Forks Day 4

It’s day four. On the slate today is a speech by Kaleb Nation and Texas style barbecue. Larry Carrol of MTV will be at the prom tonight. And we’ll be tweeting it all.


  1. what is your twitter so i can add you…. wish i was there

  2. Patience says:

    The NEW MOON TRAILER was shown at 10:20 showing of TRANSFORMERS 2 at a HARKINS THEATRE in PEORIA, AZ.

    I haven’t heard anyone else mention this. It was on JUNE 25, a Thursday night.

    It was a really big surprise! I thought they would advertise this somewhere online. I would have paid to see any movie to catch this trailer on the big screen..The PR people really missed a chance on getting this out.

    My daughter still doesn’t believe me. I’ve been looking for something online that ties the trailer to possible movies where we can catch this NEW MOON trailer.

    What’s up with that?

  3. Morning everyone, wish I was there too—how was the bonfire? Or did you post and I missed it? Will
    have to look back. Glad when everyone gets home cause I am in ‘news withdrawal’ I think. I’m like a junky checking the site over and over. You know, like when you’re on a diet and you still open the refreigerator everytime you go past! lol well, thats me, only with the Lexi—hurry home, you are missed.

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