More New Moon Exclusives from ET

Entertainment Tonight ran another portion of their New Moon exclusive tonight.  Some of the stuff you have already seen, some of it is new including Kristen being asked Edward or Jacob and some words from Stephenie.  It hasn’t been posted on ET but check local listing as ET usually re-airs late night on Saturdays and you can probably catch it then.

It is currently available HERE but the quality isn’t that good.  As soon as ET has it posted we will let you know.

Thanks to Mary for the heads up.


  1. I’m so pumped.

  2. i saw it on TV
    it was a lot better then the first clips they showed
    MOVIE THEATRE SCENE!!!!!!!!!! lol

  3. ‘New Moon’ looks like it will be much better that ‘Twilight’ turned out to be. I’m not saying ‘Twilight’ was bad or anything, but with the budget allowed for ‘New Moon’ makes for better effects, makeup, setting, etc. than the budget for ‘Twilight’. I. Am. Pumped.

  4. So which did kristen choose? Edward or Jacob?

  5. Kristen says she’s not allow to say who her pick is. ET is showing again later tonight in case anyone missed it and can’t understand the youtube clips. It was a really good show about 15 minutes worth broken up over the hour.

  6. Aaargh I can never find this show on TV…we just got this Fios crap and I have no idea what is going on with it lol

    Were the scenes good?


  8. In an interview for twilight a few months ago, Kristen says she picks Edward. She says something along the lines of “I am going to be crucified for this but . . . Edward”

    I couldn’t watch the clip, i can barely hear anything. I guess I’ll just wait for a better copy later.

  9. Nezzi Loves Lautner says

    i STILL cant believe i havent watched ANY of this!!! i was countind down the hours, minutes and seconds since monday morning!!! but i cant find anytime to watch it !!

  10. I can’t understand any of it 🙁

  11. The clip on youtube was really bad and i could barely watch for the first video so i’ll wait till tonight or when its on this site.

    I know she picks edward(cuz if it was jacob people will revolt) but i wonder How scary new moon is.
    I was a litte ifed that twilight wasn’t scary enough for a vamp movie(but i didn’t that much).
    I think secret dream scence will stay ture to the fact that in the books, bella has a lot of dreams.

    Does every one else think its a good idea to have new moon be scarier?

    (I do. i’m just a sucker for scary moives 🙂 )

    • I think it’s a good idea; it will feel more like a vampire movie. And New Moon is a dark book. Without sounding morbid, I want to be able to feel Bella’s pain! It will be great to see her nightmares played out visually.

  12. Theses have a little better quality and it is the whole thing… all 15-20 minutes of it:
    Part 1:

    Part 2:


  13. andrea leigh says

    I’m really just dying to see what the werewolves will look like! I mean, the size of horses! It’s gonna be great…and in reply to Ciera, in my opinion, yes I think it’s a good idea for it to be scarier..I mean the essence of it is now Bella is in danger(Victoria,etc.) danger should be scary, right?

  14. Twicrack has a great video on her site that has the ET coverage from Saturday. It’s about 20 min long. I would reccommend watching it.

  15. I’ll wait for a better version of the video.

  16. Here’s a youtube link it doesn’t have the same stuff as the video above though it’s only 10 minutes


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