Stephenie Meyer Interview in Vulture

Stephenie Meyer talked to Vulture.


But you look fabulous now! You’re camera ready.
Oh, thank you! But I don’t feel camera ready. I was doing Good Morning America, and they had this show beforehand, have you heard of this thigh gap thing? It’s like this new obsession with young girls, being so skinny that their thighs don’t touch, and there’s a gap there, and the bigger the gap, the more excited they are. They post pictures on Tumblr, and they’re starving themselves, becoming anorexic to do this. And they’re already so thin. So in a world like that, do you ever feel … ? I mean, girls that are size one already feel too heavy. And so I always feel bad on camera, which I probably shouldn’t. I should just embrace it. But I see pictures of myself, and my stomach just drops: “Oh, do I really look like that?” Ugh, it’s hard.

Did writing this and producing the film help cure any post-Twilight depression you might have had?
I totally thought that was going to be a thing! I waited for it, and when it didn’t happen, I thought, Oh, it’s because we still have all this stuff ahead. We got to the last premiere, and it didn’t hit. I felt nothing but relief. Analyzing that since then, I feel like it was because I was ready to walk from that world. I don’t miss the characters. Now, I may someday feel like, “Oh, I miss Bella. I want to hang out with Alice” or something. But right now, I’m happy it was what it was, I’m happy to be done with it, and I don’t feel any depression about it, which is nice. And it is nice to have another world to be excited about.

You’re expanding this world into a trilogy?
I’m working on a second book, we’ll see where it ends. I hate to predict anything, even if I have this great outline. You know how they say if you go one degree off, by the time you get to Iceland, you’re 5,000 miles away from where you intended to be? I do that in writing all the time, one little degree change and there goes your ending!

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  1. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    Nice little interview! Thanks for posting. 🙂

  2. I sure wish she would have finished Midnight Sun. I’ll always be upset about that.

    I also wonder if she really will complete this Trilogy for The Host now that it hasn’t done that well at the box office. They usually don’t movie sequels if the numbers are good.
    But since it hasn’t opened internationally yet the numbers may come up.

    • Me, too. Me, too.

      Me, too. I agree. I hope so, too!

    • Christina says

      Me too. :””””””””( It really saddens me to hear that she’s not depressed about Twilight ending, because I sure as hell am! No book series will ever capture my imagine and provoke as much passion and infatuation as Twilight did. I guess maybe it’s an author thing, or maybe because she’s too excited for The Host. I will read the second book in the series, but I’d rather her just finish MS. :(((((((((((((((((

      • Christina says


      • It’s like if Tolkien stopped writing the Lord of the Rings at the end of the Two Towers:

        First direct/major battle at Helm’s Deep won, Sauron’s minions spoiling for a final confrontation, the little hobbits in enormous jeopardy, and…

        “That’s all. Tired of Middle Earth. That should be ending enough.”

      • I was hoping she would finish MS before she took on The Host. I was also surprised to hear her say she was happy to be done with it. I guess moving on for her was easier than moving on for me. Because its not finished for me Midnight Sun is needed to complete the saga.

    • In truth whether or not the Host sinks or swims won’t impact the writing of the books, as movies and novels are two different things. The movie may end up failing, but the book was a huge hit, and it was VERY good, so I don’t see how this could hamper book 2 and 3. Having said that, if the film flops big time, then they may not produce another, but then again as they filmed it on an indie budget, it really doesn’t have to do a whole lot to make money. Granted most of my friends that went to see it, were rather disappointed with it over all. There are some truly great moments, but many felt let down.

      So don’t worry… the books will come… newer movies… not so much.

    • I’m sure she will complete the Host series, even if no movie sequels are made.

      I’m sad though, and I’m sure SM feels the same way, that more of her Twilight fan base has not gone to see The Host. I know she never expected the Host to be the mega hit the Twilight Saga was, but I’m sure she never expected the low attendance numbers for her latest “baby”.

      SM comes under so much criticism from the reviewers and haters every time one of her books or movies comes out and it would be nice if more of her Twilight fans were more supportive. Everyone needs a break once in a while. Even JK Rowling needed a break from Harry Potter. It doesn’t mean SM hates Twilight now. I don’t think SM has ever dissed Twilight. She just has a lot of stories in her head. And she wants to try something new. Nothing wrong with that.

      I love vampires and werewolves, and I’m not big into sci fi or alien type films, but I went to see The Host and enjoyed myself. It was a really good movie. And I was happy to do my part in figuratively throwing a stiff middle finger at the haters and critics of anything with Stephenie Meyer’s name attached to it.

      I hope that if you’re a Twilight fan and you haven’t seen The Host, you will go see it, if only to be supportive of SM. Believe me, if I was SM, I would not go out of my way to finish Midnight Sun or do Jacob and Renesmee’s story for people who turned their backs on me. But maybe she’s a kinder, nicer person than I am, and I’m wrong.

  3. I really wonder if all the negative backlash Twilight got had an impact on Stephenie’s attitude toward the series. I mean, it’s bad enough for us as fans to deal with all the mocking and the general consensus that “Twilight is just for idiotic teenagers who don’t know any better”, but to hear that about something you wrote? That has to be ten times worse.

    • I don’t know why everyone thinks that just because SM wants to move on to something else for a while that she has a bad attitude toward Twilight. She just needs a change of scenery for a while. And she’s said numerous times that she has a lot of stories in her head that she wants to get out. Even JK Rowling has moved on from Harry Potter and written a different kind of book. I think, based on past interviews that she will return to the Twilight universe to do Jacob and Renesmee’s story and she’s said her mother keeps bugging her to finish Midnight Sun, but she has to be in the right mindset to do it.

      But I bet she is saddened by the seeming lack of support from her Twilight fans, with The Host. She comes under so much personal criticism and attacks on herself, her books, her movies, from the haters and the reviewers, that when she needs her fans to show up and fill seats, so many of us don’t do that.. We only like vampires and werewolves. We don’t care about aliens. I’ve even read a couple of things from fans who say that maybe now that The Host has bombed, she’ll go back to the vampires and Midnight Sun, like they’re happy she’s failed. I wouldn’t if I was her. If only a quarter of her Twilight fans went to see The Host, the box office profits would be so much greater. It will never be Twilight, but I saw it and it was really good.

      So if you truly love SM’s work, any of it, and you haven’t seen The Host, please go before it leaves the theaters, if only to stick a figurative stiff middle finger to the haters and crtiics, who love to put her and us down.

      • I don’t think she has a bad attitude toward Twilight, but it does seem like when she’s asked about it now she isn’t as enthusiastic as she was before. I hope I’m wrong; it’s just the impression I get.

        And I do care about the aliens, very much. I love The Host just as much as I love Twilight.

  4. Me also. I will always want more but have gone to fan fic site and found such a great ending. I wish I could remember which site, but the ending goes out about 100 yrs and it was genius. After I read it, and everyone I know read it we finally had the ending we needed and wanted. I believe it was TwilightArchives, and the name of the story was Grimm Reaper, and at first it felt off and awkward, and unbelieveable, but by the 13th chapter I was hook, line, and sinker, and sooo worth the read. Everyone I know who has read that story feels peace now, as did I. I think even Stephenie would be proud. Of course Stephenie would have done better, and there would have been zero awkardness but we have to take what we can get. lol

  5. I think SM wants to move on for the simple fact is, she has to as an author. She doesn’t want to be stuck on one note meaning just the Twilight Saga. She has to move forward and show she can be successful with her future work.

    • Sure, but all she’s been doing — for YEARS — is producing films. While fun & lucrative, I’m sure, I think that The Host would have done much, much better at the box office if the sequel had already been written.

  6. DishclothRioter says

    Yes, she’s been producing films for years now. She’s as much a producer as she is a writer at this point. She’s spending time producing films for books she didn’t even write. She hasn’t written a sequel because she hasn’t prioritized that. Her choice.

    • She said in a televised interview recently, that now that she has a producing partner, Megan, Megan would be the one on set every day and she would largely stay home and write and visit the set occasionally.

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