Ted Casablanca: Multiple Personality Disorder

Ted Casablanca can’t seem to decide if he is pro or con Twilight and pro or con cast members depending on the day of the week. Ted was the one last week claiming that Rob had BO because an oh so credible source told him so. Today he is still clinging to that contention. Frankly we think the only thing in need of fumigation is Ted’s brain because clearly it isn’t able to handle the obvious (see below).

Now, in today’s ramblings, it looks like Ted had too much coffee or something because the graphic that accompanies the story is hilarious. For crying out loud Ted, it has a TURKEY in the upper right corner! Not only is Ted running the fan made New Moon poster as if it’s the real one, but he’s also given credit for the image to Summit Entertainment, as if to suggest he actually got the image from them. We can guarantee that he didn’t get the image from Summit. From Ted’s ramblings of today, it’s plain that he doesn’t think very much of Twilight fans’ intelligence. Oh, the irony!