Twitter Update: Taylor Lautner Not On Twitter

Rachelle Lefevre just had dinner with Taylor Lautner and Taylor confirmed with her that he does not have a Twitter.

According to Rachelle, “Had dinner with Taylor & asked if he is on Twitter. For now he’s NOT but he might. I’ll work on him!”

So a huge thank you to Rachelle for reconfirming what we have been saying that the various Taylor Lautner twitter accounts where he supposedly interacts with fans are all fakes.

We also noticed something else, today Rachelle has just over 20,000 followers. This means another $100 was raised for breast cancer research.

For every 10,000 followers that Rachelle gets, she donates $100 to fight breast cancer. It’s also a cause the Mike Welch supports as well. So if you have a Twitter consider following Rachelle. Also click here and help someone get a free mammogram.

Until Twitter gets around to verifying all celebrity accounts (they are a little backlogged) you can always check it out on Truth Tweet. They do a really good job of investigating Twitters.


  1. Your “click here” link to help fund mammograms is in correct — it brings up an error page.

  2. I’ve been clicking on the Breast Cancer for years. You guys should also check out their online store, it has a lot of cute stuff in it, and that also funds money for more mammograms. Also check out/click on their other websites as well. My favorite is the the animal rescue site.

  3. Nezzi Loves Lautner says:

    he should make one….i’ll get to know my boy better! lol


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