Robert Pattison:So Much Coverage, So Little Time

MTV just about turned over their entire website to Rob yesterday.

First they had the outtakes of his sizzling photoshoot with Dosier.

Then they had an accent expert analyzing his Spanish accent in Little Ashes. The expert seemed to think it was pretty legit. Only the real Castellanos can tell us if he actually nailed the right dialect.

According to their expert, “There is one thing he did that really struck me, and it is something he does as an Englishman well, I say, for example, ‘I am going “ta” the store.’ Like Americans, we don’t say ‘to,’ we say ‘ta.’ And in one little clip, he says [‘I need to go further’] without the ‘ta.’ People who learn English as a second language learn it properly, and a little word like ‘to’ is a hard thing for them not to say properly. So [someone like Salvador DalΓ­] would say, ‘I am going “to” the store.’ It’s a hard thing for them to break.”

Now if a throwdown is what you are up for, there is the never ending Edward vs. Buffy (et. al.) debate.


  1. now i was always a big buffy fana nd everything but honestly if it was between Angel and Edward I am 100% postive Edward would win first off lookat how Angel would be killed and then look at how hard it is to kill Edward (hmm wooden stake through the heart, cut off head vs. having to be ripped apart and the pieces burned hmm i wonder what would be harder lol) 2 look at how fast Edward is they always said that the vampires in Buffy had good reflexes and were super strong but i don’t remember them being abnormally fast like Edward I pretty sure Edward could be across a room put a stake in Angels heart and be back across the room before Angel even turned to dust πŸ™‚ Also I still think Edward is probably stronger than Angel I don’t ever rememeber Angel being able to lift a car over his head (If anyone doesn’t remember they mention it New Moon When edward is thinking through things he could do to provoke the Volturi) Well thats the end of my reasoning lol I don’t know if anyone else agrees or not. That last little bit in the post made me start thinking about it lol

  2. Well I keep waiting for Angel and Edward action figures to duke it out in order to answer this burning question, but so far, no luck.

  3. Those pictures are freakin’ hot!!!

  4. I actually lost a couple of brain cells looking at the pic of him wetting his lips.

    • shavei7 says:

      You can’t be over 50…so no worries. Those brain cells regenerate πŸ™‚

      I was looking at these photos last night (from another fan site) and oh my…..

  5. Angel and Edward would never fight. Despite being in two different universes, they are both good guys and too much alike! What would they have to fight about? Now, if it were Angelus vs. Edward…hmmm.. I’d be very worried about my dearest Edward.

    Oh and the Rob pix are dreamy πŸ™‚

  6. I just looked at the pics of Rob, and my GOODNESS, I almost passed out due to a sheer hottness overload. How is it possible for so much sexiness to be contained in just one man?! *melts to the floor in a Robert-Pattinson-induced swoon*

  7. got_edward? says:

    Well i think that someone should tell Rob that smoking is no longer hot. In the other pics (w/out the smoking) he was pretty awesome, but still…its disgusting!

    • Absolutely agree with you. Smoking is disgusting, wish they’d put a fast forward button on or put them under a separate link so I didn’t have to look at those pics. I don’t like thinking about him smelling like an ash tray (even if it would be covered up by his famously bad BO… ;).

  8. Rob scorching hot! Buffy’s world and Edward’s world are two different universe, so I don’t think he and Angel would fight. Like someone said they are both good guys.

  9. Devon061381 says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….yum. Those photos + the GQ photos = me ruining my keyboard with drool.

  10. arazcal says:

    Umm…He truly is absolutely beautiful in black and white shots. I’m surprised the camera didn’t just burst into flame. The man is just raw.
    I’m glad he doesn’t realize how attractive a man he is, that just adds to his charm.
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need a cold shower πŸ˜‰

  11. Can’t take this… way hot!!!

  12. That is the easiest question! I both love Buffy and Angel and Twilight, but i’d have to say that Edward would win and the Buffy universe would be dead. The series our two completely different things. First Edward is so strong he can rip a tv in half and lift a car over his head, plus he’s super fast and he can read minds. It’s no contest to see who would make it out alive.

  13. I’ve never wanted to be a cigarette so badly. LOL

  14. Oh my god…he seriously is so hot it HURTS!!!

  15. Picking up my jaw from the ground…check.
    Wiping my drool…check.
    Huge smile plastered across my face…check.

    Hmm…amy said it best when she said she’d never wanted to be a cigarette so badly πŸ˜‰ That guy is just so photogenic. What a *very* pleasant distraction.

    And Angel versus Edward. I’d have to say Edward would win hands down. Like everyone said, his quickness, strength, and mind reading has got Angel beat. But honestly, if it comes down to it, two good guys aren’t gonna fight each other πŸ˜‰

  16. Lunna-san says:

    Wow. Rob looks fantastic in that photo.

    I can’t see Angel and Edward fighting… they are very much alike, actually. But, as someone said above… with Angelus that would be another story.


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