Behind the Scenes on Remember Me

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Remember Me Round Up

There is so much new information about “Remember Me” coming out that we decided to do one big post covering some of the stories.  First up is an interview that Planet 46 did with Rob Pattinson and the film makers about how Twilight has changed everything for him.

Director Allen Coulter said the following: “I knew when Rob was going to the bathroom accompanied by about 14 guards that we had real security issues. I mean, we expected something, but not what we got. Joe Reidy, a masterful assistant director who’s been with DiCaprio working with Scorsese and others, even he was staggered by the intensity of it. It was tough.”

There is also an interview with MTV where Rob gives the details on a scene that was cut from the final version of the film.

And finally Clevver TV has this video interview with Rob!

Lexicon Review: Remember Me, the New Yorker’s View

Below you’ll find Laura’s (Pel’s) review of Remember Me.

There are certain actors that I’ll go and see a movie that they are in because I’m that much of a fan. Remember Me didn’t draw me in on actor love, despite the fact that I’ve been drooling of Pierce Brosnan since I was 14 and saw the Manions of America. I mean I’m fine with Robert Pattinson being Edward Cullen, but I wouldn’t consider myself a Rob fangirl. I haven’t seen Little Ashes or How To Be. I didn’t get the fuss when he was in Harry Potter, and to a large extent I don’t relate to the fuss now. I’m not really a squee and giggle kind of girl, I think I skipped that stage at age 12. I was interested in Remember Me based on the trailer that ran in front of New Moon. Honestly, I wasn’t that interested before I saw that trailer, but the character relationships I saw in the Remember Me trailer got me interested. [Read more…]

Lexicon Review: Remember Me, the Non-New Yorker’s View

Both Be My escape and Pel had the opportunity to see remember Me at a prescreening. First up we have Jen’s (Be My Escape’s) review. Pel’s will be up in a bit (she’s been working 14 hours days and is a little tired right now.) Please be aware that like with any review there are spoilers involved. So without further ado, Jen’s review:

I was lucky enough to see Remember Me at a screening a few weeks ago. I have to say I didn’t go in with any expectations. I hadn’t even really explored what the movie was about except that Rob Pattinson was in it and that wasn’t necessarily my motivation for seeing the film. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the script. New York City was used as the backdrop but the usual iconic scenery wasn’t rammed down your throat. It was a nice change of pace. Allen Coulter clearly took care in presenting the city in a way that people who live there can respect and understand. [Read more…]

Robert Pattinson: Remember Me Filmmaker Chats All Online

robert-pattinson-remember-me_aThe complete series of the Remember Me Filmmaker Chats is now available on ITunes.

Part 1 In this conversation learn about the character of Tyler Hawkins.

Part 2 In this conversation, Rob and the filmmakers of REMEMBER ME — Allen Coulter (director), Nick Osborne (producer) and Will Fetters (writer) — have an in-depth conversation about the character of Tyler Hawkins.

Part 3 In this part of the podcast, Rob and the filmmakers discuss the chemistry between Rob and his costars Emile de Ravin (Ally Craig) and Ruby Jerins (Rob’s little sister in the film – Caroline Hawkins).

E! Talks to Robert Pattinson and Emilie DeRavin

Remember Me: Early Reviews Are In

There were two sites that inexplicably ran reviews of Remember Me about two weeks ago based not on the actual film, but based upon having read an early draft of the script. There were some glaring inaccuracies in those reviews which also misrepresented and spoiled the ending in a a very (in our opinion) exploitative manner.

Well now outlets that have actually seen the film are chiming in and the reviews are good. Which is fabulous, because as an added benefit, if you are interested in Remember Me, you can see the Eclipse trailer on the big screen just before it. Call it a double helping of two very different doses of Robert Pattinson.

From The Hollywood Reporter: “Bottom Line: A strong romantic drama in which Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin really shine….The scenes between Pattinson and de Ravin exude genuine charm. One wants these two to get together. They are likable without being saccharine.”  Read the rest here (warning plot spoilers)

From Reuters: “But to return to the original point: “Remember Me” is a smart, engaging drama about a romance. With the “Twilight” franchise’s Robert Pattinson topping a fine cast — the actor executive produces as well — “Remember Me” should attract strong opening-weekend audiences after it comes out on Friday though Summit Entertainment. However, it will find its legs with women young and old who will spark to a romance without the off-color humor and male boorishness that so often accompanies romantic fare these days. ” Read the rest here (warning plot spoilers)

ET: Robert Pattinson Remember Me Red Carpet

Remember Me: The Writer’s, The Producer’s, The Director’s View

Director Allen Coulter shared his favorite New York moments of the film.

Writer Will Fetters and producer Nicholas Osbourne talk about the ups and downs of getting a project to the big screen. Thank you to Amanda Bell (the Twilight Examiner) and Heidi of Twilight Facebook for handling the fansite assigned question.

Robert Pattinson’s Castmates on the Remember Me Experience

Ruby Jerin’s (who plays Robert Pattinson’s little sister and is also featured on Nurse Jackie as Edie Falco’s daughter), Lena Olin (who plays Robert Pattinson’s mother) talk about working with Rob. Emilie DeRavin covers her experience in general on the shoot. TY to Amanda Bell(Twilight Examiner) and Twilight Facebook for asking the group question to Emilie DeRavin.