Julia Jones Lends Support To Quileute Nation Move To Higher Ground Quest

We have covered the Quileuete Nation’s ongoing struggle to regain traditional tribal lands to enable them to build out of a Tsunami zone before. Now Julia Jones is lending her voice to the cause.

From the Quileute Nation:

In December 2010, Julia Jones was the “guest of honor” at the annual “Cherish our Children” event in La Push. The fundraiser benefits children from both the Forks and La Push areas during the holiday season. Her appearance resulted in a record setting year for the event.
This year, Julia once again shows her support of the real wolves of La Push by releasing a PSA on behalf of the tribe’s quest to move to higher ground.
Julia references the Quileute Tsunami legislation S636 (the Senate bill) in the PSA. The bill in the House of Reprsentatives is HR1162.

“The Quileute Tribe is so grateful to Julia for taking the time out of her busy schedule to film this PSA”, states Chairwoman Bonita Cleveland.
We are grateful to all the actors who have sent out messages of encouragement and support regarding our legislation. Tinsel Korey, Gil Birmingham, Kiowa Gordan and Alex Meraz have all reached out to the fans and we are so humbled by their efforts. Chaske Spenser submitted a statement to the Senate Commission on Indian Affairs when he appeared before the committee this past year. The fan sites have assisted with getting the message out that our tribe is in desperate need to move to higher ground and time is running out.”

We’ve all seen footage from Thailand and Japan where people have mere moments to react to a Tsunami. Please help by contacting your representatives to let them know how important this legislation is. It could literally be a matter of life or death for the children who attend the tribal school.