Little Ashes:Not a Critic Favorite

Well whether it’s the New York, LA, or London Times, Little Ashes does not seem to delight critics. They only thing they seemed to delight in regarding the movie were some really snarky one-liners about the merits (or lack thereof) of the film.

Reelz Channel summed up some of the more unique commentary here.

You can’t will them all, at least How To Be (which will be on On Demand in June–ty Jenny)was better received. If you are a How To Be fan you can snag some wallpapers over at Twilight UK.

Robert Pattinson on His Surreal Life

Robert Pattinson sat down with The Guardian to talk about his upcoming work in Little Ashes and to try to clear the air with the media circus that seems to surround him 24/7. As usual Rob is very honest and off-beat, which will probably mean that the next batch of recycled and out-of-context stories to hit the tabloids will be about Rob’s nueroscience career.

“Sometimes he has fun making things up in interviews. Such as? “I do really intellectually highbrow stuff in my downtime. I read first-edition Shakespeare. I write poetry. I’m trying to get my masters in neuroscience. That’s the kind of guy I am.” He pauses, clearly amusing himself: “Man, I don’t even know what a masters is.” And he laughs hysterically as he creates another shape with his hair.”

Read the whole story on the Guardian. TY to Gemma for the heads up.

Paul Morrison On Robert Pattinson

Little Ashes director, Paul Morrison, talks with the LA Times about Robert Pattinson and what he sees as Rob’s future.

“He is serious about acting and I am sure that, yeah, he will want to do roles that challenge him. I can’t tell you how hard he worked on the role of Dali. I was encouraging him to just play the script, but he was for himself hunting down every day bits of film or tape or interviews or a biography of Dali. He worked really hard at it, both intellectually and emotionally. I think that’s in his blood now, I think. I don’t think he’ll be satisfied with playing less than interesting roles.”

See the whole article here.

Robert Pattison:So Much Coverage, So Little Time

MTV just about turned over their entire website to Rob yesterday.

First they had the outtakes of his sizzling photoshoot with Dosier.

Then they had an accent expert analyzing his Spanish accent in Little Ashes. The expert seemed to think it was pretty legit. Only the real Castellanos can tell us if he actually nailed the right dialect.

According to their expert, “There is one thing he did that really struck me, and it is something he does as an Englishman well, I say, for example, ‘I am going “ta” the store.’ Like Americans, we don’t say ‘to,’ we say ‘ta.’ And in one little clip, he says [‘I need to go further’] without the ‘ta.’ People who learn English as a second language learn it properly, and a little word like ‘to’ is a hard thing for them not to say properly. So [someone like Salvador Dalí] would say, ‘I am going “to” the store.’ It’s a hard thing for them to break.”

Now if a throwdown is what you are up for, there is the never ending Edward vs. Buffy (et. al.) debate.

Robert Pattinson Little Ashes Exclusive Clips

MTV has exclusive clips from Little Ashes.

Larry Carrol follows up and gives his assessment here. If you live in New York City, you can even snag tickets. (Ty to Amanda)