Remember Me: Early Reviews Are In

There were two sites that inexplicably ran reviews of Remember Me about two weeks ago based not on the actual film, but based upon having read an early draft of the script. There were some glaring inaccuracies in those reviews which also misrepresented and spoiled the ending in a a very (in our opinion) exploitative manner.

Well now outlets that have actually seen the film are chiming in and the reviews are good. Which is fabulous, because as an added benefit, if you are interested in Remember Me, you can see the Eclipse trailer on the big screen just before it. Call it a double helping of two very different doses of Robert Pattinson.

From The Hollywood Reporter: “Bottom Line: A strong romantic drama in which Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin really shine….The scenes between Pattinson and de Ravin exude genuine charm. One wants these two to get together. They are likable without being saccharine.”  Read the rest here (warning plot spoilers)

From Reuters: “But to return to the original point: “Remember Me” is a smart, engaging drama about a romance. With the “Twilight” franchise’s Robert Pattinson topping a fine cast — the actor executive produces as well — “Remember Me” should attract strong opening-weekend audiences after it comes out on Friday though Summit Entertainment. However, it will find its legs with women young and old who will spark to a romance without the off-color humor and male boorishness that so often accompanies romantic fare these days. ” Read the rest here (warning plot spoilers)


  1. Thanks so much for posting – can’t wait to see the movie! AND I really appreciate you warning of plot spoilers and not including then until after the jump. I am staying Spoiler Free for this one 🙂

    • Same here!

      I’ve also stopped watching clips from the movie for the past couple of months so that I can enjoy the movie proper with fresh eyes and mind.

      Won’t get to watch it till next week here in my country tho’.

      CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  2. I didn’t want to watch this but the clips are getting better and now I plan on seeing it.

  3. I saw the film and the movie is moving to say the least. It takes you on an emotional roller coaster. As Ally falls in love with Tyler, you fall in love along with her.

    Pierce plays a Brooklyn born executive and does an excellent job with the accent. I’m a big fan of Mr. Brosnan and was disliking Charlie, (his character in the movie) while watching. A testament of his excellent acting.

    Rob exceeds all that I could have expected. I read the script and instantly new Rob was the best choice for the roll as Tyler. His acting has progressed and see only positive things in Robs future with obtaining awards for his acting & script choices.

    If you go to see this film, don’t expect to see Lost, Mrs. Doubfire or Twilight because thankfully you will see non of this. A realistic moving performances with the city of New York as one of the leading character. I gave it a standing ovation.

  4. Wow!! I can’t wait!!! Only 4 more days!!!

  5. Those 2 reviews are exactly the same.

  6. danacullen says:

    I didn’t realize Rob was an executive producer on this film as well. Good for him! I hope he does great things with his career.

  7. oleander says:

    Thank you so much for hiding the spoilers and letting us decide if we want to see them or not. I’m trying VERY hard not to read too much right now because I don’t want it spoiled.

  8. I also am not trying to have this spoiled. I saw the ending go up on Perez Hilton two weeks ago, and nearly freaked because I got the tiniest glimpse of the maybe true/not true ending. It looks pretty intriguing and Rob looks great in it. I’ll be seeing it Saturday. Go Remember Me Saturday!!

  9. Megan Mc Dade says:

    I cant wait to see remember me. From the clips I have cin so far it looks reali good. Great performances from all it seems. I have to wait to the 2nd of April to see it in my country though 🙁

  10. Seeing it on Saturday!! Can not wait!!

  11. Glad to see the movie is getting good early reviews. I hope it helps establish Rob’s career post-Twilight.

  12. Maelina says:

    Can’t wait! The reviews have been very positive so far, many reviewers seem to be really impressed with Rob’s performance.

  13. I am sooo mad!!! I just found out my town is not getting Remember Me. I really really wanted to see this one!!!!!!!!

  14. lo mejor de todo es que participe EDWARD el problema es que solo faltan 2 pelis par verlo con BELLA

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