Robert Pattinson Interviews Happening Today

As part of his Water for Elephants PR, Robert Pattinson is sitting down today with John Horowitz of MTV News and with Jay Leno on the Tonight Show. Despite it being for Water for Elephants, you know they will ask some Twilight questions.

According to the MTV Hollywood Crush site here are their details:

Robert Pattinson, who will stop by MTV for a 30-minute interview with our own Josh Horowitz and premiere a never-before-seen clip from his latest film “Water For Elephants.” All this week we’ve had hardcore RPattz

fans like you send us questions that we just might ask the actor during “MTV First: Robert Pattinson” which will air live on MTV and at 8:56 p.m.

Be sure to keep sending those great Rob questions to us via Twitter @MTVNews with the hashtag #AskRob. We’ll be taking them right up until the interview tomorrow and we might just post them right here on Hollywood Crush!

Don’t forget to tune into MTV for “MTV First: Robert Pattinson” at 8:56 p.m. ET on Friday, March 18, or watch the stream live at”

Rob will also end up on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. It’s going to be an eclectic show to say the least with other guests including Robert Pattinson, Whitney Cummings, Alice Cooper. Maybe Rob and Alice Cooper can jam together? You know Rob is going to love being there with a music legend like Alice Cooper. Check your local listings for the time.

The photos are from the last two times Rob did Jay’s show. You can see the difference in how Rob’s evolved with Hollywood fame. the first one is right after Twilight came out and the second one is just post Eclipse.

Jackson Rathbone Takes His Razzie Win In Stride

MTV’s The Seven caught up with Jackson Rathbone. It doesn’t look like he is all broken about about that Razzie Win.

Kudos to Jackson for a positive attitude.

100 Monkeys to Be Featured on MTV’s The Seven

The preview video is above. The show airs Friday (January 21st) on The Seven at 5 EST/4 Central.

Robert Pattinson Describes the Volturi Confrontation Scene and Vampire Kristen Stewart

Kudos to Josh Horowitz for great Q&A’s

MTV: Robert Pattinson Video Interview Extravaganza

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MTV Asks: Which 2011 Pattinson Film Do You Most Want to See?

With three films coming out in 2011, Rob Pattinson is set to have a very busy year.  Water for Elephants is scheduled to be in theatres on April 15.  Breaking Dawn Part 1 will be out on Nov. 18.  Bel Ami’s release date is currently set for sometime in August.   Each role is very different and should show some diversity from the actor most famous for being Edward Cullen.  So head over to MTV and let them know which film you are most excited about.  Leave a comment below telling us which film you think will push Rob the furthest as an actor.

Anna Kendrick Does LCD Project With MTV

The folks at MTV sent over this press release on a new venture that they have going with Anna Kendrick.

The creators of the seminal cinema and pop culture magazine MEAN (Music. Entertainment. Art. News.) bring you the launch of a brand new, ground breaking series of music videos featuring A-list talent, entitled “Supervideo.” MTV announced that it will be presenting this exciting project, which utilizes top celebrities of film, television and pop-culture and captures the spirit and excitement of the must-see music video that has been synonymous with MTV. Each “Supervideo” will tap buzzworthy music, filmmakers and talent in a high voltage expression of art and music.

“Supervideo” will give unique filmmakers the opportunity and artistic license to create a multitude of music video formats: short form narrative, montage, animation, abstract, and others, to the rhythm and beat of today’s most exciting music.

Starting off with a bang is “Supervideo: LCD f/Kendrick,” combining the diverse talents of Training Day creator David Ayer, Academy Award nominated actress Anna Kendrick, and the music of the Grammy-nominated critical and fan favorites LCD Soundsystem. The song, “Pow Pow,” from LCD’s current album This Is Happening was used as inspiration for the narrative of the ethereally enveloped atmosphere with Anna Kendrick portraying a deity, “collecting the souls of wicked men.”

David Gale, who ran MTV’s feature film division for over a decade and is now Executive VP of MTV New Media, said “this series taps into all the passions that MTV has celebrated over the years: movies, celebrities, cool filmmakers and, of course, music. We are particularly excited that MEAN has brought these elements together to create a signature new project launching with one of our favorite writer-directors, David Ayer, and two of this generation’s signature artists (Kendrick and LCD Soundsystem).“

MEAN creator, Kashy Khaledi, adds “This is a tremendous opportunity for creative minds, from all walks, to converge on a heralded art form – the music video. The lines in media have been blurred, and ultimately, the notion of compartmentalizing genres of music and film is a thing of the past. With Supervideo, you’ll see an invariably diverse collaboration of creatives that aim to offer something truly SUPER to the masses.”

Eclipse Red Carpet Live Streaming via MTV

It’s Premiere Day! Watch the Red Carpet happenings live! Also be sure to follow the Lexicon Twitter as we tweet the experience!

MTV is live streaming the Eclipse Red Carpet Action. We have their video below so once it goes ‘live’ you can watch it here.

MTV: Eclipse Featurette and Taylor Lautner

MTV has posted the following:

‘Eclipse’ Featurette Includes New Scenes From Film

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Taylor Lautner Calls ‘Eclipse’ The Most ‘Guy-Friendly’ ‘Twilight’ Film

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Kristen Stewart Talks ‘Breaking Dawn’, ‘Wanted 2’ and more with MTV

Kristen Stewart ‘Excited’ About ‘Breaking Dawn’ Being Two Movies

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Kristen Stewart Would ‘Definitely’ Want Role In ‘Wanted 2’

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Kristen Stewart Says She’s ‘Having Fun’ Promoting ‘Eclipse’

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Kristen Stewart Relates To Bella ‘Generally’ In ‘Eclipse’

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