Actors reaction to MTV Movie Awards and Taylor talks Action Hero status

MTV has some new articles and recap interviews up with the cast from last night’s event. Taylor talks about being “an inprovisational action hero” and some of the things we can expect from New Moon.


Larry Carroll has the actors reaction to Twilight winning Best Movie!

New Moon on Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight has announced that it will have some New Moon scenes on tomorrow night’s show. Check out the Twitter below from ET and get ready for a big New Moon Weekend.  Between ET and MTV there is a lot to look forward too!!

ETDirDennis: Tonight SHERLOCK HOLMES set secrets from Robert Downey Jr. Tomorrow new scenes from NEW MOON! ET’s got the big scoops!

Cameron Bright Talks New Moon

Cameron Bright spoke with the Vancouver Sun about his role in New Moon.  He is excited about filming his scenes in teh coming weeks and working with Dakota Fanning.

“I say ‘no’ right away, because when they walk up to me I can sense what they’re going to say,” he says, laughing. ” ‘Can you get me Robert Pattinson’s autograph?’ “

More New Moon Exclusives from ET

Entertainment Tonight ran another portion of their New Moon exclusive tonight.  Some of the stuff you have already seen, some of it is new including Kristen being asked Edward or Jacob and some words from Stephenie.  It hasn’t been posted on ET but check local listing as ET usually re-airs late night on Saturdays and you can probably catch it then.

It is currently available HERE but the quality isn’t that good.  As soon as ET has it posted we will let you know.

Thanks to Mary for the heads up.

Blogger Maggie checks out Montepulciano

Blogger Maggie is currently visiting Italy and happened to visit Montepulciano.  She also got the inside scoop from the locals about the filming and the towns excitement. Be sure to check out her blog as she will have picture updates soon!

So I’m sitting in the Grand Piazza in Montepulciano having a glass of Noblie (a wicked nice red wine here), and I notice a sign next to the information center with ‘New Moon‘ in bold. Of course I have to look at it. It’s a notice about casting for extras for the film (I’ll upload the photos as soon as I’m back in the UK, Monday, but will post the info here). So I notice the New Moon casting, and go into the info center to chat to the staff about it.