Reelz Channel: Top Ten Movies With a Bite

The entire Twilight Saga comes in in the number 1 position.

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  1. TwilightRocks!!!! says:

    Im sorry, as much as I love Twilight the movies, I think Interview with a Vampire comes first! Love that movie! But maybe thats because Im a bigger fan of Twilight the books rather than the movies.

  2. That’s great! I just didn’t like how the woman summarized the story…”Two high school students who fall in love…one is human and the other, a vampire…” Not quite the right summary.

  3. Wow. I really don’t think Twilight is a vampire movie (Compared to the others I mean.) And agreed safina XD hahahah. I HATE that. Can you please just say a classic study of human nature with vampires? It’s easier.

    • katie
      u have it right and real fans know that this is not a vampire story this is a story about love and choices some of the characters just happen to be of the supernatural world. these other movies are vampire movies and 30 days of night should be on the list and is better than all of them, the twilight saga shouldnt even be on the list however since it is it will always be first in my heart. true fan of the books and movies

      • Mmm. Agreed. I mean you can say it’s the world’s most successful vampire movie but has nobody caught on that the reason why is because it has nothing to do with vampires? I classify Twilight as the first major franchise that’s completly independant (GO INDIE) more feuled by a female audience (everything else has been either mixed or male) and is mostly a romance story that branches off into action other than the opposite way around. But w/e. If I didn’t get into Twilight before the movies came out I would probably be like that and think it is some dumb vampire story. I hate pop culture so thank god I got into it before it hit big. I can stomach the whole pop-culture-ness (And the TOTAL disregard for the point of the book…and the books themselves, really.) by just saying in my head that twilight is still an independant series that people think is related to the Twilight Zone. Those were the days…

  4. i’ve seen every movie on the list except ‘from dust till dawn’ and ‘daybreakers.’ if i HAD to list them from best down i’d have to list them:
    1. ‘love at first bite’ i just love george hamilton! it’s pure cheese!
    2. ‘lost boys’ love the 2 cory’s! kiefer sutherland is awesome! lots of teenage drama, but that’s okay.
    3. ‘fright night’ i first saw it when i was a kid…it was creeptacular! now it’s a bit on the cheesy side, but still awesome!
    4. ‘blade’ who doesn’t love wesley snipes? a vampire that can walk in the daylight (n not sparkle…hehe).
    5. ‘underworld’ kate beckinsale kicks butt, ya’ll! sorry guys, but michael sheen looks lots better in the underworld movies than twilight.
    6. ‘twilight’ i know for all u twilight fans (most of the younger genertion) that this movie is at the top of your list, but if we were talking books i would probably have it there too. rob is awesome, but kristen just looks bored n uninterested.
    7. ‘bram stoker’s dracula’ it was pretty cool…classic dracula w/ all the evil n ugly ways. wynona rider shows her more grown up side after a run of teen movies…and keanu reeves is just adorable! awesome actor!
    8. ‘interview with a vampire’ has an awesome cast…i mean who doesn’t love a young brad pitt? not a tom cruise fan AT ALL, but christian slater balances that out.
    since i don’t know the other 2 movies i refuse to list them…it’s just not fair. if you haven’t seen some of the older ‘classic’ movies i’d recommend seeing them.

    • Your classification is pretty helpful. I’m part of the younger generation, but I still agree with your ranking of the Twilight movies because I’m also a greater (much greater) fan of the books. 😛

    • I’m sorry I believe Twilight should have number 1. But there is no way that Love at First Bite and Fright Night beat Underword! So you see, its all subjective and opinion. I too prefer the books but Twilight is the most successful of those movies so it does deserve number 1. Everyone loves different things. I do agree with everyone about it mainly being a love story and not a vampire story.

    • Thank God some one has some sense. Lost Boys and Underworld are so much better than Twilight as movies. And I totally agree about Micheal Sheen so much sexier in the underworld movies.

  5. Did you guys watch this?

    We didn’t get to see any faces, but it still looks amazing!! 🙂

  6. Dusk till Dawn was on of the absolute worst movies EVER made… Right up there with Gigli and Glitter… I’m sorry but it’s just insulting to the other movies to even be classified with it.

  7. My list, #1 to 10: Twilight Saga, Nosferatu (1979), The Last Man On Earth, Fright Night, 30 Days of Night, The Hunger, Blade Trilogy, Subspecies, I Am Legend, Let The Right One In.

    I view the Twilight saga as a vampire story. Sure, the love triangle aspect is central, but there are other themes that the vampirism mythology amplifies: choosing to do good despite contrary desires (which is why Carlisle is the soul of the saga), and overcoming pessimism through hope. (Edward’s arc.)

  8. i’ve never understood why non-vampires want so much to be vampires…. shrugs another one of life’s mysteries i suppose.

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