The Men of Stephenie Meyer’s Books
  30. Twilight Saga Literary Influences: Brit Lit Was Never This Much Fun
  31. Twilight Puppet Presentation and Make-n-Take
  32. Innocence Preserved:  Holden Caulfield’s Parallels with a Modern-Day Vampire
  33. There Are No Small Characters, Only Fewer Lines: Discussion of the Importance of the Cullen Family
  34. Minor Characters, but Major to Us:  Discussion of the Quileutes and Humans
  35. Consuming Desires: Capitalizing on Romance in Twilight
  36. Beautiful or Strong? A Consideration of Female Roles in the Twilight Series

Summer School In Forks: Mother’s Day Promo

This just in from Summer School in Forks:


SSIF is proud to announce a special registration price available for one week.  What a perfect Mother’s Day Present!

Between May 7 and May 13, newly-registered and paid attendees* can receive the promotional price of
This makes the total price of registration for two attendees only $375!  That’s a $125 savings from the current price.  It’s our lowest registration price to date!
Register and PAY by May 13 to qualify!*
*Attendees having already paid are not eligible for this promotion.
*After filling out a registration form, an invoice will be sent showing the promotional price.
Promotional registrants will be entered in the “Every 50th wins an Ipod” promotion.
No price reduction on “Texas BBQ with Kaleb” Luncheon.

The Hillywood Players are coming to SSIF!

You know them from the wonderfully-produced videos on their youtube channel.  Now meet them in person!  Not only will you learn about how they create their remarkable movie paradies, but you can learn their “Twilight Parady Dance” straight from their video!
And if you are voted King or Queen of our Real Forks Prom,
you’ll get to dance the royalty dance with your choice of:
Edward, Bella, Alice, or Jasper!
Register now for the chance to hang out with the Hillywood Players!

Want to attend just THE REAL FORKS PROM but not the other events?
Now you can!
A limited supply* of PROM-ONLY tickets are available for $50 each.
This ticket allows you entry to The Real Forks Prom on Saturday, June 27, 2009.
Enjoy all the bands, watch the crowning of the Prom King & Queen, learn the “Twilight Parady Dance” from The Hillywood Players, and have a great time!
To purchase Prom-Only Tickets, please send an email with names of each prom guest to  You will be sent a Paypal invoice.
*Tickets sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  While supplies last.

Enjoy the SSIF vendor area, the Twilight Art Gallery, the Graduation Breakfast with commencement speech by MTV’s Larry Carroll, and the SSIF Auction benefiting Forks High School…just $50 per ticket.*
To purchase Sunday-Only Tickets, please send an email with names of guests to  You will be sent a Paypal invoice.
*Tickets sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  While supplies last.

Meet MTV’s Mr. Twilight Tuesdays when he is our Master of Ceremonies at the Real Forks Prom.   We are sad that Sam Cushion ( won’t be joining us for this, but we want to wish him and his wife congratulations on their new baby who is to be born during SSIF!!  And, of course, you don’t want to miss Larry’s commencement speech at our Graduation Breakfast Sunday.

Ever get tired of not being able to scream and swoon when Edward first appears on screen?  Ever wish the other people in the movie theatre would stop shh-ing you when you quote every movie line?
Well, now’s your chance to get crazy at our
Fans-only, all-out, get-crazy Twilight Movie Screening.
Right after our bonfire at La Push, we will return to Forks High School for an anything goes Twilight viewing!
Cat calls, wolf whistles, even RIFFING (think MST 3000) in the comfort of this fan-only event.  The Forks High School ASB will be on hand selling drinks and snacks.

Register for the “Texas BBQ with Kaleb” Luncheon and be eligible to win an autographed photo of Robert Pattinson.  Don’t miss Kaleb’s Keynote presentation:
“Bitten by Twilight”

Sign up to play in the first ever
“Bella Swan Memorial Volleyball Tournament”
Choose your team:
Stupid Shiny Volvo Owners
Irritable Grizzlies
Select yours when registering!

Attendees under 18 must submit a completed and notarized Parental permission form.

Anyone participating in the “Bella Swan Memorial Volleyball Tournament” must complete two waiver forms.


Calling All Fan Artists

Summer School in Forks: A Twilight Symposium

The Summer School in Forks convention wants your art!

April 22, 2009 – Forks, WA. Calling all artists: become part of the fun this summer in Forks. Summer School in Forks has extended their art submission deadline to June 1, 2009. If you are an artist at heart and express your love for all things Twilight through your art, then visit our call for artwork page at: and submit up to four pieces for display during the convention. If you paint, draw, sculpt or otherwise create art that is inspired by the Twilight Saga, what better way to share your talents with other fans than displaying them for the enjoyment of all attendees? There will also be an art auction on June 28, with proceeds benefitting the Forks High School art department and donations will be greatly appreciated.

Also remember the Twilight Lexicon’s Alphie and Pel will both be hosting panels during the symposium and can’t wait to discuss and share the most interesting Twilight topics with all of you. For registration information, visit us at: We’ll see you in Forks!