Monday Morning Review: ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1’ from a Fan’s Perspective

Be warned the review that lies ahead contains massive spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the film, don’t read it. It’s part of’s latest series called Monday Morning Review (MMR). The concept behind MMR is “…a review of a film the Monday morning after it arrives in theaters. As such, this review is written for people who have seen the film, and will discuss plot points, spoilers, etc, so read it only if you’ve seen it or if you don’t mind knowing everything that happens.” The Lexicon’s Laura (who freelances a a bi-monthly column for was asked to pen this review.

It would be really easy to jump on the “Wimpy Heroine, Sparkly Vampire, Shirtless Werewolves are Banal Abominations” train. Let’s face it, proportionately there are as many reviewers taking that stance as there are going to be folks lining up for midnight sales on Black Friday. Certainly there is more than enough room to poke fun at far-fetched plot lines, predicable longing looks, and implausible dialogue. So taking all of this into consideration, why did The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 rake in an estimated $30.25 million on midnight screenings alone, and, later, $139.5 million? Far from falling on its economic face, Breaking Dawn Part 1 is well placed to shatter several box office records, and to finish its cinema run as a top five movie of the year.

Given that the novel Breaking Dawn is considered by many fans to be a huge letdown, and that it is the least popular book in the franchise by far, it does make you wonder why the movie version is doing so well. By in large it’s been established that this franchise is being fueled but its loyal female fanbase. There are a few fanboys out there known as “Twiguys,” but the male audience seems to be largely comprised of men that end up getting dragged along under duress to a screening by their girlfriends, wives or friends. So given that it’s a movie “for the fans” that weren’t really that happy with the novel, let’s take a look at why Breaking Dawn Part 1 is succeeding.

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Mark Kermode: A Guy Who Gets It, Reviews Breaking Dawn

We have been covering Mark Kermode’s assessment of the Twilight Saga since New Moon. Mark Kermode is well aware the series (like we are ) isn’t in danger of winning an OSCAR, but understands it’s escapist, romantic fun. He is also highly critical of reviewers who seem to think it’s a treatise on abstinence, a Mormon conversion piece, or a defense of abusive male behavior. Check out Mark’s latest and scroll down for links on his previous reviews.

Check out Mark’s Eclipse opinion here and his New Moon Opinion here

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Pel’s Spoilerific Eclipse Review

Ok, let me start by saying that Eclipse is my favorite book in the series. So if anything, I think I was more inclined to be picky about this one. I’ve now seen the movie twice: once in IMAX about three weeks ago in LA with a bunch of movie critics and last night in NYC at midnight with fans. Stop reading here if you don’t want spoilers [Read more…]

Alphie’s Eclipse Review


As most of you know, a special screening of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse was shown to Oprah’s audience members on Tuesday May 4, 2010.  I was able to attend the screening.  I don’t want to spoil too much, so I hope to make this review as spoiler free as possible. Now if you are trying to stay 100% spoiler free stop reading here, but if you want more, read on . [Read more…]

Lexicon Review: Remember Me, the New Yorker’s View

Below you’ll find Laura’s (Pel’s) review of Remember Me.

There are certain actors that I’ll go and see a movie that they are in because I’m that much of a fan. Remember Me didn’t draw me in on actor love, despite the fact that I’ve been drooling of Pierce Brosnan since I was 14 and saw the Manions of America. I mean I’m fine with Robert Pattinson being Edward Cullen, but I wouldn’t consider myself a Rob fangirl. I haven’t seen Little Ashes or How To Be. I didn’t get the fuss when he was in Harry Potter, and to a large extent I don’t relate to the fuss now. I’m not really a squee and giggle kind of girl, I think I skipped that stage at age 12. I was interested in Remember Me based on the trailer that ran in front of New Moon. Honestly, I wasn’t that interested before I saw that trailer, but the character relationships I saw in the Remember Me trailer got me interested. [Read more…]