MTV Asks: Which 2011 Pattinson Film Do You Most Want to See?

With three films coming out in 2011, Rob Pattinson is set to have a very busy year.  Water for Elephants is scheduled to be in theatres on April 15.  Breaking Dawn Part 1 will be out on Nov. 18.  Bel Ami’s release date is currently set for sometime in August.   Each role is very different and should show some diversity from the actor most famous for being Edward Cullen.  So head over to MTV and let them know which film you are most excited about.  Leave a comment below telling us which film you think will push Rob the furthest as an actor.


  1. i’ll have to go with breaking dawn, but i do want to see Water for Elephants.

  2. twilightrn says:

    Obviously BD will continue sending his star to new heights. But I admit Water for Elephants looks extremly exciting. I am glad to see him branching out more.

  3. twilightrn says:

    Obviously BD will continue his rise to new heights. But WFE looks completely mesmerizing!!

  4. definitly breaking dawn but want to see wfe and bel ami too. as long as it has rob in it

  5. The actress looks like Rachelle

  6. I am waiting for Breaking Dawn of oourse! It is going to be very interesting to see how the book is translated onto the screen and how the actors portray their respective characters. Alot happens in Breaking Dawn.

    I do want to see Water for Elephants though. It sounds quite interesting.

  7. Honestly all of his movies. I’m excited for BD but really excited for Water For Elephants the trailer just captivates me and I love seeing Rob playing different roles. I’m so proud of rob.

  8. I of course am dying to see Breaking Dawn, but I am looking forward to Water for Elephants too. It looks amazing.

  9. I wish Bel Ami would open in America. I hope it does. So far, there’s no announcement. 🙁

    They had better at least release it on DVD.

  10. OK, can I just say, asking ppl to chose between these VERY different movies is like asking a mother to chose between their kids!!! I personally will not chose between them I wanna see all of them LOL duh.
    BRING ON 2011 ROB FEST 😉

    • Gigi Cullen says:

      Jessie, I’m with you all the way on that one. Robfest 2011 sounds like a plan! He is an amazing actor and only getting better.

  11. Patrice Westman says:

    I would say that Breaking Dawn is my favorite with water for elephants a close second.

  12. Helen Pauline says:

    Is it sad if I want to see Water for Elephants more than Breaking Dawn? But only just by a little! lol

  13. Water for Elephants looks really really good and OF COURSE I’m DYING to see Breaking Dawn BUT I’m like terrified they are going to screw it up on film the book was SOOOO good and there is so many important and exciting parts they better not cut to much!

  14. Breaking Dawn for sure!

  15. While I’m excited for BD, I’m more excited to see the other two because we’ll get to see him in roles that are really going to showcase his talent. We know what he’s like as Edward Cullen…I’m excited to see how he portrays Jacob and Georges.

  16. omg! Rob looks sooo dashing in that pic!! <3

    BD ofcourse!!

  17. Breaking Dawn duh lol … No questions about that but I would still love to see WFE.

  18. Breaking Dawn

  19. Breaking Dawn of course…I’m ‘Team Twilight’ first and foremost. Everything else is just frosting…

  20. My pick now don’t get crazy
    1. Bel Ami(he looks cute in 18th century clothes)
    2. Water for Elephants(It looks like an Oscar worthy enterprise)
    3. Breaking Dawn Part 1(can’t wait to see him as a daddy)

  21. I think all 3 movies sound very intriguing! Loved Rob in Remember Me as well. I will definitely see all 3 movies, but I’m most looking forward to Breaking Dawn. Still, think the other 2 movies will launch Rob as a superstar showing how versitle his acting truely is. He’s just so frickin’ sexy, for pete’s sake….how could you lose?

  22. Twilight dreamers says:

    They all look good, im a bit nervous for BD but with all the pics already released of filming, it looks very promising.

  23. Como uma grande fã estou super ansiosa para ver Breaking Dawn ,mais estou aguardando para ver Bel Ami que também será um grande filme !

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