New Moon on Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight has announced that it will have some New Moon scenes on tomorrow night’s show. Check out the Twitter below from ET and get ready for a big New Moon Weekend.  Between ET and MTV there is a lot to look forward too!!

ETDirDennis: Tonight SHERLOCK HOLMES set secrets from Robert Downey Jr. Tomorrow new scenes from NEW MOON! ET’s got the big scoops!


  1. thehtic says:

    to much twilight coming our way

  2. Too Much???? what are u crazy!!!! Never enough!! November 20th is toooo far away!!!

    • Marilou says:

      We need time machines to take us to the releases!

    • 20th november is toooo far away ? In germany it comes out in january !!! We/I have to wait longer than you for the german version. I’m glad that I’m half english 😀

  3. lol. If you think THIS is too much Twilight, you should’ve seen last year.

  4. Switzerland says:

    again, i thank God for my PVR everyday…

  5. first i hear about the trailer release for MTV, and then i hear about this! ome, what’s next? 🙂

  6. Thank you very much for the heads up! Just set the DVR. Can’t wait!

  7. if this is too much then you don’t want to know what happens when the actual footage comes out, interviews start, conventions, etc…there can NEVER be too much! haha

  8. omg this is so awesome! first we get some scenes from new moon tommorow, and then the trailer sunday 😀

  9. Where has Stephenie Meyer been? Hopefully writing? But while I’m sure the director is doing a good job I wish I knew it all had her stamp of approval.

  10. Rosmelie says:

    I should probably text my friend and see if she’s DVR-ing it like she’s done with everything/anything Twilight. Hmmmmmmmmmm. *goes to text*

  11. ScarletRubie says:

    YAY! some footage tomorrow and the trailer Sunday!!! We can never have enough twilight news.

  12. foxbite2 says:

    “too much twilight coming our way” says the guy on a twilight website and the first one to comment :rollseyes

  13. W-H-A-T says:

    ohh man…i´m so sad right now…i live in switzerland, stuff like this never comes on tv here!!

    can i watch this somewhere, on youtube or something??

  14. Edwardlover1901 says:

    Omg! i cant freakin wait! i want to see the movie now! too much anticipation! Can i beg summit to bring it out early? pleeeease!?

  15. ermmmm DONT GET TO EXCITIED!

    Dont believe ET anymore last time they gave us a 2 second clip of Jacob running… wtf!

  16. Sweetdevil says:

    I hate living in Belgium ! 😀 Now I have to wait much longer 😀 But I hope the lexicon will post it like the previous time !

  17. tndpappas says:

    If you go on,they show a 14 second clip of the trailer that’s going to be on MTV – its of Bella asking Edward to kiss her after her birthday party.


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