Remember Me Round Up

There is so much new information about “Remember Me” coming out that we decided to do one big post covering some of the stories.  First up is an interview that Planet 46 did with Rob Pattinson and the film makers about how Twilight has changed everything for him.

Director Allen Coulter said the following: “I knew when Rob was going to the bathroom accompanied by about 14 guards that we had real security issues. I mean, we expected something, but not what we got. Joe Reidy, a masterful assistant director who’s been with DiCaprio working with Scorsese and others, even he was staggered by the intensity of it. It was tough.”

There is also an interview with MTV where Rob gives the details on a scene that was cut from the final version of the film.

And finally Clevver TV has this video interview with Rob!


  1. The movie was absolutely brilliant and I cried through the entire ending. Leave it to me not to have brought tissues as well.

  2. I have never cried so much during a movie. Its an absolutely brilliant film that moved me in the strongest of ways.

  3. I could not stop crying during Remember Me. It was just so absolutely amazing! Rob did such an incredible job! He deserves an award for it.

  4. I like the last paragraph, wherein he shows (yet again) his unassuming and maturing attitude towards his ‘celebrity’ status.
    And yes, he does seem to be following in the path of Johnny Depp, who has played the game by his own rules and emerged stronger than ever.
    Rob’s groundedness and strong family values appear to be standing him in good stead and I look forward to more great performances from this remarkable young man. 🙂

  5. I honestly did not expect the ending, I soon as I called it I cried til no end. Afterwards I could look at any Remember Me pictures cause of the ending how the look on his face look a little sad. OMG,thinking about is making me cry right now. In all it was a great movie. Tyler’s best friend was hilarious, and I love the love story in the movie. I kinda wanna go see it again, but leave before the ending.

  6. Such an amazing movie!!! one of the best i have ever seen!! Rob did amazing and looked beautiful as always!!

  7. This movie was absolutely beautiful, I was a sea of tears, I will be bringing a box of tissues with me on Sunday, because this movie is just way to good to see it only once!

  8. Just saw it!!!!!! It was truly brilliant, but very very very depressing. I was not expecting the end :'( !!!! I was crying my eyes out, like a legit sob. This movie has truly done Rob well. I think he makes a terrible Edward(maybe because I hate Edward), but this movie truly shows how talented of an actor Rob is. I want to see it again!!!!

  9. I totally agree with u julie t. that I dnt like edward either I luv paul lol but it tru he was a good n this movie and I did luv it and his roommate was funny and I would actually see it again but was sad 2 at the end cuz I so didn’t expect that 2 happen 🙁

  10. Stephanie says

    Juss Saw It.. I Loved it… omqq robert is such a good actor.. i was cryin for the ending… i dont care… love u robert

  11. I just seen it not to long ago…I’m such a huge Edward fan. But I have to say Robert did an amazing job he’s such a good actor, I would love to see it again. And the ending was so sad 🙁

  12. Remember Me is Brilliant! Hitchcockian even! Totally unexpected ending. And the reveal was perfect (everyone in the theater joined in a huge intake of breath lol). I loved every minute of it! A film like that deserves a second viewing (or a third lol). The message and the love in the movie out-weigh the sadness at the end IMO. So I recommend this movie to everyone, but dont avoid it because of the sad part (its at the very end so its brief). Its definitely every bit worth the watch.

  13. I have been looking forward to this movie for a long, not only to see Rob, but I love a great love story movie….I was completly shocked by the ending, but I think that’s what made it great….the surprise ending was not given away in clips or trailers. I found myself still thinking about Tyler & Ally hours later…. And that is why it was so amazing!! Thanks to Rob & Emily for this wonderful movie!!!!

  14. kathy feroz says

    A story for so many people in so many ways. If you weren’t a Rob fan before – this movie will absolutely turn you. He was brilliant. The script was brilliant and so very touching. What makes you love Rob even more (if possible) is that in one of his interviews said he thought that this movie needed to be made. I’m so happy he chose to do it. It made my heart cry.

  15. Finally we get a glimpse at what Rob can do when given a decent script!

    Rob’s right…they don’t make films like this anymore. No car crashes, nothing exploding, no 3-D animation, just a good story about relationships between people. I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I’m still thinking about it the next morning. How many movies do that to you?

    I expected the ending, because I’d picked up hints about it early on. I knew one of them would die in 9/11. But… alot of the people in the theater had NO clue! When the teacher wrote the date “Tuesday, September 11, 2001” on the chalkboard in his sister’s classroom, a collective gasp went through the theater! It was heartrending. Even though I knew the ending, I cried in the theater and all the way home in the car.

    Tyler’s story was acted out in reality that day. How many families went through something similar to this that very morning? The moral of the film was touching:

    Live for the moment.

  16. Oh…and by the way. Our theater did NOT show the Eclipse trailer before Remember Me! I was upset to say the least!

    • Twilight_News says

      Can you e-mail us the address of the theatre you saw the film at?

      • Just did! Thanks! I hope you’re going to protest or something! To say they’re going to show it and then not, was so messed up!!

      • They’re only expecting it to make 10-12 million total. What a shame! Its such a moving story. But everyone flocks to see CGI stuff and fantasy like Alice in Wonderland! Grrrr….

        Rob deserves recognition for his performance. His scenes with his little sister were truly the best ones of the movie.

        And the sex scenes were tastefully done, but very…uhm…stimulating! LOL

        • Yeah, it’s a shame that so few Twilight fans are supporting Rob. I would love to, but Remember Me opens in April in my country so I can’t help with the box office. I’m pretty pissed off actually, New Moon made 142 million in one weekend and the fans can’t be bothered to go and see a great film from an actor who brings us the perfect Edward. I just don’t understand it. This made me realize that Twilight fans aren’t really that loyal after all, though everybody keeps saying that.

          • Twilibrarian says

            I agree. In the US, the Twilight fans were all supposed to go on Saturday to help boost the box office. I did my part, but the theater was only 25% full. It could be the PG-13 rating, too. It’s definitely not a movie for pre teens. I was deeply moved by it.

          • I also went on Saturday and theatre was only 25% full…really disappointed in that! But I absolutely loved the movie! Definitely not for pre-teens.

    • Neither did mine. I was very upset. Luckily I did see the trailer online before I went to see Remember Me.

    • BTW – about salary stuff. I think this was filmed before Twilight and it was a long time coming, right?

  17. I went with a couple of friends and we we’re all pleasantly surprised at the movie. Rob does angst and brooding very well and we saw occasional flashes of Edward Cullen (mostly facial expressions) but we thought he gave a solid performance. Tough, tough ending considering the event. Theater was still even after the credits started rolling.

    *deep sig* Um, yeah, no Eclipse trailer. That was super disappointing.

  18. Saw Remember Me last night and was surprised how much I liked it!!

  19. Saw it last night and cried like a baby – especially at the end. I never saw that ending coming. I thought it was a great movie and Rob was fantastic in it. As a fan, it was nice to see him as something other than “Edward Cullen”. Thought he did a great job breaking away from that character type. If you’re planning to see the movie, go, and take some kleenex with you…..

  20. Seen Remember Me last nite, and I absofrickinloutley loved it! ha ha

    Rob gave a solid performace, I look forward to seeing him in more movies other than twilight!

    Although I seen the eclipse trailer online, I was looking forward to seeing it on the big screen, but like others, the theatre did not show it, so that was a a disappointment!

  21. I LOVE THIS MOVIE TOO!!!!! Looking back I should have picked up on the ending sooner but I didn’t until the date came up, wow! I don’t know how they keep that out of all the hipe of the movie. I was great. Gonna go seen it again!!

    I did get to see the Eclipse trailer and thought it was great too!!! I liked that the whole movie was not given away!!!

    I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of Rob, after this you can see he can do anything!!!!!!

    My town was not going to get this movie but my friends and I b—hed enough, I think, that we got it at the last min. I hope it does well!!! I loved it!!!!

  22. This movie had me at the Gandhi quote. “Whatever you do in life will be insignificant, BUT DO IT ANYWAY.”

    I had the privilege of seeing Remember Me last night and was rewarded with a performance that moved me to tears and will linger with me forever.

    I love how the director has made NYC a major character in the film, and the subtlety of the message was brilliant. The story is about LIVING YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST and being in the moment because you never know what will happen if you wait, and the fact that the backdrop of the story takes place in New York City in the year 2001 absolutely and beautifully illustrates that point. I lived thru 9/11 and remembered that moment. My thoughts were ordinary people going through their day thinking they had tomorrow.

    Robert Pattinsons performance as Tyler is amazing, it is palatable you can feel every emotion he is feeling and the angst he is going through, but you also feel his tenderness, and see his humor. When he is on the screen YOU PAY ATTENTION even in his quite moments.

    In the end Tyler realizes that love is expressed in so many ways and that he and his brother and sister always had their fathers love. Tyler realizes he needed to forgive his father and forgive his brother so that he can let go of the anger, guilt and apathy, and begin to feel that he deserves to be happy and allow love back into his life with Ali. She also needs to face her fears of loving someone and losing someone.

    “Your fingerprints don’t fade from the ones you touch.”

    At the end of “Remember Me” you witness how Tyler touched his family and friends.

    I will “Remember Me”

  23. cullenbound says

    movie was excellent Robert Pattinson played a brillant part and he was a hot as ever

  24. I just got back from seeing the movie, and I have to say I loved it. I thought the acting was really good, and it was great to see Rob in such a different kind of character from Edward. I called the ending about 15 minutes before it happened. It was very sad, but I didn’t cry. Overall I thought it was great, but depressing like everyone said. 🙂

  25. Just saw the movie and it was great! Sad ending but still great. Rob did an awesome job!!!

  26. Most amazing movie. My mom commented that it was very 1960s film in that it was a movie about a relationship. Everything from the writing to the directing to the acting was …. I can’t even think of the word.
    They did a great job making you forget what year it was and yet they practically slapped you in the face with it through out the movie.
    I first cried when they cut that poor child’s hair. I knew exactly what Taylor was thinking and probably would have done more to that little bitch. (Not physically but verbally) This was a well thought out movie and I can’t wait to see it again. “Our finger prints don’t fade from the lives we touch.”

  27. Twilibrarian says

    Each generation has an event that defines that generation. It is from that place you become who you are; you vividly remember where you were and who was with you. It becomes etched into your subconscious, governing your actions and reactions for the rest of your life. For me, it was Kennedy’s assassination. For our younger Twilight fans, it is September 11, 2001.

    Remember Me takes an unimaginable horror and weaves a story around it so moving it takes your breath away. Characters should always drive the plot. In Remember Me, they do. Each character has a hidden secret, making relationships on all levels difficult. Grief is paramount, and the ways of coping with that grief are what drives the plot.

    Robert Pattinson takes on all of Tyler’s issues with the passion and angst well beyond his years. To be savvy enough to sign on as an executive producer so this tale is told is admirable in one so young. America has had enough visions of that day to last a lifetime. Remember Me gives us the relationships which are far more important.

    Like Spielberg used Celie’s mailbox in The Color Purple, NYC is also a central character in this film. You can almost smell the exhaust and taste the hotdogs from the street vendors.

    All the main leads were excellent, and worked as an ensemble cast. I am most impressed by Pattinson. He is carefully crafting his career with roles that stretch his acting, thereby making him a more complete actor.

    I have come to the conclusion this is the reason the critics don’t like him. He is making his own choices, and giving them nothing salient in his life to write about. Like the rest of his Twilight teammates, they are not into the Hollywood scene; there is nothing scandalous of which to write.

    Go see Remember Me. Buy the dvd; you’ll want it not just for your RPatz collection, but to help you define that September day almost ten years ago.

    • The majority of critics haven’t had a problem with Rob’s performance, most of them actually liked him. The problem seems to be with the ending. I really don’t see why some say it’s tacky and exploitative, as this movie clearly wants to remember and honour those who were affected that day. I guess it’s still sort of a taboo in America? Or is it just a critic thing to bash the movie, since most of the ordinary people who’ve seen Remember Me have really loved it?

      • Twilibrarian says

        I agree with you. How can critics say this ending is exploitive, yet other movies about 9/11 have been well received? Finally, there is a movie about 9/11 that deals with the relationships among people and not the “event.” I just think the press in general is too hard on Pattinson. He’s been catapulted into the spotlight, and now has the financial resources to make those indie films or films like Remember Me. This is a story that needed to be told. I also think it’s a Summit Entertainment thing. Here is this small upstart movie company that in the last 3 years has made bushels of money on 2 vampire movies and took home 2 mainsteam Hollywood awards for The Hurt Locker. Doesn’t sit too well with the big studios,press,and critics.

    • Your comments are so true and so eloquently stated.

      To those critics who stated that 9/11 reference was cheap.


      I saw the planes fly into the buildings and I remember saying to my self what a beautiful day it was a 10. We were just going to work as always some people were early and some people were late. I Remember and it is almost 10 years later.

      The message of seize the day, live your life as if it were your last. Love and be loved.

      “Our fingerprints never fade from the lives we touch”

      As an executive producer Robert Pattinson got it, and presented it to us in a loving way.


      • Twilibrarian says

        Your last two lines say it all:

        “As an executive producer Robert Pattinson got it, and presented it to us in a loving way.


        Bravo! Bravissimo!

    • Go, Twilibrarian!

      Rob is indeed making very intelligent choices of roles, thus far, and playing by his own rules…very much like Johnny Depp, whose earlier movies were definitely not big money-earners!

      Remember Me has yet to open worldwide too…I’m waiting anxiously to watch it this week.
      I believe it has legs…let’s wait and see. 🙂

  28. I just got back from seeing Remember Me, and I loved, LOVED it. I laughed, and I cried a lot.
    I think the reason I liked this movie so much was that it was so relatable – any person on the planet could of been a Tyler.

    Kudos to Rob – what an amazing performance. I was pleasently surprised!

    Oh a side note – I’ve scanned through a lot of critic’s reviews, and it seems to be 50/50 – either they hate it or love it.
    Oh and Roger Ebert gave it 3 out of 4 stars, now that’s something!

  29. im from germany and i want to see the movie so bad!! why everyone cried in theaters??!!! my gosh, i want to know!! *cantwait*

  30. edwardsmylion says

    Just got back from seeing Remember Me, Twilibrarian you said it all better than I could. I was very impressed with Rob’s performance. Some of the movie critics thought it slow and angsty but you know – sometimes that’s what “real” life is all about and I felt like I was watching a moving, real and heartbreaking picture into a family’s life. Five stars from me!

  31. littlebittyprettyone says

    i could have sworn this was the TWILIGHT lexicon, not the robert pattinson lexicon.

    just saying.

    • If you haven’t noticed, Lexicon follows the other actors’ projects as well, not just Rob’s. Many Twilight fans are interested in the careers of the actors outside the Twilight saga and I’m really grateful that Lexicon keeps up with what is going on with the cast. You know, some people actually care about the people behind the characters. Just saying.

      • littlebittyprettyone says

        i wasn’t just specifically talking about rob pattinson, he just seems to be the one who crops up the most, after the horrible kristen stewart.
        but if i wanted to keep up with rob or (for some ungodly reason) stewart, i would just go to a fansite of theirs.

        however, i come here to check up on TWILIGHT-related things. i don’t understand what remember me has to do with eclipse.
        just because pattinson is in both?
        i don’t care so much about him. i care about the books and to a lesser extent, the films.
        i don’t care about some low-budget film kristen stewart is going to blink at me in.

  32. Go Maelina!!! I agree with you!! The Twilight Saga will be seen as responsible for launching the careers of many of its stars! Not just Rob’s!

    Wait until next week when Kristen’s movie, The Runaways, come out. There will be comments on here about that, as well. And there should be!! True fans follow their favorite actors in whatever they choose to do.


    Not Just an Edward Fan

    • littlebittyprettyone says

      there should not be stories unrelated to the world of twilight on the TWILIGHT lexicon.
      sure, you’re right, twilight is responsible for launching most of these people into the hollywood spotlight.
      but that doesn’t mean that i want to come here to learn about the twilight movies or books and be assaulted with stories about so-and-so’s recent photo spread for something that has nothing to do with twilight.

      • Twilibrarian says

        Twilight Lexicon is a vehicle by which fans can follow the books, films, and careers of the actors from The Twilight Saga movies.

        From the tone of your comments and the negativity expressed by you toward Mr. Pattinson and Ms. Stewart, you just want to be mean-spirited.

        Twilight is all about CHOICES. You have the choice to open or not open the information provided to you by Lexicon. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that “Remember Me Round Up” has absolutely nothing to do with Twilight other than Robert Pattinson. Perhaps you should not have opened it. Then you would not have been so compelled towards nastiness.

  33. littlebittyprettyone says

    i just feel that the unrelated updates have no place here.
    there are millions of kristen stewart fansites.
    there are probably a billion for robert pattinson, five hundred and fifty thousand for taylor lautner and many more for everyone else.
    those are the places i’d go to if i wanted to know what the actors themselves were up to.
    if i cared about the runaways, i’d go to a kristen stewart fansite.
    if i wanted to know about remember me’s critiques, i’d look at pattinsononline or something.

    but i come here because i like to know things about the movies, like the extras on the new moon dvd or the eclipse trailer.

    things that have ‘absolutely nothing to do with twilight other than robert pattinson’ have no business being here.

    that’s what fansites are for.

    but it is nice to know that as soon as someone holds an opinion that differs from yours they’re automatically ‘mean-spirited’.
    i have a problem with kristen stewart, yes, (she’s a horrible actor, i have no idea how she manages to continue to get cast in movies) but i have nothing but good things to say about pattinson, he’s brilliant.
    i just don’t understand why the lexicon chooses to post stories unrelated to the books or movies.

    • If we only had Twilight related news on here, it’d be a pretty dead site. In case you haven’t noticed, Summit keeps a tight lid on everything relating to their films until close to the days of release!!

      Twilight is a big universe! Twilight is the sun in that universe, but there are many smaller “planets” revolving around it that need to be explored!!

      Lighten up!

  34. Ok i loved the movie! I was so moved and thought Rob, as well as the rest of the cast did beautifully! He has cemented himself as more then just Edward, and I feel very proud of him in a weird way.

    not that I personally had anything to do with his success, but i have been a Rob defender when people act as if he is just a passing craze in Hollywood. I have seen some of his other movies, and liked his performance, and this was more of a mainstream movie, that I felt proved what alot of us already knew. He is fantastic.

    PS The love scenes should be outlawed! OMG! I dreamed of him that night they were so hot! (and yet tastefully done) The man is hot enough fully clothed, just standing there, but seeing that kinda passion, well there are some dirty thoughts you just can’t unthink! (not that i want to! lol)

  35. P.S. again

    I love and appreciate Twilight Lexicon the way it is. Not to keep a bad topic going, but we Lexiconers are very loyal to this site, sorry if you had a bad experience of the wrath of a lexicon defender, but we love this place.

    It is a reliable, respectful site for all things twilight related, including the actors who portray our favorite characters in the books. I love that i can come here and have all the up to date info on whats happening with everyone.

    we have alot of fun loving all things Twilight related, and knowing if it is posted on here, it is legit. I, for one, am very grateful to have such great folks keeping this site going, with all the “news that matters” without being like the sleazy privacy invading “entertainment websites”

    sorry if this sounds like another attack, its not. Its just an explanation. The ppl here just truly love all things Twilight related!

  36. I got home from the movie about 2 hours ago and it still is leaving me awed. The only other movie I have cried at was the “Curious case of benjamin button” and I balled at that. At the end of this movie I controlled myself not to ball. I spent most of the movie trying to figure out the time line and only at the end did it click for me. It was a true example of how a person’s choices can effect so much. I think I might have dessert first from now on, or maybe just enjoy my chocolate break every work-day afternoon a little more.

  37. This film only cost $16 million to make. Rob, Emilie, Pierce and the director could NOT have gotten a very big salary. The film wouldn’t have even been made if Rob hadn’t come on board as executive producer! (they’re responsible for securing financing. I suspect he kicked in a few million of his own to help get this picture made.)

    So…the moral of that story is, ROB DID NOT DO THIS MOVIE FOR THE MONEY! And that makes me love this guy even more! He picks roles because they mean something to him. He’s not one of those actors who’s out to milk the industry for every dime he can get!

    As Pierce Brosnan said in a press conference: this film is a love letter to New York. THAT’S why the actors didn’t care about salary, that’s why no car crashes, no fancy CGI, nothing exploding. This was a serious, heartfelt film meant to make the audience appreciate every day of the life they’re given. Because we never know when it’ll be taken away.

    Three words…..GO SEE IT.