Reelz Channel Twilight Tidbit

Attempting to tide fans over while we wait for any new news about Eclipse, Reelz channel has been providing fans with quick tidbits of information from the various cast members.  This week they have an interview with Kristen Stewart about the third film in the saga as well as love and kissing!

Reelz Channel Profiles the Twilight Cast Reaching Out

Reelz Channel Covers Fansites

Reelz Channel covered the LA New Moon webcast. In case you missed it, you can see the whole thing on the Borders website.

Melissa Rosenberg Talks Eclipse With Reelz Channel

Melissa gives some hints of what is to come when Eclipse hits screens in June.

Reelz Channel Interviews Taylor Lautner

Reelz channel Interviews the Cast of New Moon

Where Did Vampire Myths Start?

If you guessed Bram Stoker, you guessed wrong. Check out the whole story of the vampire and its evolution on Reelz Channel.

Reminder: Reelz Channel Ultimate Team Fans

Reelz channel asked us to remind the fans about their current Ultimate fan contest. According to Reelz:

“In our search for the Ultimate Team Jacob and Team Edward Twilight Fans, we’ve received an impressive assortment of creative entries. First there were poems and songs gathered at TwiCon. Since then, we’ve received artwork, essays, and photographs of elaborate displays perhaps best described as shrines.

With 10 days (and two weekends) left before the search deadline, we wanted to showcase a few of the items we’ve received — and remind you to get in your submission by October 19, 2009. WARNING: As the door sign on one snapshot we received cautioned, “You are about to enter the presence of an overly obsessed Twilight fan. Be prepared for ear-piercing shrieks and out-of-control babbling about some guy named Edward Cullen.” Ditto that for a guy named Jacob Black.”

Reelz Channel on Vampire Mythology

Reelz Channel Profiles the Quileute Nation