Urgent! Reelz Channel Needs Your Questions For Noel Fisher (AKA Vladimir)

Reelz Channel wrote in to tell us that:

“ReelzChannel will be interviewing Breaking Dawn’s Vladimir of the Romanian coven, actor Noel Fisher, and we wanted to give fans a chance to get in on the Q&A.

Fisher, who also has a role in the upcoming Battle: Los Angeles and is known for his appearances on The Riches and Shameless television series, will be speaking to Hollywood Dailies correspondent Stephanie Simmons tomorrow afternoon.

So if you’ve got a question for Vladimir/Fisher, post it in the comments on Reelz Channel before dawn breaks on Tuesday.”


  1. You definitely don’t seem like a “Vladimir” in real life, so how do you get into your role? Did you enjoy playing the role of Vladimir?

  2. Can you just acknowledge me and send a shout out to Katie B. In KY?

  3. How did you prepare yourself for your audition for the part of Vladimir? How did you like playing a Vampire? If not Vladimir what part would you have wanted to play?

  4. what where u doing when u found out you got the part for Breaking dawn?

  5. What is the ending scene? I heard they are going to film in the meadow, unlike the book which ends in Bella and Edward’s cottage.

  6. Kristine says

    How it is to act in Breaking Dawn?
    Is it fun, or?
    What do you think of the other actors?

  7. vampbball says

    There are few, next-to-no, blond Romanians. Please tell me Summit didn’t ask you to dye your hair. Romanians are not Russians! (And weren’t a thousand years ago, either.)

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