Reaction to the Tease to the Breaking Dawn 2 Teaser

MTV asked Laura and others around teh fandom for their reaction to yesterday’s brief glimpse into the teaser (or as we’re calling it: The Tease to the Teaser…AKA, “Please Sir, can I have some more!”)

Here’s what Laura said to MTV:

Twilight Lexicon’s Laura Byrne-Cristiano also appreciated the very short seconds of tease but, like most of us, was left wanting more.

“Ten seconds wasn’t really enough to capture anything. We did see Bella running through the trees, but we couldn’t see her face in that brief snippet,” she said. “So, we got only a little of the Bella with vampire powers that I was hoping for. It was nice to see a reaction of Jacob and Edward to Bella, but I really would have been more satisfied if Bella herself (in particular her facial expressions) was more in the shot. I’m hoping we actually get to see her and not just her point of view in the full teaser.”

See more on MTV.


  1. So I was re-watching the DVD extras, and at some point talking about the storyboards it showed Bella climbing up a cliff and a figure near her named “Climber”. Could this be from the first hunt when see smells the humans and then runs away?! 😀

    Also Carmen was missing from the main menu! Did she go in the woods for a “drink”?

  2. I wonder if the full vampire Bella reveal will be like the wedding dress in Part 1. We didn’t see the full dress until the actual movie. Maybe we’ll see a silhouette, the back of her, her hair, eyes, etc., but I’m wondering if the full reveal will be saved for the movie.

    • I’m actually hoping that’s the plan. I know there’s a pic of her in the illustrated companion to BD, but that’s all I want to see of her as a vampire until the movie. Same with Nessie. A glimpse here and there, maybe. But not a full on view of her until the actual movie. IMO, it’ll be a better reveal if they wait for the movie.

  3. I hope we don’t see too much. I also hope they go to ComicCon, for one last hoorah and show fans something special.

  4. They did show her as vampire at the target DVD release the way she moved the way she talked everything almost even the house she lived in , can’t wait to see the whole tralier at the hunger games preview the weekend

  5. It definitely left me wanting more & got me excited for the full trailer.

  6. Sabrina13 says:

    I just wanna see Renesmee…i’m very curious to how they portrayed her since Mackenzie Foy is like 11. But vamp Bella would be pretty snazzy too. 😉

  7. smitten_by_twilight says:

    If it meant to tease, then it was one of the best teases ever. I’m totally, hair-pulling-out teased. I’m considering changing my name to “Waiting for November.”

  8. I was at the Target release party and I can attest to the awesomeness that is Bella. She looks amazing and from everything I saw in that short two minute clip…it looks to be a very awesome piece of film!

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