Lexicon Review: Remember Me, the Non-New Yorker’s View

Both Be My escape and Pel had the opportunity to see remember Me at a prescreening. First up we have Jen’s (Be My Escape’s) review. Pel’s will be up in a bit (she’s been working 14 hours days and is a little tired right now.) Please be aware that like with any review there are spoilers involved. So without further ado, Jen’s review:

I was lucky enough to see Remember Me at a screening a few weeks ago. I have to say I didn’t go in with any expectations. I hadn’t even really explored what the movie was about except that Rob Pattinson was in it and that wasn’t necessarily my motivation for seeing the film. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of the script. New York City was used as the backdrop but the usual iconic scenery wasn’t rammed down your throat. It was a nice change of pace. Allen Coulter clearly took care in presenting the city in a way that people who live there can respect and understand.

The opening scene of Remember Me was haunting and sets the tone for the rest of the film. Tyler (Rob Pattinson) and Ally (Emilie de Ravin) have both been touched by tragedy and each is dealing with it in their own way. Ally’s motto is to live everyday to fullest knowing things can change in an instant. Emilie de Ravin plays Ally with just enough balance of playfulness and shadowed past. Her interactions with Pattinson are genuine and the chemistry is fantastic.

In Remember Me, how each person deals with tragedy is essential to who they are. Tyler (Rob Pattinson) suffers a loss that causes him to lose his way. He becomes the self indulgent, poor little rich boy who hates his father. Pattinson plays the part to perfection. Tyler becomes a relatable character brought to life by the combination of strong script writing, intelligent directing, and the subtle pain Pattinson brings to the character.

The film is a beautiful story about finding one’s self in spite of what you have been through and knowing that things can change in an instant. The family dynamics, whether it be Ally’s dad (Chris Cooper)being driven to extremes because of his over protectiveness or Tyler’s dad (Pierce Brosnan) being cool and aloof, not knowing how to care for his children, the dynamics are all recognizable characteristics in the average family.

Now let’s get to the part everyone wants to know about, the end. Any story set in NYC in 2001 runs the risk of being too painful to watch. 9/11 is like an old wound still sensitive to the touch, any movie that includes the topic doesn’t always appeal to the masses. In this case however the subject matter is handled with extreme delicacy and respect to those who lived through the experience. It is not driving force of the story but an element that adds another layer.

Overall if you are looking for a film that showcases Rob Pattinson as a knock-off version of Edward Cullen this is not it. The film is so much more than just a vehicle for Rob. The family dynamics and lack of direction that Tyler has are all things that average people can relate to. This is a story about survival, about being the one that was left behind and how you choose to live your life after being touched by tragedy. There is a heart and soul to this film that isn’t in your typical drama and it is absolutely worth the watch.

One last note bring tissues!!


  1. I’m looking so forward to this movie, and your review just made me even more excited. I’m glad that it’s not Rob being Edward in this movie. That’s what everyone keeps saying that isn’t a fan of his, and I’m sick of hearing it. This movie just looks really good from the acting to the storyline, and I hope I enjoy it as much as you seemed to.

  2. I just arrived back home after seeing the film this morning after it was released today in Australia. I was a little disappointed (but not entirely surprised) that the Eclipse trailer didn’t run before the film, but Remember Me totally exceeded my expectations.

    I really wasn’t sure what to expect from the film, but I had been told (courtesy of Rob and Emilie’s interview last week on the View) to expect the unexpected. I have enjoyed Rob’s work in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and in New Moon, and so I was keen to see how he fared as an actor in a vastly different role. Rob, as I’m sure many of you already know, is also an executive producer on the film. I wondered whether this was an opportunity for Rob to establish himself as an artist who is far more than simply the ‘teen heartthrob’ of the moment.

    The film was very much marketed as a romantic drama, with Rob as its leading man. And it is. But it ran so much deeper than that. For me at least, it struck a great balance between a film that clearly fits within the romance genre, and a film which, for even just a few moments, makes you reconsider the way you see the world when you step back outside the cinema. Simply put, the screenplay represents a brilliant blend of simplicity and intricacy, in a moving portrait of life, love, family and tragedy, as it touches us all.

    Kudos to Rob and Emilie, they make an outstanding onscreen couple. I’m reminded of the proverb that ‘two are better than one.’ Their individual portrayals of Tyler and Ally was great, but it’s when we see them together, that we truly see some exceptional acting.Chris Cooper,in particular, delivers a brilliant performance as Ally’s father, in a way that one can only expect of a veteran actor of his calibre.

    Given the film’s shock ending (and it really is dropped on the audience at the end like a bombshell), I can understand the potential for controversy here – Rob is very much the man of the hour in teen Hollywood, and many fans will flock in droves primarily to see more of their favourite male actor. (In fact, by the end of the film, I was incredibly glad that I was the youngest person in the cinema. Excessive giggling and squealing would have completely undermined the tone of the film). Even the title of the film, in its understated simplicity, hints, somewhat ironically, at a simple and sweet love story (but simultaneously, as we later find out, has a far deeper significance than what we were to expect). And yet, the film touches on such a sensitive subject when the emotional wounds still run so deep. Although I’m sure the argument can be made, I don’t think that the marketing of the film, or the way it has been picked up by media outlets as the next ‘RPatz film’ this trivialises the film’s conclusion at all, or makes it any less moving. Rather, I think that Rob was perhaps the perfect vehicle to deliver the film’s message in the most sensitive way possible – through Rob, we are gently drawn into Tyler’s journey – and we are gently forced to remember.

    I remember. I remember that day so clearly, even though I was (and still am) halfway across the globe. And today, I can’t stop thinking about it – the day our world changed. Anything can fall to nothing in an instant, and it did. Anything, except for the lives we touch, and those that touched ours. Because of this film, today I remember. And isn’t that what making films is all about?

  3. I saw the movie today…definitely second that call to take tissues!! Havn’t cried so much in a movie for a looong time!

  4. Evelyn Sulay says

    wow! Thanks for this review..i wasnt sure about going to see the movie but now i def want to see it!

  5. I’m going to be in the minority where this movie is concerned.

    I got to see it last night as a sneak peek and I went into the movie only knowing what the trailers had shown in New Moon. I didn’t know the timeframe, although at the beginning of the movie, I probably should have put it together quicker than I had.

    I am a huge Rob Pattinson fan. I think he can go anywhere he wants to with his talent and the entire cast of this movie did a terrific job with the storyline.

    I’ve never been New York except to drive thru on my way to somewhere else and after seeing the initial footage in the days after 9/11 – I’ve never been able to watch another tv show/movie etc about it.
    I didn’t lose anyone that day – I didn’t even know anyone that lost someone that day, but I was devestated and to this day, it still devestates me.

    It made me uneasy yesterday to see that 9/11 had become part of a movie plot, even though it was very tastefully done and a very reasonable possibility for the storyline. I’m not sure that I would have gone to see the movie had I known how it was going to end.

    All in all – I agree with what many have said. This movie stands out, both in acting and storyline and maybe it’s good that it will help remind people once again to never forget both that tragic day, and how fleeting life really is.

  6. I will never miss this! I’m such a big fan of Robert Pattinson. <3. And I can't wait for Eclipse to come out! <3 <3 <3

  7. Loved the movie, the end is a tear jerker. Rob does a great job, this shows another side to him acting abilities. It is a movie that I will see again and buy when it comes out on DVD. The two main characters are great together, the whole cast it perfect. I can’t wait for more movies from Rob and Kristen, together or separate. I would like to see them do another movie together other can the Twilight Saga’s.

  8. Brenda Hussain says

    I cannot keep my mouth shut any longer! For those of you who continually tell me that I have a big mouth, today I am going to prove you right…again!

    I am so pissed and so infuriated at the negative comments and remarks said online and on television about not only Robert Pattinson’s inept acting abilities but also the movie having the audacity to bring up the tragic event that happened on September 11, 2001 in the movie Remember Me.

    I am offended that there are people in this world that view life as a constant fairytale! That people can be so belittling to ridicule another human being for having the strength and fortitude in attempting to eke out a living in a world where, well, let’s just face it, is not doing so well economically. It is called survival people!

    To speak ill and cruelly of Robert Pattinson for believing so much in the plot and of the character that he portrayed in this movie, really pisses me off! So what if he deviated from his “perfect character Edward Cullen” that he is so famous for and took a leap of faith and just said, “Oh, why not…” No one, above all, Robert Pattinson, should have to justify and defend to anyone but himself why he chose to accept to participate in this movie!

    I have not seen the movie, but I am a huge fan of Robert’s! But let’s face it, in agreeing to take on such a character as Tyler in Remember Me, all he really did was to remind us all of the tragedy that took place on September 11, 2001. And in his portrayal of an angry young man who has issues with his father, he merely demonstrated and confirmed that we are all human and live in dysfunctional families! No one is perfect and no one’s life is perfect. Truth told, we all live in dysfunctional families, every single one of us! From movie stars to professional football players to professional golfers to CEO’s of corporations to the everyday average and not-so average person, we all suffer from some sort of dysfunction in our lives and families. Remember Me just brought a side of that to the big picture for those who chose to pay the money to be reminded of the fact.

    I watched “At the Movies” on television yesterday hoping to get more footage of the movie and of Robert. However, what I got instead were two men bickering over which was worse, Robert’s incompetent acting abilities or the weak and mediocre writing of the script.

    Robert’s acting abilities in this movie was inferior, really? From the clips I have seen, I would have to give the man an A for his acting abilities. He reminded me of my own actions and those actions of my other siblings when we were faced with our devastation of a beloved brother who committed suicide 16 years ago. He reminded me of the anger and the hurt I felt when my brother decided to end his life because in doing so, my brother negated to consider what his actions would do to those of us he left behind. Suicide of a loved one does not always bring families closer together. In reality, most of the time, it tears them apart such as it did in my family because not only does anger and hurt set in, but also betrayal and blame comes to light. Moreover, when those emotions and feelings surface, we are not the least bit concerned how we may or may not “act” accordingly to those around us! Our life’s miseries and devastations should not be set forth for debate by another person in such a negative, harmful, disapproving way, but in an understanding and supportive way.

    Just like Tyler in Remember Me, I had a lot of resentment towards my mother for the death of my brother. Her lack of care and concern for his needs while still on this Earth and those needs of her other children left behind after he was gone, only made me more bitter and more enraged. I “acted” how any normal, genuine human being does when faced with such a loss.

    That seems to be a reoccurring premise in our society. A premise that life should be depicted in the media and on screen as ideal and picture perfect. But in reality, real people get angry. Real people commit suicide. Real people make mistakes. Real people hurt each other! Real people have their own way in dealing with death.

    Life is not picture perfect and no human being is perfect. Why do we continue to perceive it to be? Although I wish I were like a super model, I am not. I am not tall, skinny, and beautiful. I also have my shortcomings, and I and make mistakes because I am human. My name is not Jesus; therefore, I sin. No one lives the Brady Bunch or Leave it to Beaver life in the real world! If anyone says they live such a life, they are lying. We are all just trying to survive in a world that is uncertain, tentative, and undefined. Life is forever changing, altering, and shifting.

    To those of you who are offended and furious at the movie’s depiction of “what could have happened” to one fictional family on 911…get over it! Do any of you really know what those 2,000 plus people was doing in the Twin Towers on that fateful day? We assume most of them were just reporting for a day of work. But NOT ALL OF THEM showed up that day for a paycheck. What if… someone really did go there that day to speak to a loved one to ask for forgiveness and make amends for some past wound or insult or hurt between them? Can we not imagine the possibility for one minute that maybe, just may, ONE of those 2,000 plus individuals there that day went there for just that very purpose? What IF there was really was an actual “Tyler” but no one has come to the forefront to enlighten us all on his story? For months after the tragedy, we witnessed on television loved ones coming forward to speak of the loved ones they lost that day. We only witnessed the stories that the media wanted us to know. We will never be well versed in ALL the lives lost that day.
    September 11, 2001 was a tragic day for all of us Americans. It should not be forgotten. We should never be ashamed or offended to remember or speak of it. This movie just reminded us of that fact and that to never forget. As Tyler said, “Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch…”.

    Until today, I had mixed emotions about going to see this movie because of a storyline that hit so close to home. I was afraid the emotions I had finally come to terms with and buried of my own brother’s suicide would resurface. I was afraid that I may not be able to cope with them should that happen. Especially since my brother’s suicide, I have also lost a sister, a nine-year-old nephew, and my own mother. However, I am going to see this movie to support and to defend Robert Pattinson and head to the theater tomorrow to face my fears knowing that I am not going there to scrutinize and analyze Robert’s acting ability in the movie. I am going to go observe how one young man named Tyler, who lived a dysfunctional life, tried to come terms with his pain in losing a brother to suicide and his anger at his father, and say to myself “I’ve been there. I understand and appreciate this man’s grief and sorrow and anguish.”

    Robert, if you are reading this, congratulations! I am giving you a standing ovation for not only your acting abilities in this movie, but to everything that you have to put up with in bad publicity and those who are not a fan of yours. Screw ‘em! You have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. You give a lot of yourself to your fans and in the work that you do. If no one has told you lately, I am proud of you! I have a son your age, trying to make his mark in the world as well in his chosen field. It is not an easy accomplishment. At times, it can be disheartening. However, most people are quick to humiliate and patronize instead of praise those, like yourself, who attempt to thrive and succeed in life. Hold your head high, never mitigating or justifying your actions to anyone. For those who do not accept and recognize what you contribute in a sick dysfunctional world, only appreciate and be grateful that they are the closed-minded souls you are fortunate to NOT have to deal with in your personal life.

    In addition, remember this, after all is said and done. Because of that “inept acting” you do so well on the big screen, at the end of the day, when you lay your head on your pillow at night, you go to sleep knowing you have a huge bank account and twenty million young girls, women, and gay men fantasizing about spending the rest of their dysfunctional lives with you! How many of your worst critics can say that when they lay their heads to rest at night?

    I will continue to follow you on Twitter at Bhussain42! When you get a chance, check out my page and see the picture of my granddaughter, Bella, named after the character in the Twilight Saga! I will be in line, just like the rest of your diehard fans come March 20 to pick up my copy of New Moon! Moreover, when Remember Me comes out on video, I will be there to purchase a copy as well!

    If you are ever in my neck of the woods, come see me so I can tell you in person how much I appreciate all that you do!

    Brenda Hussain, Terre Haute, Indiana

  9. I enjoyed the review. I’ve seen the movie twice and will go again. I agree with your review that Pattinson is not the vampire in Twilight, but he show he is a good actor- a natural. I love his scenes of Tyler and his sister the best. There, he really shines, I think. I could go on, but you have said it well. Thanks for the wonderful review.

  10. I have read many reviews by the critics about Remember Me. I don’t see movie because of their reviews, if I did I would never see a movie. I felt compelled to see Remember Me because of the storyline. Rob stated it was a different kind of movie. It was a romantic movie, but I wouldn’t say it centered around the couple. I think that the brother and sister relationship took center stage. Caroline (Ruby) gave a performance that gave this movie an edge. As the movie comes to an end, you realize its reference to 9/11. You have a sadness as you see Tyler’s journal in the dirt. It was a powerful and emotional movie to view, but I enjoyed it. I applaud the entire cast of the movie.

    When it is released on DVD, I will be there to add it to my collection.


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