Poll: Breaking Dawn Teaser Did It Meet Your Expectation?

So now that we’ve all had the chance to play the trailer a couple hundred times…not that there is anything wrong with that…did it live up to the hype? Where does it rank against teasers for the other Twilight Saga movies. Vote for your favorite.


  1. They had everything I wanted! Including Irina coming to the Volturi; I loved how they were just kind of lounging in their spare time, and she interrupts. When Aro looked up from his book, I melted. I’m hoping that Caius does what he did in the book, and slaps Irina across the face in front of everyone. That was the most dramatic moment in BD for me. I can’t wait until November!

  2. Who are the ones in the ally?
    Where one lifts the other up against the wall?
    I can’t see it properly…

  3. Above and Beyond!!!!!! This trailer was AMAZING!!!!!

  4. i loved it i don’t reminder the water gift

    • Lucianna says

      Benjamin has the power to manipulate the natural elements of the earth. He’s with the Egyptian coven.

  5. All trailers had something special really. But this trailer was just different we’ve moved past the love stories and now were getting into fights and different characters that’s what made me vote for this trailer.

  6. I loved it. It had a lot of things I wanted like Irina and Volturi and all the different covens coming together. The two things I missed though, were up close shots of Renesme and some hot vamp love scenes. But overall, awesome! Can’t wait til November!

    • We might finally get to hear Renesmee speak in the last trailer,that will come out in September. I think they’re keeping anything with her in it close to the vest,until it’s almost time for the film to come out. Who knows? We might get a scene with her in it,when they show the Comic Con clips next month. Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll get something really cool to see.

      • it’s like the wedding dress… they don’t want to give to much away to soon. keep some suspense, like u say they may reveal some scene with her in later b4 the films released maybe theyre keeping her more of a mystery till the films released :S

  7. I loved what they showed in the teaser but i am disappointed it all centered around the fight scene. Also, scene when Bella walks up to Jacob, is that supposed to be after her first hunt? If it is, she changed clothes and was way too casual in her approach to him as opposed to the book where Edward was holding her to make sure she didn’t attack Jacob. The downside to teasers is that they always leave you with questions and WANTING MORE! Sigh

    • it was only 1min as well ๐Ÿ™ i was hoping for 2 minutes… sigh.
      when she walks up really casual isn’t she wearing the same clothes she is in the photo of her renes n Edward when renes is using her power showing her things, maybe that’s who shes walking up to meet. the whole walk up to Jacob thing is when shes in the blue dress n i Edward will still b there (hopefully, unless they’ve changed it from the book) but they will have just edited the trailer in a way to make ppl who haven’t read the book think its like that… they’ll b 2 completely different scenes.

      • Agree with Suzanne and Emma. Short, kind of rushed, not enough time to really evoke emotions.

        And the emphasis on the battle? Especially because the battle doesn’t really happen…?

        It’s not “Face Punch.” At least, I hope it isn’t.

        Plus, could use some humor. Even the trailer for Dark Knight Rises, the grimmest of the grim, ends on a joke. Stefan and Vladimir, where are you?

        • Oh I hope they show the scenes with “creeptacular Dracula one and Dracula two.” They really make me laugh and it would add something to the movie. Also the humor with Alistair being such a wussy vamp was hilarious. Especially at the end when Carlisle asks the Irish to find him so he doesn’t have to spend the next decade under a rock. HA!

  8. Why can’t they ALL be my favorite? lol . . . Sigh, I still want more . . . ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I loved the trailer! It was incredible. I’m very glad to see some Jane scenes with the rest of the Volturi. But I have a question: What is Jane doing by herself with that little child? I don’t remember anything about Jane killing some other immortal child. I may be wrong. Please let me know if you know what that scene is all about. Anyways, can’t wait till November 16!

    • will the Jane scene not be a flash back showing the history of the whole immortal child business and what the volturi did to them or anyone involved? instead of simply a scene of them talking about it. they’ve liked they’re flashbacks in this series so far so i cant imagine they wont have any in this one ๐Ÿ˜›
      but i agree with u… i cant wait till November either ๐Ÿ˜› i want more now ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. Vampire-girl says

    I loved the trailer, but can I ask is it me or have the Cullen’s eyes been altered again. Edward’s look more of a burnt orange tone rather than the more golden ones. ???

    I saw Bella’s looked like that in the one scene so probably a while after her first hunt.

  11. I liked but was a little disappointed that we had already seen about 4 or 5 of those 10 seconds. I know also think MacKenzie looks like she should be Renesmee, but I think she is too old for how I pictured Renesmee by the end battle (non-battle).

  12. I’m confused. Is this a teaser, or the full trailer?

  13. i will keep my thoughts till i see movie still looks like they have done their own interp of the books first an second were the best of the saga but i just have to wait an see movie

    • Interesting that you think the first movie is one of the best as for interp. I found it way off and in areas I thought were important too such as: the reveal by Bella that she knows about Edward was after the restaurant not in the meadow and their first kiss was in the meadow and not her bedroom (though that was pretty hot). Also, the whole spider-monkey thing was just too dumb as was the non-existent field trip. Oh well, I still watch them and read the books and probably will until they are worn out. I just hope I can buy replacements when that happens.

      • I love the way ypu think. That is exactly how I feel. I have read the books at least 20 times and I enjoy them everytime but when I watch the movies I wander what in the world the movie makin peeps were thinking??? Oh well, enjoy the next movie.

  14. AliceKikiCullen says

    Um, me no see Irish…where’s maggie?!!! They had not have left out Alister and/or the Irish!!! Bad enough they left out an AMAZON. Besides that, EPIC OMG GARRETT AND BENJAMIN ๐Ÿ˜€ *happy dance*

    • Remember the last Amazon comes back with Alice & Jasper, etc and Alistair split before the Volturi ever got there.

  15. I am a little concerned that they have decided to go the route of a full battle, although I hope it’s just in Alice’s vision. I suppose Alice could stop them all if when she arrives with Nahuel, but I don’t think it’s in character for the Volturi to stop after the charge towards the enemy begins, so, if they are planning to have them pull out at that point, that seems unrealistic. I liked the rest of it, though. The display of Benjamin’s power looked impressive.

  16. OMG!! That was sooo amazing, can’t wait till November. I’m glad to see Bella at the end all storng and powerful.
    Gave me goose bumps!!

  17. The snow, ugh. I was so disappointed with the snow in Eclipse (as well as Kristen’s wig and BDH as Victoria). Now, this looks worse! It looks so fake!

  18. Here’s a link to my fan reaction video, in case any of you like to watch geeky things like that!

  19. It was almost perfect, i would have liked to see the wrestling between Emmett and Bella, but hopefully will get to see it in the next teaser ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I would like the arm wrestle scene either as a scene at comic con so its a full thing or left till the movie comes out. if its put into a trailer we wont c much which will b terrible cos it would just b snippets. we’ve seen the pic so we no its in the move (yay – its one of my favourite scenes) but i hope they don’t rush it ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I was excited until the last bit when they were running head on… hope that’s Alice’s vision. If not that is total 360 from the book when they all stood up for themselves and Bella protected them with her bubble.