Top Moments From The Breaking Dawn Part 1 Trailer

MTV has compiled a list of their top five moments from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer.

Here’s what they had to say about one of their choices

Wolves vs. Vamps
It wouldn’t be a “Twilight” movie without some sort of epic battle involved, and in “Breaking Dawn – Part 1,” there is a grand showdown between wolves and vampires. The wolf pack, which Jacob has deserted, wants to prevent Bella’s unborn half-human, half-vampire from being born. “Get ready, they’re coming for Bella,” Jacob says, anxiously. “They’re not going to touch her,” answers Edward. We then see a shot of a standoff, wolves surrounding the vampires, at which point Jacob addresses them, “If you kill her, you kill me,” followed by quick cuts of Alice and Jasper Cullen fighting the wolves.

Do you like their choices? What are your top 5 moments?


  1. Taylor Lautner has never been my favorite, but he shines in this trailer.

  2. I joked with my husband that he probably wouldn’t like this one because there was no “action”. I usually don’t like them changing ANYTHING from the books, but in this case it looks as if they did it to give more impact visually. It’s hard to show their mind fight on screen. It seems like they did a good job with it. Can’t wait!

    • I agree with Candice. It’s difficult to pull off a movie when a good amount of Jacob and the Wolfpack’s dialogue is in their heads. I like where this movie is going. Besides, the honeymoon is the best part of the book. >:-)

      Btw, what is up with Carlisle’s hair color?

  3. Right now I’m not a fan of the fact they’ve added a wolf vs vamp fight that doesn’t happen & wouldn’t happen. I know they did it to add action, but it still irks me.

  4. I love Angryward and i love the fact that we’ll get to see Edward’s reaction to Bella’s decision because in the book you don’t really know what happened when he found out she wanted to keep the baby

  5. I love taylor’s line in this when he says “If you kill her you kill me.” I don’t like the werewolves vs vampires thing. They don’t fight in the book so why the movie. Still I think it will be an awesome movie. Can’t wait.

  6. ENOUGH Jacob already. This is Edward and Bella’s movie. Back to them now.

    • Thank you! Couldn’t agree more. Jacob does play a part in both the novel and movie, but the fact that Edward and Bella’s WEDDING VOWS did not make the top 5 is inexcusable! Who does MTV think they are?!?!

    Did anyone else notice in the standoff between the wolves and the vampires in the trailer that Edward’s shirt is stained with blood? When Jacob says “if you kill her, you kill me” he is talking about Renesme, not Bella. Very tricky Bill!!!

    • OMG!!! You’re right!!!!!!! Tricky indeed!

    • Oh WOW!!! I totally didn’t notice that :O I wonder at what point the movie will end then…..

      • Oh and..I just finished making a fanmade Breaking Dawn trailer for parts 1 & 2….want to check it out?

      • I have a theory about that actualy.I noticed that in the first “stand off with the wolves” shot from the trailer that Jacob was nowhere near the Cullens or the pack and then in the next second he is screaming out “If you kill her, you kill me”. I think he is not in the shot when the wolves first arrived because he was imprinting on Renesmee! Also Edward shirt color changes from the line “they won’t touch her” to the fight.

        • Also notice at the 1:37 Jacob is cryng wearing the same shirt as when Bella delievers, he is mourning for Bella’s “death”. At the 1:58 notice there are no Rosalie or Jacob, because they are with Renesmee.

    • OH that makes me feel a little better! Nice catch!

  8. Top 5 Moments:

    1) They got to the feathers!
    2) They got to the feathers!
    3) They got to the feathers!
    4) They got to the feathers!
    5) They got to the feathers!


  9. Why are they deviating from the book? That’s when it gets all screwed up. And that usually sets off the diehard fans. The book is great by itself, they don’t need to embellish it. Or screw with it. I wonder what else they have ADDED???????????

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