Quileute Nation Members on Museum Display Opening

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) will have a display about the Quileute Nation up for the next year. The Quileute Nation elders wanted the full story of their people out so that the fictionalized account in Twilight was not the only version readily seen by the public.

“A runaway sensation in the wider world, the “Twilight” saga has had little impact on some here. When asked about the movies and books, David Hudson, the tribe’s traditional chief, wrinkles his brow as if at a faraway noise.

“We live our culture here,” Hudson said. “We have our ocean, clams, smelt. Halibut. The woods are at our back door, with elk, cedar, bear and deer for our carving and regalia and our food. Our songs are our identity, and we can sing for hours and hours.”

Fog cruises in from the vast Pacific as he talks; the sea stacks and James Island just offshore ease in and out of view. Songs and drums boom out the door of the community center. Over at the downtown dock, tribal fishermen brought in so much halibut, they are giving it away.

“That is what we mean by rich,” Hudson says.”

The overall reception of Twilight is a mixed bag. See more at the Seattle Times.


  1. If it weren’t for Twilight, many of us would NEVER have heard of the Quileute Tribe or even La Push, WA. I understand their wanting to set the record straight and I’m glad the popularity of Twilight has given them the opportunity to present the real history & stories to the wider world.

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