The Real Charlie Swan

One of the great things this past weekend at the Summer School in Forks Symposium was that we heard from the real-life citizens of Forks.  We talked to everyone from former and current students, business owners, high school staff, and of course the chief of police. So what is it like actually being the real police chief in Forks, Washington?

Real life Chief of Police Mike Powell explains it all. Later on when he was asked about the  representation in the movie he thought it was pretty acurrate and he thought that Billy Burke did a great job playing a chief of police. The only part he said wouldn’t have happened was that he would never have been cleaning a firearm while drinking Rainer beer as was the case with the movie.


  1. first comment!

  2. i always thought it was a little srange that a cop was cleaning a gun while drinking a beer 🙂 lol

  3. very cute

  4. Peace.Love.Twilight. says:

    You have to see this!!! It’s on the show, “So you think you can dance” i found this video and they did a dance where they are inspired by TWILIGHT!

    • thanks i was looking for it earlier….my sister was watching it so she called me,but it was ending..the dance was amazing!!!!!!!

    • Hey yah love.twilight! thanks so much for the link! i haven’t seen it when they played that. You are a savior!

  5. I feel so sorry for the people of Forks, having to go through all of the twilight madness. It’s ridiculous.

    I hope this blows over soon.

    • Ha! You know how much tourism twilight has brought to the actual town of Forks? In these hard financial times, it’s should be seen as a blessing.

  6. Dont drink and drive…or clean firearms! Bad Charlie! haha!

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