Full Name: Liam

Status: Vampire

Date of Birth: Around 1615 (OIG)

Date of Change: Around 1651 (OIG)

Originally from: Ireland

Hair color: Dark Brown

Eye color: Vampire Burgundy

Height: 6’5″

Physical description: “Hard-faced” and “physically imposing” (BD32)

Special Talents: None (BD Vampire Index)


Family members: His mate, Siobhan, and Maggie.

Personal history: Liam fought in the Irish Rebellion of 1641 against Cromwell.  He was accidentally transformed after a vampire fed from him after a battle but didn’t kill him.  He met Siobhan about 6 months after his transformation, and she taught him about Vampire law.  Once his thirst came under control, Liam began selecting his prey and chose only Englishmen, mostly soldiers, as his victims.  (OIG)

Liam was territorial when Maggie joined their coven.  However, Siobhan wanted it to work out and so it did.  (BD23)

Carlisle sends the Irish coven to help.  After Maggie declares that Edward is telling the truth, Siobhan and Liam listen to Renesmee’s “explanation.”  (BD32)  Liam is silent and expressionless when Siobhan says that her coven does not have to commit to fight the Volturi.  (BD34)

At the clearing, the witnesses cluster to the left and right of the members of the Cullens and Denali clan that make up the front line.  (BD35)  When the fight seems imminent, Chelsea first tries to break the bindings with Siobhan and Liam.  (BD37)

With the arrival of Alice and other witnesses, the situation is resolved, and the Volturi leave.  (BD38)  Carlisle asks the Irish coven to find Alistair and let him know what happened with the Volturi so that he can come out of hiding.  After saying their goodbyes, the Irish coven leaves.  (BD39)

Portrayed in the films by: Patrick Brennan

Prepared by: Anny