Five Things We Want in the Full Teaser

MTV has a rundown of things they are looking forward to in the full Breaking Dawn teaser:

Arm Wrestling and Other Bella-as-a-Vampire Scenes
So Bella is a vampire now. Hopefully that doesn’t surprise anyone at this point, since everyone who saw “Breaking Dawn – Part 1” got a little sneak peek of those freaky-colored eyes of hers. As such, we should see a whole new side of Bella in this movie, including an arm wrestling match with Emmett. “I am hoping to see some vampire action in the full trailer,” Mathews said. “There are some great training scenes from the book I hope they include, as well as some great cottage scenes with Bella and Edward! I expect to see lots of Bella as a vampire, and I’m OK with that!”

Check out the full list here. Do you agree with their choices?


  1. jennifer says:

    I can live w/o the shirtless Rob & Taylor. Everythig I agree with, especially Renesmee & vampire hand-to-hand combat training. If I wanted to add anything, it would be Zafrina’s ability. I hope they have that in the movie at all…

  2. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    I don’t think I’d agree with their whole list. A trailer is supposed to tease without giving away too much. Personally, I don’t want to see the arm wrestling in the trailer (unless it’s the teeniest little bit…like just their hands locking or something). I want to enjoy that in all its complete glory when the movie finally comes out. I would like a glimpse of Mackenzie Foy, but that’s all…just a glimpse. Like the arm wrestling, I want to enjoy seeing Renesmee’s rapid development in the final version. I would like to see more of Bella’s first hunt as well as a look at the Volturi and Alice. It would be good to see a reminder of what happens in the second half of BD by hearkening to her vision with the Volturi. I have to agree that I would love a Lee Pace sighting too; but I would also like to catch a glimpse of the other covens too. And, I don’t see the trailer introducing us to any of the new music that will be in Part 2. I don’t recall any being in included in the trailer for Part 1, but my memory could very well be wrong. Whatever does end up being in the trailer will, I’m sure, be great and keep all of us wanting more. 🙂

    • THIS!

    • I completely agree. Just glimpses of things will be fine with me, but I don’t want to see too much. In fact, it’s actually easier for me to make a list of things that I DON’T want spoiled too soon. If we see the arm-wrestling . . . or the cottage . . . or too much of the “extra” vampires . . . or too much of Nessie . . . or too much of anything, really, it’ll feel like I’ve been spoiled. There’s a long way to go, so I want something left to surprise me, you know?

  3. Jazz Girl says:

    Honestly, only agree with one of the five. I do want to see VampElla. I’m stoked to see Kris finally let go completely and to see Bella own who she’s been becoming since this whole journey started. I MIGHT be able to agree with wanting to hear the music, however, there hasn’t been a Twi trailer yet that used actual music from the film. So, I’m not counting on that. What’s my list? Honestly, there are only three things I need to see in that trailer. 3) VampElla~ Own it, Kris!!! 2) Edward/Bella love. And I don’t mean of the cabin-crushing variety either (though I’m not going to turn that down if Mr Condon sees fit to tease me a little). I want what we’ve been denied from the moment Twilight ended. I want all of those sweet tender loving moments that CW couldn’t and DS refused to put in the films. We had a few in BD1, but I’m a greedy wench and I want more. 3) DaddyWard. If there is one thing that I have been dying to see, it’s Edward’s happily ever after. Stephanie denied us a lot of it in her rush to build up the angst of the impending battle. But, the visual medium of film can allow for both. Edward doting on his precious baby. Edward at the piano with Ms. Ness. Edward and HIS family finally bloody HAPPY. That is what I want to see. I know it will be interupted by several folks I’d rather currently fool myself into believing won’t play as big a part as they will. But, for the moment, a girl can dream, right?

    • Jazz Girl says:

      Oh, and for the love of all that is holy, please make the dog keep his shirt ON!

      • Jazz Girl, I agree with you 100%!!!

        • Agreed! But even that shirt is a bit snug. If you can see all that through his shirt… is probably a bit too tight. Poor Taylor looks uncomfortable. Just let the boy’s acting be at the forefront for once, not how much muscle he put on for the role.

          I want the trailer to tease us, not spoil us, so they can keep the really good stuff to a minimum. Far too often, we get to see the best scenes before the film is released…..New Moon and Eclipse….so hopefully they will not do that. I want to be surprised when I see the film, but also get a taste of what is to come.

      • Oh, but he won’t! Remember, he has to “reveal” himself to Charlie! That’s gonna be hilarious! Looking forward to it. Would love a tease of the expression on Charlie’s face when Taylor starts to strip. 🙂

    • This!

  4. Please make your mother stop being a whore

  5. Personally i wouldn’t mind anything. Just seeing the Trailer will hold me over till the movie comes out. And if I need more I can always read the books again. I have done this a couple of times. Re-read the books just prior to a movie or I have my little marathon gets me all cought up..But I think anything that is in the trailer for BD2 will meet fans expectations they are high

  6. I want to see just a glimpse of VampBella. I would not mind seeing a little glimpse of Renesmee. We have seen very little of the actress that plays the role of Nessie. Either way i will be happy. Going off subject here, the early reviews for the Hunger Games have been very very good. One critic said it was “light years ahead of Twilight and another critic said it was totally faithful to the book and the slight changes that do take place are good and only enhances the movie, unlike the changes that were made in the Twilight movies that prove disasterous. First Harry Potter and now THG. Why couldn’t the Twilight fans been rewarded with some decent movies. Instead the Twilight Saga is mocked and hated. I put all of this at the feet of Melissa Rosenberg. She is a horrible, horrible writer. She was not the right person to write the scripts for these movies but Summit kept her anyway and we see the results of her wirting on the screen everytime one of these movies come out. I know this has nothing to do with we are talking about but i just want to RANT.

  7. I so agree with Gloria Jenkins on Melissa. The first movie was awful with all of the added crap! I think poor Stephenie didn’t know to question the screenwriter then but the next three movies have been more true to the books though the dialogue is still somewhat lame. Especially in Eclipse when Bella tells Jacos to “Stay”, I just want to complete the sentence with “Sit, rollover, play dead”. Stephenie had so much humor in the books and it was barely addressed in the first three movies. BD1 is my favorite so far and I have hopes for BD2. As for the trailer, I’d like a little expansion of the “temperature” scene, Edward with his daughter (anything), Max and Bella meet up, and maybe some Jacob time with Nessie hunting. Regardless, thanks to Stephenie for bringing us this wonderful series. I wish she would write all four books from Edward’s perspective so we can continue on with these beloved characters but I doubt she will. I will just have to be satisfied when she’s finished with “Midnight Sun” and see if she will let Kellan publish his story on Emmett.

    • When we went to the midnight screening someone actually said “Sit! Good Doggie” and the whole theatre broke out in laughter.

  8. How about someone summarize the list for all of us non-American folks for whom “This content is not available in your area”. It’s so frustrating to get that message on these articles, when I really want to know what it’s all about.

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