Rumor Control

Here’s the latest swarming the Internet:

  • Robert Pattinson injured himself on set. Truish. He did it last year during Twilight. For some odd reason the “Rob pulled a groin muscle” “Rob injured his bum”…stories are all reappearing as if it just happened. So, no fear Rob does not injure himself repetitively as does Bella.
  • Martin Sheen is Aro. False. Michael Sheen is Aro, there is continent and about a 20+ years age difference there folks.
  • “Fill in the blank of any band” is officially on the New Moon soundtrack. False. Nothing has been decided about who is on the soundtrack, and a supposed note from Chris Weitz claiming otherwise is a left over April Fools joke destined to become urban legend.
  • OMG! Billly Burke, Gil Birmingham, Edi Gathegi, Rachelle LeFevere and the human kids all got cut from the movie. False. No, they are in the movie, they just weren’t on the recent press release from Summit.
  • Twilight fans are being recruited into a crazy religious cult called Cullenism. False This is what happens when it’s a slow news week and entertainment news sites start grasping at straws and half truths to cobble together an article with the word ‘Twilight” in it. It’s a joke people, a tongue-in-cheek thread that has been on our forum and others for at least two years. A quick glance and it’s obvious they are not serious.


  1. Yes..Michael Sheen played the main werwolf guy in Underworld. I remember him. I like him. I think he will be a really good Aro! good choice.

  2. I never believe this bull.
    *excuse the language* It just makes me a little angry.

    Oh and has anyone seen this.
    I found it on Twitter:

    and says!

    “FINALLY — I can reveal that ET’s ‘Twilight’ ‘New Moon’ exclusive will air on April 23rd!!!!”
    oh yeah So excited!

  3. BloodSuckingLeech says:

    Cullenism? Isn’t that when you refer to something as ‘vegetarian’ and all of your friends giggle?

  4. April 23? better put that on my calendar! LOL…

    and Cullenism… oh yeah, I am definitely a devotee member πŸ™‚

  5. NuttyNetty says:

    for reals. most of these rumors are so obvious they are false! who would believe them?!?!??! LOL

  6. If people are offended by Cullenism, then don’t read about it.

    If for some reason, people really choose to practice Cullenism, it’s their choice, no one can dictate what they should do or think.

    It’s all a joke and what’s funny was, Cullenism have been created for quite a long time. Why did it attract attention only recently?


  7. “Twilight fans are being recruited into a crazy religious cult called Cullenism. False”

    *insert link to the Twilight Academy’s entire forum dedicated to the beliefs and actual practice of Cullenism here*

    In the immortal words of many an Englishman/woman in the film adaptation of a certain masked man’s comic book: “Bollocks.”

    And before the person above me starts on about how I am “restricting their rights” or some crap like that; No, I am not restricting diddly-bupkis. I’m not trying to play internet Big Brother on them, they are as free as you and I to practice whatever they like.

    For example, we all know a good portion of Scientology is an insane, whacked-out cult, filled with crazies that could rival the worst of any fanbase, but we don’t persecute them for believing in Xenu. We get on them for the way they treat non-believers, opposition and even their own members.

    It’s the same principle with Cullenism, we know full well they believe fictional characters exist, said fictional characters are gods and goddesses within the religion and they have specific holidays to each and every little event that happens within the series. Is it a dubious religion? Yes. Is it wrong to actually believe and practice it? No.

    It IS a fairly stupid thing to believe in, but that’s just my opinion.


    • That you spent that much time writing up a comment on it is hysterical. I was there when the thread started, there when it moved to its own site because they wanted more room to play then these boards would allow. Its a JOKE and funny fan girl thing. Like Fan fiction. Its all in jest. Not a cult, not a real religion, just a goofy way to spend time with the friends on line and laugh by putting a religious connitation to it.

      Seriously…ITS A JOKE!

  8. I am from Latvia. I am reali like vampire. Im alergik on sun. In day im sleeping, but in night working or party. I live in dark and i need to drink blod. Its special made animals blod.

  9. LOL about “Martin Sheen” thats jks

    And Cullenism is a group on that have discussions about the Twilight saga every sunday. it was discussed about becoming a religion but that was a joke. Please you can’t base a RELIGION on love for a MADE UP WORLD.

  10. lil_voice1 says:

    lol….these rumours are hilarious!

  11. Ed Psych Major says:

    Who would believe the rumors someone asked?

    There is an interesting article that talks about the psychology behind gossip and rumors and why people believe them here at

  12. These rumors are all so funny! Anyone who knows anything knows that they’re false.

  13. Ouch! I pulled a muscle in my butt before (as embarassing as it is)! It hurts! I could barely walk on my one leg and if you sit down, you half to lean onto your other butt cheak or else your injured one will hurt!

  14. πŸ˜†
    I love it.

    Crazy religious cult called Cullenism? πŸ˜† I would have HAD to put a ‘true’ stamp on that one! πŸ˜†

  15. Can we please get over this Cullenism thing?
    I know this originally started here, on that thread, but there’s nothing to worry about.
    I love that thread, back off, please!

  16. that is my religon!

  17. You forgot the rumor about Rob and Nikki sleeping together and how she wants a serious relationship but he’s supposedly flirting with all the other women on set.

  18. Thanks for clearing everything beforehand.It’s such a relief to be relieved from all these rumors!

  19. ok some of these rumors are soooooo stupid. Cullenism?
    you have got to be kidding me.i may be a twihard but that has to be the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard and i don’t believe anything about twilight unless i read it on stephenie’s website on here on the lexicon


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