Cameron Bright Talks New Moon

Cameron Bright spoke with the Vancouver Sun about his role in New Moon.  He is excited about filming his scenes in teh coming weeks and working with Dakota Fanning.

“I say ‘no’ right away, because when they walk up to me I can sense what they’re going to say,” he says, laughing. ” ‘Can you get me Robert Pattinson’s autograph?’ “


  1. haha he’s really funny 🙂

  2. TeamSwitzerland4Ever says:

    He’s perfect for the role! I’m so looking forward to see him on screen – and Dakota too. But I have my doubts that she can look so uninterested and evil at the same time like Jane is in the book.

  3. My only doubt about Dakota is I thought the book described Jane as having a childlike body. Well girls are full grown at 13, they don’t gain height after that and their bodies look adult. I would have thought they would go for someone younger who appeared childlike. Not so with guys, they often look gangly and adolescent and continue growing until 19.

    • Actually that’s actually not precisely true. Most girls hit puberty at an average of 13 years of age, but girls continue growing often until they are 17, and then they hit another growth spurt around 22-25 which is when their development is truly over.

      I for example, have not stopped growing and I am 22.
      Its different for different people. I for one believe that Dakota looks gangly and not yet fully developed. I’m sure it will be fine. Tailors can do amazing things.

  4. I think he will be great as Alec.My question is does Alec even appear in the n.moon. book?I remember him in b.dawn.I know that the cast has to shoot in italy but werent they mostly inside a dark chamber w/the volturi for most of the book? cant wait to see the movie….

  5. twilighter14 says:

    haha yep he’s right! 😉 LOVE ROB!!!!

  6. twilighter14 says:

    ive never ever liked dakota at all so i was rly mad wen i first herd she was gona b jane but she duz look kinda like how i pictured jane so its ok but i still dont like her. im not sure y i just nevr have

  7. SparklesorSpaceheater says:

    lol…I wouldn’t say it to the poor guy. I’d be like, ‘but all I was is your autograph!’ or something…lol…or Tay Lautners :DDD

  8. I think he’ll make a great Alec.He has that frightening look.

  9. Cameron Bright is an amazing actor. I’m glad he’s playing Alec 🙂

  10. HAHA! How sad. :p I think I would ask him for HIS autograph, not ask him for someone else’s. That’s JUST RUDE!

  11. I love him! So stoked to see him on screen.
    BC represent! haha =)

  12. taylor rocks! he’s muscular and cute rob is such a slut!

  13. robs a hangover he drinks himself to sleep every night taylors clean and sober!


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