Rumor Control: Kristen Stewart Pregnant

So the latest that is making our inbox churn is people wanting to know if Kristen Stewart is pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s love child.  We were pretty much ignoring this latest tabloid driven story which jumped from the ridiculous to the utterly absurd in the last 24 hours until it took over our inbox.

Now we don’t have a pipeline into Kristen’s private life, but here’s the facts, such as they are, and you can decide for yourself:

The original source is an Australian gossip magazine whose headlines aside from the Kristen story were: Jen [Aniston] Tears Over Brad, Britney Spears Getting Married, and Michael Jackson’s Death, Was It Murder. So, you judge the credibility. The inside story goes on to state that Kristen sent a friend out for a pregnancy test because she was afraid to go to the drug store and be spotted getting one. The said friend then went and blabbed to someone who told the Australia-based magazine.

Now let’s think about this a second. Kristen has pretty much grown up in the business and realizes how rumors start, and knows that media eyes are on her.  She’d risk sending “a friend” to get the test, especially one who can’t keep his/her mouth shut?  Two words: mail order!

Now it gets better. We thought we had seen just about everything on this latest rumor and then it jumped the proverbial shark. Another gossip website states that Kristen responded to the rumor via her Twitter, yet they don’t cite what Twitter account that was, yet they quote it.  Now putting aside the fact that Kristen doesn’t have a Twitter, let’s think about this.  In a series of Tweets Kristen supposedly says that her publicist could have made up the rumor. In our opinion, when you have a career as big and hot right now as Kristen Stewart’s, no publicist (if they value their job and reputation) starts a pregnancy rumor.  It’s not like Kristen isn’t getting a ton of PR via Runaways and New Moon. She would need a pregnancy rumor to attract additional attention because why exactly?

Next, Ted Casablanca, the one of the kings of Hollywood gossip is calling people out and saying BS.  Now, when your rumor is at the point when a guy who makes his livelihood trading in rumor is pretty much going, “yeah right” instead of playing along (he also called BS on the “cab attacks Rob” and with logical back up)…you decide.

So in the end, for all we know Rob is sleeping with a fuzzy blue bear named Fred and Kristen curls up around a much loved and mangled Cabbage Patch doll.  Hmm…maybe the bear and the Cabbage Patch Doll are getting it on? 🙂


  1. there’s a pic on perezhilton. it’s a VERY bad photoshop of a “baby bump”. what will they come up with next? these people need a life.

    • Also, the girl on the gossip mag that supposed be Kristin and her “baby bump” doesn’t even look like her, even from the side.

  2. Very well said. No one knows what is going on with Kstew and Rpatz but the two of them. It is driving the gossip mongers crazy so they are now making up crap that is beyond ridiculous. Everyone needs to leave these two alone

  3. mouseolympics says:

    I hear the bear and the CP doll have been in rehab a number of times. Thanks for providing some sanity to this disturbing situation. I really hope that KStew & RPats understand that some people really do appreciate their work without wanting pictures of their bedrooms!

    • Twilight_News says:

      I read your first sentence and now there is coffee all over my monitor.

    • Mrs.Cope says:

      Rehab? Really? I heard the CP doll and bear were having a surrogate mom have their baby for them somewhere in Ohio! LOL

  4. This whole thing is complete crap. I feel bad for them both, and hopefully this blows over fast. The whole idea of Kristin being pregnant is hilarious.

    Kristin is 18/19 I think she’d know how to use the proper birth control if they are both having sex.

    They look so busy half the damn time, it looks like they don’t time to breathe anymore, much less have sex.

    Lets worry about something little bit more important than the personal lives of celebrities.

  5. OMG i feel so sorry for kristen and Rob it must be horrible for them to have all of this shit about them why cant people just leave them alone and let them get on with there own life.

  6. mel_aust says:

    Have been following these weekly gossip magazines in Aust. The headlines are always laughable.

    The week before last NW printed a coverstory about Rob having had both a nose and chin job, showing ‘before and after’ photos, despite the fact that the plastic surgeon they interviewed said he could see little evidence of Rob having had work done. Also featured was the supposed love triangle between Kristen and Rob and Michael… oh, and Russell Brand. Oh, and the week before that (not sure if in NW or in one of the similar gossip mags), it was a supposed love triangle between Nikki Reid, Kristen and Rob.

    Last week it was Rob and Emilie. And the ‘evidence’ of their offscreen relationship – photos taken on the beach set of ‘Remember Me’!- which would hardly fool anyone who’s family with Rob’s current project.

    And this week… Kristen’s Pregnant!

    Now while I’m glad the Australian media seems to have finally become aware of the phenomena that is twilight, this is just crazy!

    In short, NW Australia (and its counterparts such as Ok and Famous) are hardly credible… in fact, NW has a tendency to contradict itself, let alone other sources, from week to week, no doubt in an attempt to sell more mags.

    Also, what is the chance that this so called friend would blab to an Australian gossip mag with a limited readership on the other side of the world? It seems completely unlikely that if the rumour were true, the news would filter through to an Australian source first, otherwise, if the friend did in fact blab (which seems to be the only other logical conclusion), wouldn’t you make it worth your while by speaking with a larger magazine? Sorry for my vent about gossip magazines in general- just seems a little too unlikely to worry about.

    Nothing to worry about here!- unless we hear confirmation from a more reputable source.

  7. Serena Brady says:

    i looked on PerezHilton and looked up RPatz and an article came up saying Sperminated by a vampire?! I mean come on give the couple a break they just got back together and if all these rumors and stupid publicity BS keeps on going around they will prob break up! so just give the realtionship a chance..the pics he had of her on set of the Runaways was her but the stomach was probably makeup for a part of the movie!

  8. Serena Brady says:

    so just backoff Perez

    • Perez Hilton is fat 40 year old man, who sits in his mother’s basement, that’s too obsessed with celebrity lives because his sucks so much.

    • Do some research before calling out Perez. He’s saying it’s ridiculous too.

  9. I really felt bad and worry to Robert and Kristen. W/ all this gossips and rumors, manipulating and sinkingly destroying their relationships, on and off love-friendship cycle. I really adore this Robsten couple and we should respect their privacy, activities or whatever their doing. We know its showbiz but remember, these two are human too! I appreciate KStew for being so tough yet very well acting ability and clever girl. RPattz is so amazing as well and his talent is now in huge range. Thanks for his gal KStew for bringing him again in movie spot… But then again, time will tell in all this gossips. I do hope the Twicouple will still be in good shape and had time to cheer each other when they attend this SD Comic Con event. I really miss their tandem and I am praying that these two will still finish the Twilight Saga novels and may continue to bloom the Hollywood screen… Love you ROBSTEN!!!

  10. I really wish that people would just leave them alone. Who ares who they are dating or what is going on their bedroom. I know I wouldn’t want people to know what goes on my private life. Also people need to respect the personal bubble and not get all touchy feely when they see Rob there are scaring the poor guy.

    I think you put it nicely “So in the end, for all we know Rob is sleeping with a fuzzy blue bear named Fred and Kristen curls up around a much loved and mangled Cabbage Patch doll. Hmm…maybe the bear and the Cabbage Patch Doll are getting it on?”

    I think the cabbage patch doll needs name lol

  11. Wow. People are really that gullible to believe that? Sigh…I expected more from you Twilighters!!! Seriously this rumor is probably the most ridiculous ones I’ve heard.

    • I agree this has to be the most ridiculous rumor I have heard lately. People need to look at what the source is a tabloid magazine that has other just as ridiculous stories in it. Come on people stop being so gullible.

  12. AliceKikiCullen says:

    FOr the love of pete, KRISTEN HAS A BOYFRIEND!! I hate the tabloids I try and not look at them when I go to the book story unforturnaly they are next to the REAL entertaiment mags. URGH I WANT TO STRANGLE SOEMTHING!! LEAVE THEM ALONE IT”S THIER OWN BLOODY BUISNESS!!! …hisss….

    • Yay Alice says:

      I agree this is sooooo silly let them to their work and just enjoy watching them act together in the next movie.

  13. SavageO says:

    Why can’t idots stop spreading crap about these beautiful people. It is so uplifting to see them happy and enjoying life. We need that now with so much bad going on in our personal lives eg. econmy, war, etc. They provide our escape. We need to stop supporting any of these tabloids in every way. They are destroying these really good beautiful people that we all love. After all, they are human with human feelings. Please don’t buy anything that spreads such smut.

  14. Uh!

    Frequently, when at the check out counter, I peruse these magazines (which don’t have enough credibility for me to use as toilet paper) and I have to laugh. These people are without a doubt the most pathetic pieces of garbage I have ever seen. There is a big difference between good fun and spreading a vile rumor about a 19 year old girl. Could you imagine if that was said about you? Oy.

  15. For all the star power they both hold right now, kudos to them for keeping their private lives just that. I recall an interview where Kristen was asked what was on her iPod… her response, “…for my ears only”. In hindsight it was probably because she was ‘studying’ for Runaways, but I like that they keep things for themselves. We can enjoy their talent and let them still have a personal life, can’t we?

  16. Nancy, bellarocks says:

    You rock, Lex ladies! Way to put our thoughts into perfectly sensible (and funny!) words!

  17. It annoys me to no end to the lies the tabs say about people.

    I WISH people would stop buying those publications, and let the companies crash and burn.

    I love hearing about my fav stars doing well BUT malicious rumors take a very sour note with me . . . come ON she is 19 !!!!

  18. ROFL! I just love Twilight lexicon great job!

  19. melanie says:

    Personally, this is just beyond rediculous! The photo was obviously photoshoped. Plus, I highly doubt that Kristen and Robert are having “off screen” moments together. Like the movie, “She’s Just Not that Into Him”, no matter what people want to believe.

    It’s terrible that people will just post stupid rumors like that. Never trust gossip magazines!

  20. I cant believe to what extremes people/magazines go to to say lies/rumors just for attention… I look at these magazines in supermarkets and just laugh at their ridiculous articles.

  21. Saw the headline on our Aus magazine last week and i swear i started laughing in the middle of the store. They think everyone’s pregnant. HELLO, girls ARE allowed to put on 1kg thank u very much, it dusnt mean theyre pregnant >.< She doesn’t look like she’s put on any weight… haha i feel sorry for people who fell for it…

  22. Well said. Couldn’t agree more. I hope all these tabloids and paps would leave these two alone. But at the same time, I feel that Summit and their PRs, for that matter, are playing along in all this. They want to make more money by keeping a guessing game on Robsten speculation. It’s horrible. I love them both and hope that they are together, but sometimes I feel they are taking advantage of us, their admirers.

  23. I read the Ted Casablanca article on it this morning. (very funny)

    Thank you for such a well written debunk on the whole thing. Seriously people.. if you resort to this type of gossiping rumor mill for your kicks and “news” on Rob and Kristen.. YOU NEED A LIFE!

    Let them be.

  24. I laughed about how ridiculous this rumor sounded.

  25. Jessica says:

    THANK YOU! I completely agree with this analysis of the situation! I mean…COME. ON. Let’s be real. Kristen and Rob are NOT stupid people. They wouldn’t risk getting Kristen pregnant when they still have 2 more movies to film. That fact alone just completely debunks this rumor. Fantastic article! Made me laugh with the stupidity of this rumor!!

  26. yah wow! This is completely and utterly outrageous. First of all, her supposed “baby bump” isn’t even a bump at all ( the belly buttons in the wrong place). Second, why can’t the paparazzi just leave Rob and Kristen alone. I know all the twilight fans would LOVE them to be dating but lets be serious.

    I really thought this was a funny article- how could the press think they could pass this one?? 🙂

  27. haha it does make me laugh at some of the stupid things they come up with 😛

  28. hale simpson says:

    all i can say is that its very nicely timed with ‘new moon’ due out soon

    and true wat u say IF kirsten stewart is pregnant there goes the twilight saga who else could play bella
    personaly i dont beleive it these are two great actors whos heads are screwed on the rite way there carrers are what is important to them so just let this rumour go and move on to the next already

  29. TeamSwitzerland4ever says:

    When mails from fans who actually beleive that Kristen is pregnant with Rob gets so many that they blocks the lexicon’s inbox… is it just me, or is the world going nuts?

    Kudos to twilghtlexicon for being so accomondating to all the credulous romur-beleiving people out there… it’s a good thing you are patient!

  30. Poor guys… It’s just crappy waking up every day and read all those nasty rumors about you. Hey, they’re people, too! And after all, this is the most non-sense gossip ever. I just found out about it here on the Lex and then started searching and I couldn’t stop laughing! It’s ridiculous! Do really people belives those things?

    Kudos to the Lex for the Rumor Control 🙂

  31. I saw this yesterday after my sister showed me and I laughed for a good 10 minutes. I wonder how they come up with all this? They also need to fire whoever photoshopped that picture, I mean I could do a better job on MSPaint.

  32. you all are amazing! though this issue is something you probably didn’t want to have to confront, i love that when you have to, you all put good perspective into it for the nay-sayers.

    so, thank you 🙂

  33. OMG!! I have a fuzzy Blue Bear!!!!!

    i’m sorry that was not needed. i honestly don’t believe rumors like that because Kristen isn’t dating Rob, and she is mature enough not to do those things, and doesn’t Kristen already have a boyfriend? WOW, and the thing about Michael Jackson’s death could’ve been a result of a murder?! they clearly said he has a heart attack!

  34. Twilight Nymph says:

    Okay this is the most bizarre thing I’ve heard in a while. First why would Kristen be doing the movie the runaways if she was pregnant, Joan Jett probably wouldn’t allow it. Therefore it’s obvious she’s not. I mean seriously use some common sense. Oh, and if people actually paid attention to all the media stuff, they would remember that when Twilight Tuesdays were out, Rob said he hates kids, so why the heck would he risk getting a girl pregnant and having one. All those magazines can’t get there hands on something real so they just pull stuff out of their dimwitted brains and put it out there. Not to mention scandal sells so since they can’t get a real scandal they have to make it up.

  35. edwardcullenismyhomeboy says:

    Oh My god for the love of Edward,what will these mags. think of next! Anyway I heard this last night.I went to check my e-mail and on the front of the comcast home page there was a stupid video by don’t believe it one bit.That stupid picture is def. the works of photoshop!Thanks so much Lex for the Rumor Control.You guys are amazing.

  36. I feel really bad for both Kristen and Rob. Because they may or may not have a romance off screen people make up horrible stories to sell magazines. They are probably so sick of it all.

  37. whitney says:

    hey if they did have a baby
    and it was a girl she would be a good renesmee..haha,look just like them..

  38. lol speaking of gossip…..
    every afternoon while im walking home, i go past a dairy that displays the covers of all the gossip mags outside. last week there was one that said
    then 2 (exacty the same ) [ictures of rob and a caption ROBERT PATTINSONS NEW NOSE!
    it made me lol
    gossip mags will say anything about the celebs to get people to buy the mag.

  39. Melissa says:

    This is just BS. They just keep making up stories every week they all need to get a life. Iam not believing it unless I hear it from Kristen herself or another realiable source.

  40. Come on people we are not that gullible. She has had a steady boyfriend for 3 years and never got pregnant. Now, we are supposed to believe she forgot her birth control just because she is supposedly with Rob?

  41. LOL! When will the level of Cr-p stop? I guess they have about how many more of the Twilight Saga to go? I sometimes feel sorry for them (the cast) and then think again…fame is fleeting…go with the flow. 🙂

  42. wow who knew magazines cus stoop so low trying desperately sell their not so good mags!
    Poor Kristen!

  43. I am so embarrassed by this. Australia has THE worst gossip magazines. It’s so stupid. When I saw this I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It’s pathetic that they’d even start a stupid rumour like that. And yes, I did notice the other headlines. I proceeded to walk away shaking my head. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I hate gossip magazines. They only do stories like this to get publicity and what better way to do that than through the twilight fan base.

  44. la_petite_femme says:

    THIS is why I love the Twilight Lexicon! Thank you guys so much for totally shutting down this rumor just like you have to other crazy-assed rumors!

  45. I call BS! First of all there is scarce news about the New Moon movie right now so the pull stories out of their asses! This is a terrible story and I just wanna give Kristen and Rob a big hug! Kristen has a boyfriend already that she has been dating for 3 years…maybe more! Then second of all even if they were having sex neither of them are stupid enough to get pregnant! And they wouldn’t have a ”friend” go get her a pregnancy test if they knew she was gonna blab about it! God people are soooo gulible! And Micheal Jackson had a heart attack he was not murdered! God! God! God! K I’m done venting now! Bye!

  46. This is so getting out of control.People can be so disgusting sometimes.Thanks a ton to the Lexicon for clearing this rumour like all the other ones!

  47. I’m Australian, and when in the supermarket I saw the front cover article of that I laughed so hard 5 people turned around and starred. I’m so embarrassed to call myself Australian after that article came out.
    stupid stupid people.

  48. Robert Pattinson’s baby? I thought she was having Bigfoot’s baby!

  49. Kristen Stewart says:

    Cant You just give me a break I’m NOT PREGNATE.I’m Not even Dating Rob Hes like my brother.People just get jealous so they make up lies.Besides I’m way to busy to have a baby.I just finshed shooting New Moon Im now shooting The Runaways and Its just a matter of time before we start shooting Eclipse.


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