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MTV wants you to help them decide the most popular Twilight Saga clips

In anticipation of the big night, we’ll be counting down the five most favoritest scenes from “Twilight,” “New Moon” and “Eclipse” featuring the three. But before we can do so, we’ve gotta put them in order of favoriteness.

And that’s where you come in, Cullenlovahs—because today, we’re launching our open fan poll to determine which of these special scenes tugged most ardently at your hearts. (Or, in certain cases, your loins. *COUGH* JACOB’S GLISTENING ABS *COUGH*.) And get your clicking fingers ready, because with nominees like this, it’s bound to be a close one. We’ll reveal your favorite clips in order of popularity starting Monday, October 31—all the while counting down to MTV First: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1. So take our poll below, send your Twitter questions using #AskTwilight and #MTVFirst, set your DVR and whatever you do, don’t forget your spare pair of unders.

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Twilight Experts Talk Breaking Dawn part 1 Trailer Favorite Moments

Aside from our earlier piece where we rated the Breaking Dawn trailer, MTV also asked us about our favorite scenes. Check out what we said.

What do you think of our choices?

Top Moments From The Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer

MTV has compiled a list of their top five moments from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer.

Here’s what they had to say about one of their choices

Wolves vs. Vamps
It wouldn’t be a “Twilight” movie without some sort of epic battle involved, and in “Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” there is a grand showdown between wolves and vampires. The wolf pack, which Jacob has deserted, wants to prevent Bella’s unborn half-human, half-vampire from being born. “Get ready, they’re coming for Bella,” Jacob says, anxiously. “They’re not going to touch her,” answers Edward. We then see a shot of a standoff, wolves surrounding the vampires, at which point Jacob addresses them, “If you kill her, you kill me,” followed by quick cuts of Alice and Jasper Cullen fighting the wolves.

Do you like their choices? What are your top 5 moments?

MTV: Fandom Experts Rate the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer

Laura was interviewed by MTV last night (in between uploading the 100+ screen caps she made )for an “expert’s opinion” on the Breaking Dawn trailer. MTV also talked to Kallie from Twilight Series Theories and Kara of Twilighters Anonymous.

Did you agree with our take? MTV also asked us other questions, so there are probably more videos to come.

If you haven’t voted in our trailer poll yet, please do! It’s being used as part of Laura’s article this week.

MTV and Kristen Stewart Talk Wedding Scene and Snow White

Via HisGoldenEyes

Watch Live on the Lexicon – MTV and Actors

MTV will be live with the actors between 3:00 and 4:00 pacific time (PDT) today.

MTV To Have Exclusive Comic Con Footage

MTV has a Comic Con special going on:

That’s right, Twilighters. MTV News is taking over Comic-Con and we’re starting with your favorite vampire romance. This Thursday at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT, we’ll kick-off our three-day “MTV News: Comic-Con Takeover” with a “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1” livestream extravaganza, featuring a full hour of interviews and a Q&A with the cast. And, of course, we want your input! Tweet your questions to @MTVNews using the hashtag #MTVSDCC, and a bloodsucker may just chew on your query!

Rumor Control: Will there REALLY be more Twilight books/movies????

We’ve watched the news feeds all day covering the topic of more Twilight centric books and movies centered around the relationship between Jacob and Renesmee.  It all started when MTV asked Taylor Lautner about the possibility of continuing on in the role of Jacob Black if Stephenie wrote more novels.  You can watch the interview below to see exactly how this rumor got started but here is how we can break it down for you.

YEARS ago, and we do mean YEARS ago, Stephenie told fans that Breaking Dawn was the end of Edward and Bella’s story.  She hinted that should she ever return to the Twilight universe the stories would center around Jacob and Renesmee as well as Leah because those stories aren’t finished.  I can’t stress enough that she said this YEARS ago.  This is not “new” news for fans that have been in the fandom pre-Twilight Movie.

Now jump ahead to the international fan junket that was held last month and was covered by the USA Today .  The fans at the junket asked Stephenie about Jacob and Renesmee and she said, and I quote,  “That is a question I’m reserving the right not to answer, because there is a chance I’ll go back to their story.”

Now, fast forward to Josh Horowitz saying, “Stephenie has recently hinted at perhaps maybe she would explore more of Jacob and Renesmee’s relationship at some point.”  To which Taylor Lautner responds, “Really? Breaking news to me live on MTV.”  To which the whole of the Twilight news reporting world took to mean MTV had a scoop that Stephenie is writing more books and they will feature Jacob and they will be made into movies starring Taylor Lautner.

Do we all want more Twilight stories – sure.  I’d love to read about Jacob and Renesmee.  But are they really going to happen – it’s a toss up.  Personally, I feel if we ever do get another Twilight related book it will be years and years from now after Stephenie has stepped away from the world of Forks and done a few others things.   By the time any type of Twilight related book is even possibly published, Taylor and every other current member of the cast would be too old to portray their teenage character.  It’s a great dream, but one that is a long shot.

So for now, just concentrate on the fact that we still have two more movies to go!  And hopefully, someday, in the distant future, we might have another Twilight related title to read should Stephenie feel it’s time to revisit that universe.

See the Robert Pattinson MTV Interview Here Live

Assuming the live feed link holds (these things tend to get wonky when lots of people log in), you’ll be able to see Josh Horowitz’s interview with Rob Pattinson here starting at approximately 8:56 p.m. ET. According to MTV viewers will be able to see Rob introduce a new “Water for Elephants” clip, followed by a live 30-minute interview. Tweet questions using the hashtag #askrob to get in the conversation!”

MTV’s Favorite Robert Pattinson Moment

In anticipation of their Robert Pattinson interview later today, MTV has been counting down their favorite Robert Pattinson moments. They just revealed their number 1 (see video below).

“It all went down last June at the “Eclipse” premiere during our red-carpet live stream. The crowd outside the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles was squealing like mad, and we wanted to know if one rumor could possibly be true: Was Pattinson really looking forward to the moment the “Twilight” franchise would be behind him?

“That was such bullsh–. I am so pissed off!” he said.

But Rob, man, we’re live!

“Oh sh–!” he cried.

That’s not making it better. Oh well, those are the perils and pleasures of reporting live. And as it turned out, after Pattinson declared that he’d been misquoted about being ready to leave “Twilight” behind, he went on to give us a very thoughtful answer about the prospect of life after the vampire franchise.

“Anyone who says they’re tired of this is completely crazy. If I ever said that, someone should just remind me of what I was doing before: just sitting around doing nothing,” he said, adding, “I love doing the movies. I like all the people. I’ve had a great time on all of them. The cast is great. It’s just weird. It’s become so much a part of my life. It’s like divorcing someone. I guess I’ll see. Maybe it’ll be great. I have no idea.”

Don’t miss “MTV First: Robert Pattinson” tonight at 8:56 p.m. ET on MTV and Tune in to see RPattz introduce a new “Water for Elephants” clip, followed by a live 30-minute interview on Tweet questions using the hashtag #askrob to get in the conversation!”

For more top five moments, see MTV