Stephenie Meyer Lawsuit Story is bogus

It seems that the unsubstantiated story that Stephenie Meyer is being sued and filming on New Moon has halted continues to spread like wildfire on the web. Our inbox is exploding with various readers citing new places the story has cropped up.

Below are the official comments now from both Summit Entertainment and now Little Brown/Hachette:

Official comment from Summit Entertainment regarding the portion of the story as it specifically refers to filming is as follows(released April 19): “This rumor is certainly NOT true. Please let your readers know.”

Official comment from Stephenie Meyer’s publisher regarding the portion of the story that refers to the lawsuit(release April 20):

“This story is false.”

Second official statement released by Summit April 20: There is absolutely no truth to the rumor about any interruption to the filming of NEW MOON.  The production of the film has not been stalled or interrupted in any way and filming continues as planned.  Additionally, after consulting with Stephenie Meyer and her publishers, speculation about any claims of plagiarism are also completely not true.  This is a hoax, pure and simple.  The internet for all of its assets can still be an easy breeding ground for such hoaxes and detractors, and we hope that people will not be duped so easily, and use appropriate diligence before perpetuating everything or anyone that claims to have information about the TWILIGHT franchise,” according to a Summit spokesperson. “

The origination of the story on the Max Dan Wiz site has now been removed.


  1. NuttyNetty says

    i can’t believe people are falling for these. -_-

  2. Twifanatic Amanda says


  3. OMC! I actually got scared for a minute then – I though, NOOOO! But then my retarded-ness showed when I realised it was fake. Ha. I’m totally gonna try telling this to my friends – real mature, huh?

  4. someone better tell yahoo news, because they are reporting it as fact.

  5. don’t worry, it’s quite fun to see how other fans apart from us will react, hmm… i wonder how are the others reacring =]


  7. Sw33tsMonica says

    WOW, I just read about this.. I instantly thought that people will try anything to ruin someone else’s ‘dreams’. I wish everyone would leave the negative point of views and hateful rumors out of Stephanie Meyer’s world. Everything about The Twilight Saga’s and the movies to her books are wonderful.

  8. a relief, I’m from Brazil and from there are all super excited for the debut of New Moon.

  9. This is such crap. I feel so bad for SM that people are trying to get in on this wonderful Twilight world that she has created. And you know it’s only because of all the $$$ it’s making.

  10. I think people are plain crazy and have nothing to do with their lives.Period.

  11. I KNEW IT! i just couldnt believe it! I wish people would just leave her alone and get a life!!

  12. Why are some fans so gullible? It makes me kinda sad.

  13. I knew it was bogus as soon as I saw it. It would have come out a long time ago if it were true. It makes me sad too that people are so quick to believe the worst about someone.

  14. this has nothing to do with this im just trying to find a place to post a note to Stephenie and my last place didnt work so if any one knows a place to do this pleeeeease copy and paste this there:


    you have to write more books they are so good and im sad now that im done with the series. also it ended at a weird place. what happened with nessie? or the volteri? and everyone else. and one more thing i think the book is funnest from bella’s point of view. i hate it when its jacob and he isnt around her for even a second. i want to know whats happening with BELLA!!!!!!

    • NessieCarlieCullenFoReal says

      FOR REAL. She HAS to write at least ONE more… Like, how are Jacob and Nessie gonna work out? All that stuff about werewolf imprinting to make new stronger werewolves, to pass on the gene… so if Jacob and Renesmee have a baby, itll be like… half human, quarter werewolf, quarter vampire… HOW DOES THAT WORK!!! and Edward hearing Bella… and Charlie and Renee, etc… There has to be ONE more.

      Who cares if it said “the end”… she could always put like “…. or so they thought” or something on the new boook.


    • DkbQJq Good point. I hadn’t thoghut about it quite that way. 🙂

  15. Oh my gosh, I was scared there for a minute. My sister just came into my room and told me and I actually screamed. I Googled it straight away though. I can’t believe I believed it, even if for about 40 seconds. I knew Stephenie would never do something like that 🙂

  16. EdwardsWife! says

    didgusting!!! hasn’t she had enough sh*t what with the leeking of her manuscript and now this!! these people need to get a life!!!

  17. EdwardsWife! says

    DISGUSTING* So annoyed i can’t spell!!!

  18. Your post Twilight Lexicon » Stephenie Meyer Lawsuit Story is bogus was very interesting when I found it over google on Friday by my search for yahoo italia. I have your blog now in my bookmarks and I visit your blog again, soon. Take care.

  19. Right Tv( says that TMZ has documents with quotes from both books:
    From The Nocturne:

    “There was silence. It could have been no more perfect.”

    And from Breaking Dawn:

    “The moment was so perfect, there was no way to doubt it.”
    I have to say that I have read this book 10 times and this was the first time I have ever heard that quote. I actually went and looked it up and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Once again proving that TMZ is not as creditable as they say.

  20. Also to add… Check out Stephine’s website and she has it on there back in April and then they were saying it was a room mate named Hidi… Now it’s going around four months later as another author plus if you look at the entry below the rumor entry you’ll see a little info on Forever Dawn. If you doubt me Twilight fans (I don’t blame you one bit with all these rumors flying around) pull out your Breaking Dawn’s and look it up you’ll probably reread all the books lol. Keep the faith.


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