MTV: Fandom Experts Rate the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer

Laura was interviewed by MTV last night (in between uploading the 100+ screen caps she made )for an “expert’s opinion” on the Breaking Dawn trailer. MTV also talked to Kallie from Twilight Series Theories and Kara of Twilighters Anonymous.

Did you agree with our take? MTV also asked us other questions, so there are probably more videos to come.

If you haven’t voted in our trailer poll yet, please do! It’s being used as part of Laura’s article this week.


  1. these are your “experts?” clearly, mtv isn’t in tune with the twilight fandom or it’s fansites/blogs.

  2. argh-it’s “not available in my region”–is there a transcript somewhere? thx

  3. Totally agree with your take, Lexicon” 😀 Looking forward to the other videos.


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