Starz Interview: Melissa Rosenberg

Find out how Melissa got the Twilight gig and more. We can’t embed the video, but you can get it here.

MTV: Melissa Rosenberg Debunking Rumors and Getting the Vampires All In

Melissa Rosenberg talked to MTV about the challenge of getting the multitude of new vampires into Breaking Dawn and Internet rumor, and how she has used her facebook to talk with fans.

“”I ask people to really weigh in with what are their favorite scenes in the books, what’s important to them,” Rosenberg said. “And there generally seems to be a consensus about one scene or another. It’s really helpful for me and I’ll interact with them sometimes.”

She added that the fan interaction has helped her to squash any out-of-control Internet-generated rumors about her “Dawn” scripts. “At one point, [the fans] were upset because they had gotten the impression that I was choosing not to put the birthing scene in the script, and I was able to go online and say, ‘I don’t know where that idea came from, but of course the birthing scene is going to be in.’ ” Another Net-generated rumor, according to Rosenberg, is that she won’t include the Book of Jacob in the final film. “I don’t know where that idea came from, but that is not true,” she confirmed. “We are going to see Jacob’s perspective equally, so don’t worry.”

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Melissa Rosenberg: The Line Between Viseral and Just Plain Too Graphic

This is rapidly becoming the most widely discussed topic in what’s ironically probably going to amount to under 5 minutes of screen time.

On The Red Carpet: Melissa Rosenberg on Splits and Content

So what do you think?

Melissa Rosenberg, Breaking Dawn Glimpse

melissarosenbergredcMelissa Rosenberg talked to Pop Sugar about what may or may not be included in Breaking Dawn.

PopSugar: How did you feel about the decision to split Breaking Dawn into two movies?
Melissa Rosenberg: Relief, actually, because it was going to be quite a challenge to condense such a large book into one movie. That’s always the challenge with all of these and, more so, Breaking Dawn. Having a little more room to breathe is nice . . . on the other hand, there’s also the challenge of making sure there’s enough to fill two movies.

PS: We’ve heard there are some scenes you want to avoid showing on screen in Breaking Dawn. For example, Bella giving birth. Can you tell us why?
MR: That was a misquote. The childbirth — all the scenes, I feel — should be on screen. I think perhaps what I was referring to was, would we actually see Edward’s teeth through the placenta? I don’t think so. I don’t think we need to see that, and if someone needs to see that, I think they should take a look at that. [Laughs.] I believe it will be implied, but I don’t think we’ll see teeth in the placenta”

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Contest on Melissa Rosenberg’s Facebook

melissa-rosenbergheadshotOn her Facebook page Melissa writes:

” Hello everyone! Our last contest was so much fun, I thought we needed another one.

I’m doing a Writers Guild Foundation Q&A next week, and they’re going to be livestreaming the whole thing online. Usually, the WGF charges for people to watch the livestream, but they are giving us TEN passes for people to watch online for free!

The Q&A will be on Tuesday, July 13 at 7:30pm PST. You can check out the website for more information:

Please make sure that if you are submitting an entry that you will be able to watch the livestream.

TO ENTER: Reply to this post, and this post only, with your all time favorite quote from any of the Twilight Saga books. I will select ten winners this Friday, July 9.


So if you want a chance at a pass, reply to this post on Melissa’s facebook.

Melissa is also taking suggestions for topics to be discussed here.

Melissa Rosenberg at the French Twilight Convention

Interesting information at the 1:28 mark working with Stephenie, 3:10 mark, 4:38 mark spin off characters, 6:00 mark Breaking Dawn

EW: Melissa Rosenberg Onto Breaking Dawn and Religious Overtones

melissa-rosenbergheadshotThis is probably the best answer to a reporter that I have ever seen regarding the books tyring to be some type of religious message or conversion text.

Do you find it challenging to deal with the religious overtones in the books?
What’s always kind of amazed me is that Stephenie and I probably are polar opposites in terms of our political and spiritual beliefs. I’m raised in a hot tub from Marin County, [Calif.]. I couldn’t be further left. She’s a very religious Mormon. In truth, we’ve never talked politics. We’ve never talked religion. We just haven’t. It hasn’t come up. The only thing that comes up is that I swear like a truck driver and she doesn’t. And I drink and she doesn’t drink. But she doesn’t ever judge me for either of those things. It’s important for me that I not violate my own beliefs and I won’t write something that does. It was interesting that within all of these movies, certainly within Breaking Dawn, you can peel away some of the stuff that is more to the right and some of the anti-choice stuff and there is a core, real human experience. You don’t have to go there. You can tell the story without doing that. That was important to me, but I had to respect her beliefs as well. I can’t violate her beliefs. It’s kinda where the blue and the red come together. At the core of it, it’s about a woman choosing to have a child. That is as pro-choice as you get. That doesn’t violate anything that Stephenie believes in, and that doesn’t violate the story. It’s about finding the common ground. What’s really important: These are Twilight movies. This is entertainment. It is not the forum to be making political commentary. It’s just not. Nobody wants to turn this into a referendum on abortion. It’s inappropriate.

See more on EW. Melissa is also trying to get more Facebook followers.

Lexicon Premiere Interviews: Stephenie Meyer, Wyck Godrey, David Slade, Melissa Rosenberg

So is everyone getting excited for the next films!

Movieline: Melissa Rosenberg and Working With Bill Condon

Movieline talked to Melissa Rosenberg about her history with the franchise and her thoughts on Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon:

How much have you been privy to the directors that Summit wants to hire?
I get a few inside tracks, but I’m mostly out of that process. There’s a couple where I was like, “Oh no. God. Don’t choose them.”

What did you think when you heard they were looking at Gus Van Sant and Sofia Coppola for Breaking Dawn?
Summit’s a really creative place. They reach out — I mean, they found me. Not that I’m not creative or anything, but they found me in television. They don’t have to get that guy who wrote Iron Man. They had Catherine, they had Anne Fletcher on Step Up… they’ll break new directors or writers according to their own creative tastes. But honestly, when they were talking about Sofia Coppola and Gus Van Sant, I was like, “Really? For [movies] 4 and 5, we’re going to get people of that level?” And then they got Bill Condon, and I was like, “Man, this isn’t going to be just blowing off the last two in the series. They want these to be good. Oh my gosh, I’d better step up!” [Laughs]”

See more on Movieline. Also remember that Melissa is having a Facebook drive and is handing out autographed script copies to various Facebook followers. Melissa also just uploaded her Eclipse premiere  photo gallery here.