Lexicon Review: Remember Me, the New Yorker’s View

Below you’ll find Laura’s (Pel’s) review of Remember Me.

There are certain actors that I’ll go and see a movie that they are in because I’m that much of a fan. Remember Me didn’t draw me in on actor love, despite the fact that I’ve been drooling of Pierce Brosnan since I was 14 and saw the Manions of America. I mean I’m fine with Robert Pattinson being Edward Cullen, but I wouldn’t consider myself a Rob fangirl. I haven’t seen Little Ashes or How To Be. I didn’t get the fuss when he was in Harry Potter, and to a large extent I don’t relate to the fuss now. I’m not really a squee and giggle kind of girl, I think I skipped that stage at age 12. I was interested in Remember Me based on the trailer that ran in front of New Moon. Honestly, I wasn’t that interested before I saw that trailer, but the character relationships I saw in the Remember Me trailer got me interested.

I went into the movie knowing nothing other than the clips that all of you have seen. Without giving away the plot, the movie opens in spring 1991 and then after a scene that sets the backstory for Emilie De Ravin’s character, is a transition and the words “10 years later”. Now this is the first of several markers that make you keenly aware that the story is set in 2001 in New York City.

As a New Yorker, I was impressed how much this film lived and breathed New York. Hollywood frequently gets the city wrong with anachronisms like people heading uptown on 5th Avenue, or Monica’s apartment in Friends is gargantuan in size. There was such an attention to detail, the hanging’s on the walls of Tyler’s (Rob’s) apartment and in Ally’s (Emilie’s) house. The fact that Ally’s mother was a nurse who married a cop is so New York. That Tyler is drinking coffee out of a blue cup with the Grecian figures on it is so New York. The fact that they are eating Bialys is so New York! They haven’t white washed the city. They showed it off at it’s unrefined best from the Queens suburbs ( Fresh Meadows, Whitestone, or Elmhurst area I think), to yuppie Brooklyn, and then to the grimy student apartment in The Village by NYU. Bingo, it’s authentic New York. It’s not Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese New York, but another angle truly captured. This adds a level of plausibility and reality to the story.

The movie itself is old-fashioned, character driven storytelling, and that’s a good thing.  What’s really nice is that each actor has added beyond the cliche of who they could have played. Robert Pattinson has noted that there is a bit of the James Dean Rebel Without a Cause and the Catcher in the Rye’s Holden Caufield in his portrayal of Tyler, but it has a depth and variety that goes beyond disaffected youth and angry young man. The same is true with newcomer Tate Ellington. he plays the likable yet unlikeable best friend. You don’t know if you want to hug him or smack him.

Chemistry makes every movie. You have a love story without chemistry and it’s all over.  The media has made a lot about the relationship between Rob Pattinson and Emilie DeRavin’s characters. I assure you, it does sizzle.  However, there’s another love story in the movie that to me was more compelling. It’s the story of the relationship between Tyler and is little sister, Caroline,  played by Ruby Jerins of Nurse Jackie fame.  By far it’s the strongest bond between two people in the movie. Three scenes in and you are absolutely convinced that Tyler would walk through fire to help his little sister. The scenes involving Caroline and Tyler story arc are among the best including a confrontation scene with their father played by Pierce Brosnan that’s been seen briefly on the trailer.  Tyler asks his father ‘Why aren’t you riveted?” Believe me, at that point the entire audience is riveted.

Now for the timing. As I said, you realize within the first five minutes of the movie that it is set in New York City in 2001.  You are constantly reminded of the year in so many ways, such as movies that the characters are seeing and discussion of Roger Clemmens playing for the Yankees. So when the family takes a trip Labor Day weekend to the Hamptons and comes back on the Long Island Rail Road on the Monday,  you mentally begin your eight day countdown.  When the story got to that following Tuesday and with that postcard perfect bright blue sky, I was fidgety with a lump in my stomach. By the time a key character was standing in front of the big red Marine Midland Bank cube looking across the street I was clutching the arms of my chair and clawing at the wood.

For many reasons I have purposefully never seen a film made about 9/11. It took me over a year after 9/11 before I couldn’t go anywhere near Ground Zero. Where the action then leads and how the character’s lives are then affected I won’t spoil. I will say this, I had I seen airplanes crashing, people running in terror down staircases, or making that last phone call  I would have vaulted over my seat probably still clutching the armrest where I would have beat someone senseless in the lobby with it.

I once I realized I wasn’t going to see anything gratuitously graphic and my blood pressure came down I was OK with how the movie came to it’s conclusion. It would have been easy to do a myriad of cliches, but the movie doesn’t go there. It goes for subtle and suggestive and that makes it real. It’s not a showy ending—but it’s the right ending, because life goes on.


  1. Great review! I had no interest in seeing this movie before, but after a review like that (one not full of drooling remarks about RPatz hotness), I may have to find my way to the theater.

    Thanks for being a true and real movie critic. 🙂

  2. The FULL trailer is online!!!



  3. Great review! I so love that fact that Rob P. can act and is not just another pretty/handsome face!!

    • yeah, they tryed to make jonney deep a teen heart trob after 21jump street think rob’s career will be some simier i mean look at the rolls they both go for [arty and weird] just because you have a young fan following doesnt mean you cant act

  4. Thank you for doing such a full and complete review without any major spoilers. I saw the trailer before New Moon and was compelled to the storyline (pretty much on the same Rpatz level as you – great Edward but not gaga). When I heard it was based in 2001 with 9/11 theme lines I was extremely hesitant to see it and actually was trolling the internet for spoilers because I didn’t know how much I could deal with. I was fortunate not to loose any direct family but came awfully close to loosing WAY too many! So needless to say your detail along that subject is all I need to stop looking for spoilers and just wiggle in my seat to enjoy a good NY movie this weekend! THANK YOU!!!

    • Elizabella says

      Christina I agree with you so much. When I heard there are 9/11 themes, I too started looking for spoilers on the internet but I never wanted to look at the script or anything like that. Laura your review was amazing. I am a little bit more of a fan than you are, although at 31 I’m certainly not a screaming giggling fan. (Probably should confess though that at one point in little ashes I did have to stuff my hand in my mouth to stop from giggling)

      Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is not going to be a happy ending movie but as long as it’s well done, I think I can manage. I’m going to see it tomorrow and I can’t wait.

  5. Excellent review!

  6. Thanks for such a great review. I have never been to NY and live far down south from NY but I sat and watched in horror all day what had happened on 9/11. That one day did change me as it did so many.I feel the pain every time it is shown again on TV or on a movie and felt that I could not take it if Remember Me showed to much,I’m glad to know that it doesn’t,but I’m sure i will still cry my eyes out. As a nurse myself,I’m glad to know that it sounds like NY nurses are like the rest of us ! I will be there on Friday to watch but will bring tissues!!!

  7. Yvette Lewis says

    Thank you for the detailed review without spoiling the movie. I too had no desire to see this movie because I am not a true fan of Robert Pattinson. I think Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan are more the draw for me because they have true acting chops! I will brave the masses this weekend to see this movie thanks to your awesome review!

    • I think Rob will prove his acting chops in this movie. Let’s hope the masses will indeed go and see the film, the box office numbers are important for Rob’s career too, he needs to show he can open a movie.

  8. babiesbrown says

    What I want to know is, does it end sadly? I have enough sadness in my life and have been very disappointed in movies lately that say how inspiring or riveting they are and then they have this gut wrenching sad ending. I just can’t deal with that right now. So if RPattz dies, or Emily’s character does, I really don’t want to see it. I know that’s a spoiler, but do we get some kind of HEA for them?

    • Don’t watch it babiesbrown.

      To all others, I loved the movie and I think both Pel and Be my escape have two of the best reviews I have read all morning. I got the chance to see Remember Me in a pre-screening yesterday and I didn’t know anything about it. Not even the relationship with September 11th. All I want to say is that I was pleasantly surprised but utterly depressed at the end. A very compelling movie.

      • TwilightRocks!!! says

        That really sucks. I really want to see this movie but HATE sad endings/movies. Im not sure if that is enough to keep me from watching it… but maybe I can wait till it comes out on DVD and just stop watching it before the sad stuff happens like Phoebe in Friends does. LOL

    • I share your concern. I’m at a point in my life right now (lost job/economy, etc.) that I just can’t assimilate any more negative at the moment. I’d love to see the film, as it appears that Rob does an excellent job, and I’d like to be supportive. I think the only option for me is to spoil myself (there appears to be a lot out there on the subject) and make my decision accordingly. Excellent, excellent review!

      • Elizabella says

        Anybody that really wants a spoiler can email me (avs4me@msn.com) or pm me

        I really recommend you go to see it though because it’s not a useless depressing ending, it’s important and very well done.

  9. Thank you for the great review! I’m glad you liked the film and that you as a New Yorker didn’t find the particular themes offending. I really can’t wait to see Remember Me.

  10. I just saw tha movie tonight! I live in SA and we are big Rpatz fans! I didnt have any clue that it was based on the 9/11 tradegy! It totally took me by surprise. Burt i have to agree with you, it was the perfect ending to a brilliant movie. i think Rob’s performance was amazing in comparison to his acting ability in Twilight (and I’m a big twilight fan)!!! i could easily watch it again. But I would have liked to be forewarned to take tissues!!

  11. Mom of three says

    As a transplanted New Yorker now living in the south – I remember my hometown and I’m glad that this movie shows the real NYC, I also have veered away from anything that deals w/ 9/11 as I had two dreadful days wondering about family members who worked in the area (thankfully they survived)after dealing w/ major depression from that day like I said I tend to stay away from 9/11 movies but after reading this review and how NY is portrayed and the actors I may go and see it now. Thanks for the great review!

  12. Twilibrarian says

    Thank you for this most insightful review. Like you, I love Pattinson’s “Edward.” Like many “new” stars, I feared he’d be typecast as the pretty face, and never have a career of any substance. I am so pleased to see he has the acting chops to go up against Brosnan and Cooper and succeed.

    Being of the generation defined by the Cuban Missle Crisis, JFK, VietNam and the British music invasion, I am thankful our teen Twilight fans now have a movie that will help them understand and assimilate how 9/11 will define their generation. Pattinson is the bonus which will help in their understanding.

  13. Thanks for the detailed, but not spoiling review. I know just what you mean about movies about NYC and about the atmosphere of NYC post 9/11. I grew up in North NJ and NYC is my fav place in the world!

    As for people questioning Rob Ps acting prowess, let me pose a question. Or rather make an abservation. Rob and Kristen Stewart had an amazing chemistry in Twilight. In spite of a weak (cinematically speaking) storyline. I won’t see Remember Me till tomorrow, but it’s been said by all that his chemistry with Emilie is breath-taking. Then, in New Moon, he had much weaker chemistry with Kristen, as was dictated by the story line. Is this due to his acting with such strong female leads? Perhaps. Or just perhaps we’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Rob’s talent. I love Twilight because of the books. The movies aren’t nearly as riveting. But the acting, with the lack-luster screenplay, is very good, in my opinion.

  14. This is why I love Twilight Lexicon. We can gush over our love of the saga, but when it comes to the actors who brought the characters to life, we are mature enough to remember they are actors… it’s their job. And when they do another project, we’re interested, and this review proves there is life after Twilight. Great job. Good review without the cheap shot of spoilers.

  15. Pel that was an amazing review! Perfect, really. This is the reason the Lexicon is my spot for information. Thank you for not really giving too much away. I am glad to hear the 9/11 scenes are handled with class, and not cliched, that was one thing that was holding me back from possibly seeing the movie. Living in a location that has me equidistant from all 3 sites affected that day, and knowing I should have actually been in the towers the morning of 9/11 but thankfully wasn’t due to a change in my trip plans, has made seeing anything 9/11 related very difficult. An ex tricked me into seeing World Trade Center when it was released, and I bawled through most of the movie finally having to walk out of the theater because I couldn’t take it anymore.
    Because of your review, I am intrigued and really want to see the movie now. Thanks Pel!!

  16. Great review. I was very much on the fence about seeing this movie. I relly like R. Pattinson, but not enough to make me see this. So, to read a great review and the fact that they handle 9/11 well, makes me want to see the movie. Thanks

  17. Unfortunately, the ending (if it truly is) was ruined for me. I was privy to a spoiler that I did not want spilt. This review has helped me figure out the timeline and I think this was an accurate spoiler. When I think about the ending, I feel a pit in my stomach. This review has helped and a couple of the comments that were left – that it is a perfect ending to a magnificent movie. I just was not sure I wanted to deal with it, but this encouraged me that it may probably be worth the tears.

  18. I wanted to see this movie for the story, not necessarily for Robert. Plus, I’m a huge fan of Emilie on Lost. I love this movie. The story line was so wonderful and well written. You fall in love with all the characters, especially Tyler (Rob) with his sister. The ending was shocking, but it didn’t leaving you feeling sad. It’s is truely a feel good love story with Emilie, his best friend and his family. I totally recommend this movie. You have to go see it!

  19. Thank you for the thoughtful review.
    Many comments here delt with commenters not feeling
    able to handle the storyline. Not a single person
    who has lost someone tragically and suddenly is
    prepared for it either but it happens. We should
    remember these tragedies and realize that these
    people had families and none are just numbers.
    A good cry is good for the soul.

  20. Agree with first post that this review has made me want to go and see a movie I may have otherwise waited for to come on DVD! Great review. As an ex New Yorker (no such thing really – ‘once a New Yorker, always…..”), I know I will appreciate the “real NY” touches too!

  21. Great review, having just seen the film, your review resonates with my experience watching it when I realized what was going to happen when September 11 came around. I honestly felt like someone had just told me a friend was going to die. The film is powerful from the first scene to the last. This isn’t a film you should wait for DVD for – go and see it now! It’s amazing, and Rob really is an incredible actor. I hate to say it, but Edward Cullen doesn’t do him justice. This movie deserves recognition and a decent box office, not just DVD sales, so PLEASE go see it, and take your friends.

  22. I’m sorry Pel but I was disappointed to read your review!

    As a non-New Yorker and a non-American, I have a different experience of 2001 and September 11 which means a lot of the so-called markers you mention didn’t flag up for me to identify it as 2001 per se. Who is Roger Clemmens? For me, he was just a random baseball player mentioned in the movie. There was no “8 day countdown” from Labor Day for us in Australia. Our Labour Day is different per state and different to the US. So I had no time reference, which I rarely need in other movies. I’m sure the writers of REMEMBER ME were relying on that to save the ‘punchline’.

    Everyone in the audience of the Sydney cinema where I saw REMEMBER ME gasped when they saw the date written on the chalkboard and it all fell in to place.

    The markers are meant to be subtle so later you can look back and go – oooOOOOooh now it makes sense why they were watching AMERICAN PIE (my friends and I assumed it was a University Movie night where they show old movies for fundraising). They’re subtle in the same way the 6th SENSE (spoiler alert for those who STILL haven’t seen that movie) has subtle indications that things aren’t as they seem and when you finally realise he is a ghost, you can in hindsight, spot the clues.

    Yes, some people picked Bruce Willis was a ghost from the start without any help from others, but the crux of the movie experience was that wool-pulled-over-your-eyes feeling you got at the end. I wouldn’t have wanted to rob anyone of that!

    In REMEMBER ME superficially, it appears that the teacher is drawing attention to the date on the board for the students in the class, but cinematically, it was for us; the audience!

    I had no prior knowledge that there was even a twist to the film, so I spent the closing stages of the movie wondering where it was going and if it had any purpose, only to be smacked in the face with date, which then tied in to the location. This ‘made’ the movie for me, as I believe it was designed to do.

    I am purposely not mentioning to anyone that there is a twist in the story for this movie, let alone that it is set in 2001. For most people, 2001 was about just one day and one event – the twin towers. So to draw attention to the year, would give away what I feel was the justification for how the story plodded along smoothly with little in the way of highs and lows.

    Perhaps people will get straight away that it is 2001, but that doesn’t automatically mean it is a movie that addresses September 11.

    Maybe it’s just me, and for the sake of those who haven’t seen the movie, I hope it is.

    Because if I had read this review before seeing it, I’d feel cheated out of my movie experience!


    • I was completely taken by surprise with the twist also, since synopses, trailers, and even actor interviews did not even hint at it. The closest hint was Jimmy Fallon’s Rob interview asking if the 9/11 content made him take the role. I suppose this movie would not have the meaning, significance, or feeling for non-Americans as it absolutely does for Americans. The other 10 people in my theater were bawling. But I hope you still felt something surrounding that date and how it affected Americans, even those who did not know anyone in the tragedy.

    • Twilight_News says

      That’s why we had 2 reviews up: the New Yorker’s point of view and one from Be My escape which is the non-New Yorker’s point of view.

    • I totally agree with your comment! I saw Remember Me on opening day, and I wasn’t thinking about September 11 during the movie either. Should it have crossed my mind, maybe. But it didn’t hit me until I saw the writing on the chalkboard. At that point, my heart just fell out of my chest.
      To me, some of these reviews are saying a little too much, and this is one of them. The promotions for the movie are steering clear of the 9/11 aspect of the story from what I’ve seen, and the people who are writing the reviews should too. Like you said, the clues are subtle. You play the movie in your head afterwards and realize they were there. Would I have still loved the movie if I had known about the 9/11 twist to it? Yes, but it would have taken away from the raw emotion I felt while sitting in the theater. I’m happy I didn’t read about it until after I had seen the movie.
      Remember Me is simply amazing!

      • Thanks Chereen! Where are you located? I’m curious to know if my theory of USA promotions fore-warning people is right and that the rest of the world is not meant to know it is 2001 and 9-11.

        • Actually, I live in the U.S.. Nevada to be exact. So as far as the promotions go, I didn’t see anything that really addressed the 9/11 issue. For that I’m happy. People who chose to watch the movie would have gone into it with a different mind set, while others would have stayed away from the movie entirely. Are there those who might dislike the movie because of it? Probably. But for people like me, it helped make the movie what it was. I thought the 9/11 aspect of the movie was tastefully done. They didn’t overdo it. (thank goodness!) If they would have, it would have taken away from the movie instead of strengthening it.

  23. I am so impressed with this movie, I too started the countdown after Labor Day and I am not a New Yorker but an American on the West Coast that cannot ever get 9/11 out of my head and heart. I know that it still is such a touchy subject and I really appreciated that they didn’t do the showy ending. I cried tonight, and it reminds me that 9/11 was real and happened to real people. I thought Robert was phenominal in this role……

  24. I just saw the movie at a midnight showing (no spoilers I promise). I avoided reading this until after I saw the movie. Now, I must say as a non-New Yorker, I didn’t even pickup on the eight day countdown, as you call it, until the teacher wrote the date on the blackboard and horror set in. I went to New York in 2005 and visited ground zero while I was there, and this movie brought all the emotion back from when I visited. I also love the Twin Towers prominently CGI-ed in the very beginning as a kind of foreshadowing. I completely agree with your review of the acting and characters. I was planning on seeing this movie when I learned that Emile and Rob would be in it (being a huge Lost-Harry Potter-Twilight fan), but the trailer made me see this movie was going to be great regardless. After seeing the movie, it was sooooo worth it. Amazing amazing performances and connections between the characters. I felt all the anger Tyler had at multiple points in the movie and would have acted the same way. I plan on seeing it again tomorrow, it was that fantastic.

  25. I went to see Remember Me last night and I had prepared myself to possibly be indifferent to the movie but keen to see Rob play a different character post twilight.
    Not only did i think he completely nailed the character and did an excellent job,I thought the each of the main cast gave an immaculate performance. I completely enjoyed this movie, it will stay with me always, an unforgettable movie. Thank you to all involved. Such a thoughtful piece.

  26. team.twilight says

    SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I soo did not see that one coming! It was a great movie!!! Robert did a great and awesome job!!
    But the ending is so dang sad!! BRING TISSUES PEOPLE! SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!
    I can not believe Tyler dies! wow! didnt see that coming!! great movie and i will be seeing it again!

  27. JenLouise0201 says

    Oh wow! Thank you so much for this review. I too am excited to see this movie. The plot sounds amazing (I have learned just enough, so not to spoil the movie). I think the range of actors/actresses is amazing, and was also drawn in by the trailer at the beginning of New Moon. That is what did it for me to decide to go see this in the theater tonight. Can’t wait!! And next week we get New Moon! Whoohoo!

  28. If all the hype had not been about 9/11 concerning this movie, I probably would not have put 2 and 2 together while watching and the surprise would have been there. But that is all I have been reading about in the reviews. They practically give the story away. And I understand that it is not the theme throughout the movie, the relationship is the main focus and 9/11 just a consequence at the end which has been handled with all I have read very graciously. I know that was a tragic day in this country, but a lot of critics seem to be dissing this movie for that reason alone. I can’t wait to see it. Going twice today…morning and evening…with difference people. I am a huge Rob fan and can’t wait to spend 2 hours of quality time with him!! I also have not been a teen for quite some time now and I don’t agree with critics who think this is the only demographic this movie is for.

    • I don’t know why, but here in Australia there has been NO reference to 9-11 in reviews, ads or promotions for the movie. Obviously it hasn’t been as heavily promoted as in the USA, but I saw things on tv and read reviews leading up to the release and not once did I hear it referred to as a “9-11” movie. I didn’t even realise it was set in New York.

      Perhaps in America their marketing purposely gave people a heads-up that it was about 9-11 because it is a very sensitive issue. Although the effects were felt around the world, you can’t deny that Americans and particularly NY’ers were hit hardest emotionally. So a warning for them may have been intentional and a disclaimer exercise.

      But they obviously didn’t feel it was necessary for their worldwide marketing because I’m telling you, there has been NO SUCH CAVEAT and finding out it is set in 2001


      for the worldwide audience.

      And I’m quite annoyed that it will be spoiled for people who don’t realise the 2001 setting IS a spoiler for the non-Americans that go on the internet.

  29. I went to see “Remember Me” at the midnight showing last night because I wanted to see the Eclipse trailer (which I think had a little to be desired compared to New Moon) I didnt know anything about this movie except it looked fun and it had Robert Pattinson. I love the movie until the last ten minutes. Then it was like they crushed my heart- I didnt realize the time and date until the teacher put it on the blackboard as well. I loved the acting, I loved the chemistry I loved the movie- but hated the end. I wont see it again!

  30. I’m a New Yorker, and when I say New Yorker… my address was Chambers. You could see the towers from my living room. I didn’t know the ending before I went… I had stayed away from ALL reviews bc they give too much away. The theater was crying but for a completely different reason from me because it was the most terrifying horrible day in my entire life and it will haunt me until the day I die. They were crying for the character and the tragedy, I was crying because I wasn’t in town that day and I didn’t know who was alive and who died.

    I loved the characters, I loved the acting. Rob was amazing. But I feel the ending was a low blow to bring in viewers.

  31. I saw this review yesterday, knew I’d be going to see the movie today, and waited to come back to it until today. Glad I did. And I agree with your review.

    SPOILER ALERT!!! Okay, you’ve been warned.

    As a New Yorker, born & raised & still here, the whole movie was SUCH a NY movie. They hit all the beats perfectly. But I had heard that the movie ended on 9/11, and was antsy going in, knowing that something terrible would happen…
    The movie was really, genuinely good. Good writing, good directing, good soundtrack. And everyone was so good in it — but especially Robert Pattinson. I’m happy for him: he just proved to the world that YES, he can truly act. He carried this movie, he owned it, and he was great in it. The little sister was fantastic. The best friend was real, the lady love was real… it all just worked.
    But WOW that ending. I saw the movie here, on Long Island, & I’ve gotta tell you, when they pulled away and you saw the date on the blackboard, everyone in that theater gasped loudly. And held onto our chairs with our hearts in our throats.
    When the secretary noted what a beautiful day it was, that just pierced me, because it WAS a gorgeous day that day… that really brought me back. I know someone who died in the Towers. I so didn’t want to see that on the screen. And I thought the director handled it beautifully, nothing gratuitous, just the main image that made it ring true for me: just the way everyone looked UP, in total horror. That’s exactly what it was like that day.
    So, in short, hooray, the movie was great! Rob was great. I love smaller, character driven pieces like this. Big thumbs up and kudos to all involved.

  32. Kathryn Webb says

    I just saw the movie. I was hesitant to see a ‘sad ending’, but went anyway. I felt the movie wasn’t so much as remember Tyler, but remember the event. And like so many other messages, I was saying in my head, ‘don’t show the planes, don’t show the planes’.

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  33. nkhptwihard says

    Amazing review! I avoided everything spoilerish about the movie, and then Rob did his interview on the Today show and I heard Matt talk about the timeline of the film. I stuck my fingers in my ears and refused to listen…but it still stuck with me. The other day while reading something on Eclipse trailer, I saw the word WTC in reference to RM, so when I went in to see the film today I had an idea of what was coming, but no idea how it was handled or who for sure was involved. I came out in awe and having shed a ton of tears. This film is amazing, not just Rob but all the actors. It was believable and touching. The ending was handled beautifully, and to some yes it comes out of left field, but that is exactly what happened that day isn’t it?

  34. Yeah i just came back from the movies. Remember Me is now my all time favorite movie. Rob was SO good in it! There were tears streaming down my face 20 minutes after the movie ended!

  35. I liked the way it was just real-life, real-time for the most part – sort of slow, to be honest. But because of that time taken, the ending had much more impact for me. You felt not only the loss of this one person, but multiplied it in your head – all those stories, all those lives, all of the ones who were altered as a result.
    Very good film. As for Rob, thank goodness I’ve seen “How to Be”, “Little Ashes” and “The Bad Mother’s Handbook” because there were a lot of similar
    mannerisms that he’d used in “Twilight”…but it was a really solid performance.
    The roomie, his dad and sister were scene stealers IMHO 😉

  36. This movie was truly fantastic. As soon as I realized he was in one of the towers, I started saying “oh no.” repeatedly. I just couldn’t believe that thats how the brilliant movie was going to end. It was heartbreaking. I just cant get over it. I remember seeing that tower go down on television as a child, and it got to me when I understood that was what was going to happen. It was probably the saddest movie I’ve ever seen. But it was amazing.

  37. I saw this movie last night, before I could bump into any more spoilers. It was difficult to not sob openly as the story moved to its conclusion (but I’ve always been overly emotional — take it as you will.)

    I am an American who has never lived on the East Coast. I came away with new respect and sympathy for those who continue to live and work in NYC.

    Mr. Pattinson can be proud of his work in this movie; it was a good choice for the beginning of his post-Twilight career.

  38. I went to see the movie today, and I have to say, it was amazing. I didn’t ready your review, Pel, (or anyone else’s for that matter!) until I got home becauseI didn’t want to get spoiled.

    I saw an interview somewhere, where Rob said he’d signed on for this movie pre-Twilight. I’m so glad that he stuck with it. I know the ending was difficult and unexpected, but based on the acting by Rob, Emile, and little Ruby Jerins I will add it to my collection when it comes out on DVD.

  39. Wow, just saw the movie. I had absolutely NO idea that this was a 9-11 movie. I wish I had read this review before I went to see it, I would’ve been more prepared. Even though I was in fourth grade when 9/11 happened, it still affected me tremendously. I’m pretty sure I cried for a solid week afterwards. Nonetheless, this movie was great and had a good potrayal of New York in 2001. Rob did amazing and really proved to me that he could act outside of just “Edward”. Granted, I have seen Little Ashes and How to Be, but this one really did it for me. Touche Mr Pattinson. Oh and the relationship between Ruby and Rob made me think of me and my brother, so that really got to me too. I highly recommend this movie! Just prepare yourself to cry!

  40. Maria Burt says

    Thanks for the great review. I went with the full intention of seeing Rob because I am a huge fan and hoping it wasn’t a sappy romance story line. I live in washington state, very far from NYC however like the rest of the country on that day we all felt the horror that unfolded on our t.v. screens. I am so impressed with the job everyone did it was so believable and quite honestly I had only seen the trailers so I didn’t put it all together until I was half way into the story. It proved to me that Rob is a really good actor and he has a bright future in of him. I will defnatly add this to my collection when it’s released on DVD:)

  41. Great review. I just saw the movie today and I felt the same way about the ending. It was just right. It was real life. I loved that I cried, laughed, smiled a lot and enjoyed the movie a great deal.

  42. Thank you to the makers of this movie (and the actors) for the reminder of what we as Americans promised we would never forget.

  43. said everything beautifully and i completely agree with 100% of opinions and it’s amazing to get a New Yorker’s perspective. i’ve seen the movie twice now and didn’t read the review until a few days after i saw it. i started tearing up when i was reading your review, i just kind of break into tears whenever i really thinking about the movie. we need to get people to go see this movie!

  44. I thought the ending was just nice. Kinda upset that it did not get a good review in the media, and the ticket collection was also not doing so great. It was a good movie, one of those movies that made you think about life, after the credit start rolling. This was the kinda movie that we all should support, it didn’t need all the fancy visual graphics to convey the story.

  45. switzy4ever14 says

    alright, so first, very very good review, pel.

    I honestly did not notice the clue at the beginning about the ten years later… or the labor day comment. maybe i am not observant but now that i think about it, the clues were there. also i am a diehard red sox fan so i didn’t know about roger clemmens or any of that. thus, the ending hit me like a bombshell.

    having said that, as a young person (i was not yet in first grade on september 11, 2001) i am no less touched by the ending. i have never been to new york but was unfortunate enough to know what was happening, though i was too young to understand. however, i was in a panic, thinking “what is happening to all those people?” as a young, naive person i thought this might happen to all of us everywhere. because of this, i have been scarred by 9/11 since. and i didn’t know about the plot thread in the movie. so it hit me hard.

    however, i found the movie very respectful and INCREDIBLY moving. i am very fond of robert pattinson anyway, and his performance was phenomenal. i say this in a VERY non fan girl way. i found his depth so impressive, along with his chemistry with the other actors/actresses.

    just a few words from a non new yorker young person.

    Thank you pel, and thank you all involved in this movie. it was quite a film.

  46. Just watched it.