Urgent! Reelz Channel Needs Your Questions For Noel Fisher (AKA Vladimir)

Reelz Channel wrote in to tell us that:

“ReelzChannel will be interviewing Breaking Dawn’s Vladimir of the Romanian coven, actor Noel Fisher, and we wanted to give fans a chance to get in on the Q&A.

Fisher, who also has a role in the upcoming Battle: Los Angeles and is known for his appearances on The Riches and Shameless television series, will be speaking to Hollywood Dailies correspondent Stephanie Simmons tomorrow afternoon.

So if you’ve got a question for Vladimir/Fisher, post it in the comments on Reelz Channel before dawn breaks on Tuesday.”


  1. You definitely don’t seem like a “Vladimir” in real life, so how do you get into your role? Did you enjoy playing the role of Vladimir?

  2. Can you just acknowledge me and send a shout out to Katie B. In KY?

  3. How did you prepare yourself for your audition for the part of Vladimir? How did you like playing a Vampire? If not Vladimir what part would you have wanted to play?

  4. what where u doing when u found out you got the part for Breaking dawn?

  5. What is the ending scene? I heard they are going to film in the meadow, unlike the book which ends in Bella and Edward’s cottage.

  6. Kristine says:

    How it is to act in Breaking Dawn?
    Is it fun, or?
    What do you think of the other actors?

  7. vampbball says:

    There are few, next-to-no, blond Romanians. Please tell me Summit didn’t ask you to dye your hair. Romanians are not Russians! (And weren’t a thousand years ago, either.)

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