Actors reaction to MTV Movie Awards and Taylor talks Action Hero status

MTV has some new articles and recap interviews up with the cast from last night’s event. Taylor talks about being “an inprovisational action hero” and some of the things we can expect from New Moon.


Larry Carroll has the actors reaction to Twilight winning Best Movie!


  1. whatever!!!! congrats rob and kristen!!!

  2. im the first one to comment and i think the second!!

  3. Very nice to see the other actors from Twilight get some of the spotlight, too! Although, we all know Taylor and Rob are most definitely the hottest!

  4. Taylor always has made me feel confident that New Moon is going to be great. All of the Twilight Saga actors/actresses deserve an award for a well done performance in my book…congrats to all and cant wait to see you guys on the big screen this fall.

  5. I will wait for the dvd. I can’t believe they used a stinkin cgi cheesy wolf for Jacob. do you think we’re 2 yrs old summit. I loved it all but cann’t get past that cheesy wolf.

    • Edward (L) says

      i love the wolf lol i dont think it would have the same effect at all if they used regular sized wolves as they are meant to be literally huge

    • They’ve been saying from day one the wolves were going to be CGI. The wolves have to be the sizes of horses. Just getting a regular wolf would have been “cheesy.”

    • I know everyone has a right to their opinions, but geez, calling CGI wolves cheesy, is, well cheesy!

      Agreed, they’ve said all along the wolves would be CGI. I think Jakes wolf looks awesome and I cannot wait to see the entire wolfpack explode into their transformations.

  6. “Did they CGIed the muscles?”
    😀 LOL 😀

    I love Peter!! he is hot and funny!!


  7. I think the wolf looked fine, I mean CGI has come along way but it isnt perfect…but chris did an awesome job with the golden compass animals so im sure it will look awesome on the big screen…

  8. the space where this video should be is just one big black blank. is this one of those videos that you cant watch unless your in the USA, and if so, does anyone know wheree i can watch them?? thank you !!!

  9. rowena moses says

    disneyland– peter;s so funny. rob kristen and everyone did a GREAT job. chessey phessey it will be GREAT. come on nov. cant come fast enough. 5 long months to wait … read the books again .!!!

  10. lol, did the producers tell taylor to not show his muscles, he keeps telling everyone Nov 20th.

  11. Catherine says

    PS aw taylor was so cute when he was flustered!

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