Forks HS: The Real Principal’s Take

The real principal of Forks HS let the participants from the Summer School in Forks Symposium know what it’s like on a daily basis in what is becoming America’s best known, small town high school. The talk took place in the Forks HS cafeteria which also doubles as their auditorium.

He was one of the first of the local residents who welcomed the group to Forks for the event. The one thing that was in common by everyone in Forks was how friendly they all were. Every single person from our waitress in The In Place, the staffer at Gathering Grounds coffee shack, former students, chamber of commerce members, shop keepers…you name it…were the nicest people.

You can tell from the principal’s talk how they are amused at the influx, have a good sense of humor about it, and are enjoying how the extra income benefits the community.


  1. i want to go to forks

  2. Crystal says:

    So true! All of the people we met in Forks were awesome! I went to the high school to buy a Spartans shirt and they were really nice and asked where we were from and it was a really great vacation. I’m hoping to go again someday 🙂

  3. I agree, everyone in Forks was so nice and friendly, the weather was beautiful – not many good vampire days because most of the time the sun was out – and the mini-talks were great. I was able to meet some people I have always wanted to meet – Pel and Alphie – and listened and learned some interesting things. The ones for teachers were very useful, not just for Twilight but for other topics and subjects as well. The principal was very interesting, and he sure made some interesting comments during the Twilight movie viewing.

  4. I have my trip for Forks planned around the release of New Moon. Also my family lives in Vancouver, WA so I’ll get to visit family too. Is there a movie theater in Forks?

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