Eclipse Red Carpet Live Streaming via MTV

It’s Premiere Day! Watch the Red Carpet happenings live! Also be sure to follow the Lexicon Twitter as we tweet the experience!

MTV is live streaming the Eclipse Red Carpet Action. We have their video below so once it goes ‘live’ you can watch it here.


    Jeesh, he is the Twilight man! He covered Twilight from the beginning and helped launch the mass popularity that is Twilight in respectful way.

  2. maggiegs1 says:

    i wonder if mtv knows they are streaming all of the rehearsel

  3. Kimmy’s getting her own mini interview. Great pre pre coverage.

    I would be tempted to correct her, “Sorry but Kris has read the books.”

  4. emilypruitt says:

    Excellent choice of curse words, Mr. SLade. 😉 If you’re gonna do it, do it right. Gotta love Live TV.

  5. We are not twelve you……KELLAN control your gf!!!

  6. where is robert?

  7. Ok A Rod to come out here where hundreds of fans have camped out and to say that you’re not a fan just dropping by is an insult. MTV should be ashamed of doing that.

  8. Exactly. WHo’s the chick with Kellan? Woah. More of Kimmy; less of this guy asking the same questions over and over again. Kimmy looks really nice.

  9. I just hopped all over the place and ended here. Very happy, glad and followed Twitter with the scoop and my searches.

    Can’t wait for the 30th. Wish I bought more tix though.

  10. I kinda like this guy from mtv and of course, larry caroll. Robert feels comfortable with mtv.

  11. Twilight9009 says:

    I enjoyed this very much. He did ask the same questions but I was kind of glad because every actor had different answers. My favorite interview was David Slad though. That was hilarious!

  12. What is wrong with this video?! It just shows a bunch of ads, over and over and over!

  13. eternityisntenough says:

    I’m getting the same results as Abbie :/

  14. it was cool watching mtv live. rob surprised me he cussed twice LOL i found it funny

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