Ted Casablanca: Multiple Personality Disorder

Ted Casablanca can’t seem to decide if he is pro or con Twilight and pro or con cast members depending on the day of the week. Ted was the one last week claiming that Rob had BO because an oh so credible source told him so. Today he is still clinging to that contention. Frankly we think the only thing in need of fumigation is Ted’s brain because clearly it isn’t able to handle the obvious (see below).

Now, in today’s ramblings, it looks like Ted had too much coffee or something because the graphic that accompanies the story is hilarious. For crying out loud Ted, it has a TURKEY in the upper right corner! Not only is Ted running the fan made New Moon poster as if it’s the real one, but he’s also given credit for the image to Summit Entertainment, as if to suggest he actually got the image from them. We can guarantee that he didn’t get the image from Summit. From Ted’s ramblings of today, it’s plain that he doesn’t think very much of Twilight fans’ intelligence. Oh, the irony!


  1. Yes, it is a fake and that Pattinson Anonymous site called it a while ago -turkey and all. Check it out whose body it really is.

  2. I left a comment about correct credit for the poster – homework for his next botched report. He or whoever deleted it. Hope it’ll give him something to think about. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Ha! It was restored…

  4. littleyellowporsche says:

    even though that isnt the poster…WOW! that would be pretty hot!

  5. You know what, I really think Ted is crazy…I’ve wisited his site couple of times and I never understood what in hell is he rambling about. Talking about disorders…he surelly has one.
    BTW that about the poster is hilarious.

  6. Why do we care about what that casablanca guy said, again? Who is he?

  7. Victoria Alise says:

    ah. even if this ted dude isn’t really up to standings in the intelligence department, this picture, (whether or not he actually made it) is ah-mazing.

    although i’m kinda sad it’s just a cover body.
    edward / robert would kinda be better with something like that.

    either way. i’m excited for new moon, although it is sure to bring tears. the book is so sad. :'[
    ahem. i’m done.

  8. I dont even know who Ted is….any whooo!

  9. Catherine says:

    That’s not even Rob’s body. The head was taken from the ‘Embrace’ picture that is in the calandar and on a bunch of Hot Topic merchandise XD.

    But its a good job on graphics editing!

  10. I love people that can photoshop really well. i wouldn’t mind this as the poster but the best part is that it’s been around for months. if there’s no real twilight news why do people feel the need to grasp at straws?

  11. This Ted guy needs to get a life. He’s a middle aged man who lets comments coming from Twilight fans, the majority of which are YOUNG GIRLS, really get to him and in turn has to talk shi*t about said fans. What the hell?
    His “article” isn’t even all that interesting. It doesn’t flow well, and in truth, it’s pretty boring. Why does he have a blog in the first place? Who is this guy? He sucks. I agree with Daniela 100%

  12. THATS Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ BODY.. SO YAH.. ITS FAKE…

  13. Fake though it may be, it’s still an awesome poster *sigh* Those might not be his abs, but they sure look great on him.
    Ted, Ted, Ted, what a naughty boy. i can’t stand watching his show anyways, but I’m not surprised this nonsense was a part of it.

  14. They did a great job with the fake picture. I hope rob’s abs look something like that for the movie. LOL

    Who cares… I love him with or without!

  15. Jannieca says:

    Perhaps his brain has the BO! geez! what a faker!
    But i have to admit, the poster he made is cool(great edit)–even though i know it’s originally a fake. And yeah, i was really curious at first, that why does it have a turkey on it!? ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. Nicole-ee-olee says:

    I sure wish that photo was real. I went “OMG” at first glance and then I read more and was like “shoot” ๐Ÿ™ oh well, hopefully the real movie will have something similar *shrugs*

  17. if it was real, it would be a pretty cool movie poster…

  18. Rachel A. says:

    I wish this was a real one, it is way better than the posters for Twilight.

  19. Cara B. says:

    Okay I’m not web going to say anything about this Ted guy. Anyway I think someone needs to send this picture to summit it’s fake now bit they could make it real haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. has the man been checked for psyologicl disorders??????

  21. OMG!
    That picture is from one of my twilight fan pages on FACEBOOK.
    Theres two posters.



  22. shavei7 says:

    hhahha this Ted character most likely has a negative IQ…if he has one at all.

  23. So I don’t care if it is fake…I like it.

  24. Real or not, that is one SMEXY pic of Rob! Hot damn! ๐Ÿ˜€

    And “Hahaha!” at shavei7. That’s so true. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. Where does this Ted come from? He must have some seious issues with his brain.

    It’s so obvious that it isn’t Rob’s body.And what on earth would a turkey be doing on a New Moon poster?

  26. Oops! It’s *serious* not seious!

  27. crystal says:

    How about we just not read what this person says ever again? It doesn’t seem worth the effort from what I hear. By the way, I like the poster, fake or not. Wish it was all Rob though, instead of put together body parts.

  28. So, even though the poster is fake, it’s still a very yummy picture! Kudos to the Photoshopper who did it! Unfortunately, it’s too bad that it causes so much mayhem.

  29. brittany says:

    whats up with the turkey? i dont get it.
    but i agree. if they had something like this, it would be way better then the twilight ones.

  30. I actually really like it. I mean I don’t want any real movie stuff with his head on a different body, but I like the background and the look on his face and all of that. Very end of New Moon-ish.

  31. I wish that was the movie poster, because I would buy it in a heartbeat! Wow!!!!

  32. It looks like a tragic boyband cover!
    oh the moodiness, the angst.
    the hilarity

    i burst into laughter at the sight of that alleged poster when i saw it on perez

  33. Too bad, Edward looks hot

  34. Dark Brown Pools says:

    Hehe. Turkey. But, New Moon is coming out on Nov. 20th, right? Or at least, that’s what I heard. I can’t wait!

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