Summer School In Forks Panels

Summer School in Forks: A Twilight Symposium
The Summer School in Forks Convention has announced the discussion panels. The ones that the Lexicon staff is participating in/leading are highlighted in red. Looking forward to seeing you there.

List of Presentations

  1. Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans…Oh My!!”
  2. Defanged?  Exploring Misogynistic Undertones in Twilight
  3. Revamping the Genre or Sacrilege? Twilight’s Twists on Vampire Lore & the Anti-Twilight Backlash
  4. Tall, Dark, & Handsome:  A Teacher’s Guide to the book Twilight
  5. The Father Figures of Twilight.
  6. If You Can’t Beat ’em, Join ’em: Using Popular Literature in the Classroom
  7. Big Heart in the Air*…”Why Doesn’t My Husband Understand?”
  8. Living in the wake of Twilight
  9. What if I’m Not the Superhero…What if I’m the Bad Guy?
  10. Bracelet Make –n- take
  11. Craft make n take:  Forks Clear Rock Pins
  12. Creating a Twilight Fan site/Webmaster Gurus
  13. The Physiology of Twilight:  Could Renesmee Really Happen?
  14. Film Drips – Vamps in Film
  15. Short Bites – Vamps in Lit
  16. Bloodsucking Snacks Workshop
  17. What’s with this Fan Fiction Stuff?
  18. The Appeal of the Twilight Saga Across Generations
  19. Bella Swan: Nobody’s Wilting Parrot Tulip
  20. lyana Kadushin:  The Voice of  The Twilight Audio books
  21. Twilight: the Series, the Fandom, the Movie Workshop
  22. Twilight Saga Book roundtable
  23. Inscribed Narratives of a Circumscribed Life: How Life Imitates Fiction in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight
  24. Bella Swan at Hogwarts: The Important Influence of the Potter Novels and Potter Mania on Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga
  25. Why We Love Twilight: The Artistry and Meaning of the Bella Swan Novels
  26. Oh my, I’m in Love With a Vampire: What makes Twilight Vamps Hot and Other Vamps Not
  27. Team Bella: Desire, Collectivity, Identity and the Sociology of What Makes the Story So Compelling for Its Fans
  28. Twilight Saga Archetypes: Chiseling away at the Marble Façade
  29. So Many Species, So Little Me! The Men of Stephenie Meyer’s Books
  30. Twilight Saga Literary Influences: Brit Lit Was Never This Much Fun
  31. Twilight Puppet Presentation and Make-n-Take
  32. Innocence Preserved:  Holden Caulfield’s Parallels with a Modern-Day Vampire
  33. There Are No Small Characters, Only Fewer Lines: Discussion of the Importance of the Cullen Family
  34. Minor Characters, but Major to Us:  Discussion of the Quileutes and Humans
  35. Consuming Desires: Capitalizing on Romance in Twilight
  36. Beautiful or Strong? A Consideration of Female Roles in the Twilight Series


  1. Oh my! This looks amazingly fantastic. Do you suppose that someone could put together a transcript or full YouTube videos for those of us who can’t come? They all look so interesting!

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