Stephenie Meyer Tells Variety She is “Over” Twilight

Power_Authors_Stephenie_MeyerWhile doing press for Austenland, Stephenie Meyer talked to Variety about being a producer, her experiences with Austenland, and the pressure she has felt over the years.  But the comment that will really stand out to Twilight fans is what she had to say about the franchise that started it all.    

DM: What about a return to “Twilight?”

SM: I get further away every day. I am so over it. For me, it’s not a happy place to be.

DM: Is the door completely closed on that?

SM: Not completely. What I would probably do is three paragraphs on my blog saying which of the characters died. I’m interested in spending time in other worlds, like Middle-Earth.

We’re interested in your thoughts.  How do you feel about this?  Does it change anything for you as a fan?

You can read the whole interview at Variety.  



  1. It doesn’t change anything for me. I feel sad that Stephenie doesn’t see Twilight as a happy place anymore, and as a fan I’m disappointed that it looks like there won’t be any more Twilight books, but I can’t really blame her. You can hardly mention Twilight these days without SOMEONE scoffing and sneering about it. And some of their attacks can get downright personal and hurtful. I probably wouldn’t feel up to putting more of myself out there to be stomped on, either!

    At the end of the day, I’m a huge fan of Stephenie Meyer, no matter what she writes or doesn’t write. She’ll always be one of my favorite authors, and I’ll look forward to anything she’s involved with. I hope she finds a fictional world to share with us that can be a happy place for her!

  2. It sounds a bit harsh, but if we try to imagine how often (daily) she’s asked to talk about Twilight I can sympathize with her response. She has other projects that she has finished that she’s proud of as well and many new projects that she is excited about. Honestly, if I were in her shoes I probably would have been even nastier about it. Good thing I’m not famous!

  3. I know she has other stuff to do but it’s kinda crappy of her do just dismiss the thing that made her famous in the first place.

  4. I am offended at Stephenie’s choice of words. We have supported her projects for years AND made it possible for her to enjoy this new phase in her career. While I understand the sentiment that she would like to discuss the future; she should not have backhanded the people responsible for her success. Unless she issues an apology or clarification, I will be forever disgusted by her lack of graciousness and gratitude. What say the people of Twilight Lexicon?

    • How did she “backhand” us? She didn’t say, “Twilight fans are stupid and I’m tired of them,” she said “Twilight is not a happy place for me anymore.” It’s sad and disappointing, but it’s also understandable. All she gets is criticism, and even some of her fans turn on her any time she doesn’t say she’s going to give them what they want – Midnight Sun, more Twilight books, whatever.

      I’m kind of disappointed in my fellow Twilight fans today, to be honest. Instead of trying to support Stephenie and understanding that it’s not exactly fun to have your book – your baby – a part of yourself that you put out into the world – treated like garbage, criticized unfairly, willfully misunderstood by people looking for a cheap laugh, and blamed for all the world’s problems, people are turning on her and demanding explanations and apologies.

      • As an author, Stephenie knows the power of words. She could have articulated this better, avoiding any misinterpretation. This is just such a contrast to the Stephenie that has always been so good to the book fandom. We, too, have been defending and supporting her often-maligned Twilight work.

        • Still, I don’t think she meant any insult to her fans. She’s said many, many times how grateful and humbled she is by how many people love her books. And in an interview you don’t always have the time to say everything you want to say.

          • Emily, I sooo hope that you’re right…. these books mean so much to me, as does The Host. Perhaps I’ve been manipulated by the media snippets I’ve been reading all morning… it’s exhausting to always have to defend a series you love.

          • You’re right

        • Keep in mind that you are reading the interpretation of the journalist in question, which is not necessarily in context. It might not even be what she really said. It’s not unusual for journalists to make up or embellish quotes.

      • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

        Exactly my feelings! Well said! 🙂

        • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

          That “Well said” was for Emily. I don’t know why its putting them here.

          Sorry, but I completely disagree with you Anabella.

      • I agree. Those are her feelings about it, and she has a right to that. She doesn’t owe us fans anything. She gave us a complete multi-book story, including a side character novella and a detailed guide, in addition to shepherding a complete film series adapted from it. As much as I personally would like to see Midnight Sun, as an author, creator, artist, that’s entirely up to her.

      • Wow. Over at Variety the comments section is being spammed by fans repeating the same letter chastizing Stephenie Meyer for making them feel “despised” and “humiliated”. Hmmm. Perhaps that kind of fan response contributed to her now-negative feelings about Twilight. I don’t know.

        I have to admit to curiosity about why she feels that way about Twilight. It’s tempting to speculate. Was it the disappointed and angry fans? Or the fans who loved it and obsessed to much? The vitriolic haters? The Midnight Sun leak? The pressure from executives to make sequels and spinoffs? The box office failure of The Host? Or simply burnout from spending so much time in that world?

        Remember when Anne Rice reconverted to Catholicism and renounced vampires? That’s not what’s going on here, but it’s an interesting parallel.

        Even if Stephenie Meyer had recanted Twilight and dissed the fans – which she has not done – I would still like Twilight and be grateful to Meyer for having created it. So here’s to you, Stephenie.

        • “Even if Stephenie Meyer had recanted Twilight and dissed the fans – which she has not done – I would still like Twilight and be grateful to Meyer for having created it. So here’s to you, Stephenie.”

          Thank you for that! I agree – even if she had said that she now wished she’d never written Twilight, it wouldn’t take away any of the enjoyment I’ve had in reading the books, or make me like them any less from this point on.

        • I bet it’s a little bit of all those things, but I would also think it’s the pressure. If she writes more Twilight, it’s going to be overanalyzed to death (just look at how much fans are overanalyzing her right now!).

          I’m sure she just wants to be free to create something new – that’s a very happy place.

    • I’m confused….how did she backhand the fans? I think she’s lived in that world WAY longer than us. I would have more issues if she didnt want to move forward instead of rehashing the glory days of E+B. Like many fans who move on… has Stephanie and I think its perfectly ok. It wasn’t harsh, she just didnt sugar coat it.

  5. She looks great and it looks like she has lost a lot of weight, Maybe she is just hungry! Why else would she be so harsh about Twilight, It should be her greatest accomplishment!!!

  6. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    My gut tells me that she was taken out of context; but even if she wasn’t, I don’t blame her. Her burnout must be bad and she’s so tired of being picked on, I’m sure. Anywhere she goes, she’s asked about Twilight–not the Host and not Austenland. She’s more than one series. She wants her other things to do well too; and, unfortunately, Twilight has given a stigma to anything she does. I know from my own fan experience that non-Twilighters are cruel and she’s had to defend her work for over a decade now. She’s ready to move on and think of other things. I feel bad for her. She didn’t have to share her stories or her writing process as much as she did. She didn’t have to be so wonderfully friendly to anyone she met, and she certainly never did it for the money. I don’t think these comments are remotely saying that she hates her first work or her fans. There will always be a special place for Twilight and us with her. But she has other things she’d like to do and that’s what she wants to talk about–there’s nothing wrong with that. I wonder if she’d have more fun if she used a pseudonym like Rowling did.

    And for the record, I met Stephenie Meyer at the Google Plus Hangout for THE HOST and she was nothing but sweet and kind and generous and APPRECIATIVE to all of us fans. A little blurb in Variety isn’t going to undo what years of enjoying her work and her character have made for me.

  7. It doesn’t change anything for me. I feel sad that Stephenie doesn’t see Twilight as a happy place anymore, and as a fan I’m disappointed that it looks like there won’t be any more Twilight books, but I can’t really blame her. You can hardly mention Twilight these days without someone scoffing and sneering about it. And some of their attacks can get downright personal and hurtful. I probably wouldn’t feel up to putting more of myself out there to be stomped on, either!

    At the end of the day, I’m a huge fan of Stephenie Meyer, no matter what she writes or doesn’t write. She’ll always be one of my favorite authors, and I’ll look forward to anything she’s involved with. I hope she finds a fictional world to share with us that can be a happy place for her!

  8. CherryCullen says

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! I can understand her feelings to a certain extent, but I think she could have chosen her words better. Without Twilight and her fans, she probably wouldn’t be sitting in that interview speaking about the “other projects” that she wants to explore. There would be no such thing as Fickle Fish, and she wouldn’t be producing Austenland. All of that has come about because of the success of Twilight. It’s safe to say that I am not as passionate about the saga as I once was, but I would never be so dismissive of it to say that “I’m so over it”. The friends that I’ve made and the memories Ihave from being a part of the Twilight fandom deserve better than that.

  9. Riverfaerie says

    I do wish she’d said something that gave us a little more hope for the eventual publication of Midnight Sun. What I was able to read of it, from a different perspective, I really enjoyed.

    I can understand that she needs a break from it, however, I like that she kept her options somewhat open.

  10. This is what answered when someone asked if there’s a chance for a remake and what they think about the Variety interview, and I agree 100%:
    “As much as it makes me sad to read that, in a way I don’t blame Stephenie for saying such a thing (although she’s the author and should be protective of her series, no?.. or is that just my opinion?). Twilight [the fandom] is not a happy place to be in right now. We continuously say it on this blog — Twilight gets consistently mocked and sneered at and not only due to the way the movies played out (although they certainly are a big reason why the series is seen in a bad light nowadays) but even the books have gotten an extremely bad reputation in the last 3-4 years. I’ve talked about this before but imagine how awful that must feel for the author? Regardless of how “terrible” her books are, etc.. I will admit I wouldn’t want to be in Smeyer’s shoes. So I understand she is completely detached from the series and this feeling might only fade away many years from now when the hype and hate dies down. And I think that’s going to take a long time. This goes for a possible remake as well. It’s evident Smeyer wants a break from Twilight as a whole and I think the public needs a break from this series as well. If they’d ever consider a remake they need to let the hype die down so much for people to have an open-mind towards this story again because right now mostly everyone is so obstinate on hating this series to no end, I think nearly no one would be interested in a reboot.”
    I understand Stephenie feels that way, I think I’d feel even worse if I were her! I don’t blame her at all, but I hope that in some years she will come back to Twilight and give us Midnight Sun.

  11. Lizzy Cullen says

    I don’t understand. What does she mean with “What I would probably do is three paragraphs on my blog saying which of the characters died. “!!!!!????!?

    • I assume she just meant that if she does return to Twilight it would just be to write a blog post summarizing how everything ended – who got married, who had babies, who died.

  12. Personally – I think it’s kinda crappy. It makes me feel like she’s forgotten what this franchise did to change her life and she’s lost touch with her fans. When you have a fan base of this size and with such strong loyalty – it’s pretty foolish to brush that aside and say “you’re over it”. For me – this could hurt how I perceive her future work because I don’t feel that she’s in TUNE with what the public wants from her. She’s digressing into her own little world – and that’s fine. But just be ready to to accept the consequences. It’s a delicate balance. Why can’t she pursue new avenues and still embrace TWILIGHT with reverence? What’s so unappealing about opening up the “Twilight Universe”? That would be HUGE!!!! I believe she got disillusioned when the leak occurred during her re-write with “Midnight Sun” (from Edwards perspective) and she never got over it. Could end up biting her in the behind.

  13. I have to admit, I was somewhat hurt when I read this. Now, don’t misunderstand… I understand wanting to move on. I understand the pain it must cause to see something you created constantly bashed and made fun of. BUT, I have a real problem with celebrities who dismiss the very thing that made them successful. Whether it is actors, singers, writers, etc…. especially when whatever that “Thing” is has a rabid fanbase that loves it so strongly and passionately. We have all put so much time, money, and emotion into the series… for the creator to so coldly toss it aside… at least for me, I felt almost a little betrayed. Do I expect her to write Twilight stories for the rest of her life? Of course not. That would be insane. But I do expect her to respect the fans enough to not say things in the manner in which she did.

    I think part of it too for me, is that one of the things I always admired about her was her passion for her characters and her story and her appreciation of the fans. All of a sudden, it’s like she hates it. And that makes me a little sad.

    • But that’s the thing that’s frustrating me about the negative response to this – I don’t see how she is dismissing it or tossing it aside. All she said was that it’s not something that makes her happy any more, and she wants to focus on new projects. Nowhere has she said that she regrets writing the books, or that she doesn’t think people should like them, or anything like that.

      It’s frustrating and disappointing as a fan to see that the author of something which I do consider my “happy place” has lost her enthusiasm for it, but I think some people are taking this a little too far, and too personally.

    • Jen, you summed up what I am feeling about her comments. I would have rather her acknolwedge her fan base and what the Twilight Saga has done for her career. While I completely understand her desire to do many different projects, I think she should remember those of us (both her YA audience and the adult following) who have supported her works from the day Twilight was published.

  14. I think her words just came off more harshly than she meant them. Look at it from her perspective, she’s been in that world (in varying degrees of depth) for literally the last 10 years. I’m sure most of that time, especially in the earlier days, was a lot of fun for her but look at her (and our prevailing pop culture) now. Every interview she gets asked about Twilight and/or Midnight Sun. Plus, as others here have said, Twilight and its fandom are cruelly ridiculed by what seems like the majority of the Internet and the world. I don’t blame her for being tired of it after all this time. She ought to be moving on to other projects as she has been. Of course I want her to finish Midnight Sun someday and I will always love the saga but I’m looking forward to seeing what else she can do. I loved The Host and can’t wait for the next part of that story! She has always been nothing but gracious, kind, and appreciative of her fans and that has not changed just because of one stray comment in an interview. The media, and yes, the fans, need to get off her back about Twilight. If we let her move on calmly I think we stand a much better chance of her returning to Midnight Sun later 😀

  15. Last time I checked SM was a grown woman who can say whatever she wants how ever she wants stop being so damn sensitive as if what she said really affects your life because it doesn’t. As far as being a fan I wasn’t hurt by the comment at all

  16. Last time I checked SM was a grown woman who can say whatever she wants how ever she wants stop being so sensitive as if what she said really affects your life because it doesn’t. As far as being a fan I wasn’t hurt by the comment at all

  17. I’m rereading the books again and I still love them as much as I did the first time. Not to put words in her mouth but, I feel like maybe she is more over the criticism that Twilight gets more so than the books themselves. And a lot of the criticism is based on the movies, not the books. Which I would have to agree that the movies, in my opinion, were awful. The books have a completely different feel to them. Personally I feel it is kind of rude of her to say that she is “over” Twilight but, with all of the bad attention that it gets I can understand. Again, I love the books and would love if she wrote more about that world that she has created. I would love if she wrote a short book, like the short second life of bree tanner, but about Alice and her human life! She is one of my favorite characters.

    • I would love that too! Alice is also my favourite. One thing though, Alice doesn’t remember any of her human life! Would it be from the perspective of the doctor/vampire who took care of her/created her? THAT would be a little awesome, don’t you think?

      • I kind of felt like she kind of left that part of the story open because in Twilight James revealed a little bit about alice’s life. So she was kind of searching for more info but we never really got to hear about it or if she found anything (were there little bits of info in the other books? I don’t remember). It could just be set in the past though, like told as she was living it, not doing a flash back from the present. It would be cool told from the vamp/docs perspective and then switching to alice every now and then. When she was in the asylum they said she was kept in the dark so, all she really had were her visions I guess.

  18. I agree with most that has been said in defense of Stephenie Meyer, I just have a few things to add. 1) As if Variety would have printed anything less controversial to promote the interview and therefore pump up readership of the article. I myself clicked on the link to read the whole article. 2) She gave us hope by saying that the door to Twilight is not closed – hooray for us! 3) I’m over it a little myself, and I think most of us are. They are great books, I love them and have read them over and over and will continue to go back to them, but don’t you think we all have the right to move on? 4) I know how it is to love something that you have created and then have the masses tear it apart and make it into some other kind of beast.

    One last thing, how many of us have seen The Host? Or read it? Are you planning on seeing Austenland? (I totally am, I loved the book, and Jennifer Connely is the best!)

    • I’ve read The Host multiple times and love it – maybe even a little more than Twilight. And I’m definitely seeing Austenland – the book was hilarious and I LOVE JJ Feild.

  19. That’s Normal (formerly Letters to Twilight) has a great post about this:

  20. “Im over it” “three paragraphs on which characters died”

    You disappoint me Stephenie.

  21. Where is this idea coming from that Stephenie owes us anything? Everything she’s done in her career as a writer has been for us.

    She’s spent weeks – months, even – away from her family, being involved with the movies and then promoting them. She didn’t have to do that.

    She gave us the Official Guide and Bree Tanner. She didn’t have to do that.

    She didn’t have to give us 12 chapters of Midnight Sun.

    She didn’t even have to give us Breaking Dawn. She could have written three books like her publishers originally wanted her to, and crammed the happy ending into the end of Eclipse. But she insisted that there be a fourth book. For us.

    For that matter, she didn’t have to give us Twilight at all! She could have written it, read it over, thought, “Meh, no one will ever want to read this,” and decided not to try to publish it. Or worse, she could have woken up that morning, thought, “What a crazy dream! Vampires? Where did that come from?” and forgotten all about it.

    She’s given us five amazing books, plus a novella and an official guide, plus all sorts of inside information on her website and in chats with fansites and in interviews, been gracious and classy in the face of insane criticism and hostility. “Biting the hand that feeds her”? “Starts stuff and won’t finish it”?

    With fans like these, who needs the haters?

  22. *shakes head* I just can’t keep up anymore. I’d give anything in the world to feel the passion I felt for Twilight when I was fourteen, but but looking at this… Reading the comments, the articles, I just feel sad. I don’t have anything left to give the fandom, and it breaks my heart. Looking around my room, at the posters and pictures and books and figures and games and magazines I once found beautiful, it feels like a haunted museum. I will never be disappointed in Stephenie–never!–for she will always be my idol and role model. I meant what I said when I met her: “Thank you for creating the world I live in. You taught me acceptance, sophistication, and love.” But the idea of moving on frightens me. My mind moves on to other things, but my heart would give anything to curl up with my favorite Saga and immerse myself in the magical world I once inhabited so completely. Having suffered often and relentless bullying because of my fandom, I don’t want it to be for nothing… But I am tired, oh so tired, and I cannot blame Stephenie for doing what I am too weak to do: relinquish my last hold on the Twilight universe and just… Move on. To me, a final ending is too much to bear. Too horrific. And so I stay, though I don’t deserve to, because I owe the Saga every last ounce of loyalty I have to give, because where “friends” did not stand up for me, Twilight was there to comfort. Oh, Stephenie, I am so sorry. Sorry for the world your beautiful baby was brought into. Sorry for the hate, the relentless and neverending /hate,/ sorry for your other babies who will live in the shadow of their older sibling until people learn to let go of their childish hate. Such a despicable world to bring a thing of beauty into, such a revolting world that would rather trample a rose than watch it grow. My faith will always be in Mrs. Meyer. If ever I am no longer living in the Twilight Universe, my home for so many years, my place will be beside the creator, the great and faithful Stephenie Meyer, my Queen. Move on, I say, and live the thousand lives you are meant to! But do not forget us, I pray. Let us stand in your heart as a distant memory of unconditional and irrevocable love and loyalty. Then return to us someday, and let us rejoice together in your homecoming. Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, I’ve learned. But while we wait, I promise to correct anyone who spells your name as “Stephanie,” to defend your creations with all the knowledge you’ve given us (“they do not /sparkle/. It is the crystalline properties of their skin that cause them to react prismatically to the sun’s direct UV rays get out my face”), to wear red on National Stephenie Meyer Day, to check your website every day, and to always wear the oval-faced ring set with diagonal rows of rhinestones as I have been doing the past two years. I refuse to write a goodbye to Twilight, for “goodbye” is simply too permanent. Instead I pledge a heartfelt “see you later.” A bientôt. I won’t be tearing down my posters anytime soon. I have loved you for a thousand years. I’ll love you for a thousand more. 


  23. I understand that maybe she is just over the hate Twilight is getting. We have to admit she didn’t get a warm welcome into the writing world except from twilight fans. The crap that twilight get can get tiring on anyone (i know it has for me) and that could be what Stephenie meant.

    I hope she doesn’t mean that she doesn;t enjoy her first creation anymore.

  24. I am hurt and disappointed by SM. She doesn’t have to be so harsh towards her fans after all the support we gave her, all the times we defended her stories and characters. I love the Twilight Saga but I am not feeling much love for SM latetly I am curious if she is going to continue writing and if she will finish the Host Trilogy.

  25. There’s a lot of gloominess here. I get it. I understand some lamenting Stephenie Meyer being burned out on Twilight or the fact that we’re moving on ourselves, but let’s think about the fun we had with the books and movies. And look forward to things like Austenland (Kerri Russel was great in Dark Skies), Ashley Greene in CBGB, maybe even the 2014 Vampire Academy movie. Also, let me put in a plug for Kristen Stewart’s On The Road.

    It was an amazing thing to participate in as fans. Twilight was like a rocket that shot up in the sky. Nothing I can think of in popular culture rose so fast, not even Harry Potter. Inevitably it came down. But I would only mourn if Stephenie Meyer said she would never write anything again. I’m psyched to see what she’s going to do next.

  26. “Yeah I’m over the thing that made me famous not to mention millions of dollars” I don’t know but I think that that makes her seem very ungrateful and just a little bit rude to all of her fans. It’s ridiculous that she feels that way about Twilight when it’s meant so much to her and billions of people in the past. I feel like its all because of that idiot in the past the spilled Midnight Sun all over the internet. Maybe I’m reading her thoughts wrong but I personally am very offended by her saying that.

  27. I’m not sure if the article is entirely accurate about what she said… but what is presented in the article is a bit of a slap in the face to me. I’m not upset about her being over Twilight, and moving on to other things – I completely understand that. But the comment about putting up a couple of paragraphs stating “who died” is flippant and childish. She made similar statements after the midnight sun debacle, if I recall correctly.

    There are a lot of Twilight haters in the world, as we all know. When the author herself states that the only updates she will ever give us is a few sentences about the death of characters… it’s kinda like we are left to the wind, as fans.

    I hope this is all a misunderstanding, but it does make me wary to get invested in any other future characters. Is she going to bail out on them too, someday?

    • Will she bail out on future characters??
      Good question.
      I’m wondering if she’ll finish the sequels to The Host that are supposedly being written.
      Because she didn’t finish Midnight Sun I’m not confident she’ll finish the sequels to The Host.
      I thought and still do think that Twilight is such a special story. A unique love story. I’ll always love it and I’m just a reader. You’d think the author would have a special place in her heart for it. That doesn’t mean you can’t move onto other things.
      JK Rowling would never kick Harry Potter to the curb. Religious groups went after her books and called for boycotting the books and the movies.
      If Stephenie won’t stick up for her own creation no matter what, then it doesn’t mean that much to her.
      Was it just a cash cow????
      She’s a writer she knows the power words have. This wasn’t her first interview. She should have known that what was said about Twilight would have a huge impact on the fans.
      I still love the books but I’m disappointed in the author.

  28. I’m disappointed that Midnight Sun may never be completed, but grateful for all of her other books. It’s easy for those of us who don’t have to walk in her shoes to pass judgement, but come on people…she’s HUMAN and has feelings too! She’s entitled to feel how she wants whether anyone likes it or not. I say good for her for having the guts to speak her mind when she knows it may not please fans. If I recall correctly, she initially wrote Twilight for herself, for fun. I’m sure what was once her baby has turned into something else when its picked apart or even critiqued. I’d like to see how any of you would fair, SMH. I think those who truly like her WRITING will understand if she wants to move on and will be happy to follow her on a new journey. I personally can’t wait to see what else she writes!

  29. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    Stephenie Meyer responds to the “controversy” on her website. I feel bad for her. She shouldn’t have to say anything at all. Her fans should know this.

  30. Stephenie has posted on her website an explanation of her comments to Variety. This I hope will be a relief to the fans, some of who were left distressed and confused about how she could say such things. Whilst the comments initially upset me also, after reading Stephenie’s explanation I can now see her point of view. Just because she needs to move forward as an author, it doesn’t mean that she will ever forget the phenomenon that is Twilight and the fandom that it created. I only came to Twilight just under two years ago and it has changed my life in so many ways. This may sound weird, especially coming from a 48 year old but Twilight, for me, did many things. It was THE book that sparked a new love for me, that of reading fiction (I had only read non-fiction for a long time and kids fiction to my son before this – I think I was scarred from reading what I perceived as boring books way back in high school!); it introduced me to the amazing band that is Muse (amongst other bands newly discovered to me from the Twilight movie soundtracks); but the big one is this – after my marriage ended I had lost complete faith in romantic love, and it was Twilight that made me fall in love with the idea of falling in love again, and for that I will be eternally grateful. Yes I would love it if Stephenie would finish Midnight Sun, but I’m sure we all want her to be in the right place emotionally to do this.
    Twilight will always have a special place in my heart regardless of what the detractors say and I have no doubt this would be the same for Stephenie.

  31. I understand where she is coming from. I’m not offended at all. I’m looking forward to what she comes up with next!

  32. I used to like Stephenie Meyer, even went to the book signing for the Host. However, in my opinion writing is not her true passion. She was able to use it as a platform to bigger things. I personally don’t plan on supporting her in any other books ventures. Even if she does write The Seeker or Soul as a continuation. If she was dedicated she wouldn’t have made us wait so long!!!


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