What Are Your Top 5 For the Teaser on Wednesday?

Keeping in mind we are talking teaser and not full-blown trailer we aren’t talking a ton of time here. So what are you top 5 things that you want to see in Wednesday’s teaser? Here are some of ours:

  1. Renesmee…she walks, talks, something adorable. Maybe a live action shot of the still where Bella has her hand to her cheek?
  2. Sense of danger from the Volturi…Michael Sheen is the master of sadistic creepy with a smile. We want plotting Aro.
  3. Two words: arm wrestling…nuff said
  4. The new Bella and Jake dynamic…Bella chasing after Jake screaming about the Loch Ness Monster would be epic
  5. The Edward and Bella reunion…so she opens her eyes and who is there, or really any other E&B moment will do.

So do you agree? What are your picks?


  1. oooooh first time hunting [for bella], first hunting w renesmee, arm wrestling, a vamp sex scene ;D, or seeing Jane

  2. Faye massenroe says:

    Something with Edward, Bella and baby. I wonder what we will get on 8/13/12, the wedding anniversary! Can’t wait!

  3. I want to see the scene when Jake throws the food at Rasalie. I cannot wait to see that. I hope they dont cut it!!! YOU.GOT.FOOD.IN. MY .HAIR

    • jennifer says:

      That would have been in part 1, and I wish they would. Have included it!

    • Joshua Roberts says:

      They actually filmed that scene, but as the scenes before and the scenes afterward were so intense, that they felt it was actually out of place, so they cut it. As was stated above, had they included it, it would have been in Breaking Dawn Part 1

  4. jennifer says:

    I think everything you listed was perfect! Espicially something with Aro in it!

  5. I want to see Renesmee any of Jacob or Bella scenes, the arm wrestling scenes a must. Can’t wait, I hope they show a trailer on Bella’s and Edward’s Anniversary, crosses fingers.

  6. I want to see when Eleazar reveals that Bella is a shield, as well as some Bella vampire training scenes. Also, as much as I don’t want to spoil the final battle by seeing any scenes from it, I’d love to see the Bella/Alice/Rosalie back-to-back fighting scene that Nikki mentioned on the red carpet.

  7. Definitely when Bella jumps Jacob after learning he imprinted on her! Or her back flip when she first wakes up!

  8. The Edward and Bella reunion ! (ll)


  9. I’d like to see bella stop dead in her tracks while hunting for the first time or her pushing her shield out for the first time.

  10. Michelle says:

    I’d like a reaction shot of Edward’s face when he sees Bella wake-up, one from Charlie when Jacob phases in front of him and one of Alice’s vision…..

  11. Humor.

  12. Taking opposite point of view – very little. I want the movie to be first time see most of the scenes mentioned. I don’t need teaser or trailer to know what to see movie.

  13. I really want to see Renesmee. Anything would be fine w/me.

  14. I’d like to see Renesmee with her family, some Bella and Edward time, Bella attacking Jake (which had better be in the movie!) a bit of arm wrestling, and some exotic vampires!

  15. Hmmmm . . . more of Nessie, definitely. The stills from EW are cool, but I want to see her doing something . . . more Edward/Bella moments . . . more from the Cullens’ “visitors” (the Amazons look awesome, so I want to see more) . . . Bella on the hunt would be great . . . and maybe just a shot of the field at the end, with ALL of the vampires gathered . . .

  16. Roseanne Zmudzinskie says:

    CAN WE JUST MAKE THIS MOVIE NOTHING BELOW PG-13????????????? including pg-13 🙂

  17. I want to see ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!! LOL I am so excited I will take whatever scraps Summit wants to throw at us! lol

    One thing not mentioned yet…I cannot wait to see what Bella sees! The world, everything through her “Vampire eyes”. If memory serves, I think SM described it like looking through a kaleidoscope, at all the possible colors of white light. Clear and brilliant. And in slow motion All her senses heightened!

  18. AliceKikiCullen says:

    I agree with all five!!! 😀 Totally epic.

  19. I agree with all the 5 moments listed:) so excited for tomorrow and wednesday!!!

  20. Isabelle says:

    I like what you chose but i would also like to see all the vampires in one quick shot like when they are all watching Bella practice. I would love to see the entire movie in that teaser but it is a teaser for a reason.

  21. I want to see the reunion with Charlie-that was so great in the book.

  22. I just want it to be November all ready and see the whole darn movie

  23. I want to see Bella tear Jacob a new one. I want to see Edward and Bella hunt and then make out after they finish hunting like they did in the book. I want to see Bella and Edward in the cottage for the first time. I want to see Bella, Edward and Renesmee as a family without Jacob hanging around. Also i cannot wait for the end of the movie when he finally gets to read her mind.


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