Melissa Rosenberg: The Line Between Viseral and Just Plain Too Graphic

This is rapidly becoming the most widely discussed topic in what’s ironically probably going to amount to under 5 minutes of screen time.


  1. AliceKikiCullen says:

    Lol. I hope only 5 mintues. I really don’t wanna really see any of that scence. I care more about the Volutri and the wedding scences.

  2. On this whole issue I’m reminded of a rape scene in Rob Roy movie some years ago. I didn’t see movie, but I was told that the camera was on her face only, there were shadows and noise, but just her face. They could do the same with BD – just show the faces of Bella, Jacob, Edward and Rosalie. I think all of them are up to show the emotions through facial expressions. Just my opinion.

  3. LaraCullen says:

    I think that the scenes of the birth are indispensable, and if the 18-year-old minors cannot see them, since that read the book

    • The movies will be rated PG-13 so that determines somewhat what can be shown. They will only be PG-13 because 1) Stephenie made Summit agree to that from the beginning, 2) Stephenie is Mormon (they do not see movies rated higher than PG-13)so she would hardly allow her books to be made into a movie that neither she nor her children could see and, 3) it was officially announced by Summit just recently that it would be PG-13.

      • But truth is we see worse on a good rerun of ER or on Greys Anatomy every week…I’m still not sure what the problem is, I mean, those shows are reallllly graphic sometimes and its prime time. Bones sticking out, hands in hearts, blood everywhere….so I’m not getting the problem.

        • Twilight Nymph says:

          Yeah, but they are rated TV-14 which is for 14 and up. Apparently the MPAA thinks that what’s TV 14 is too much fr PG 13 when in reality it’s the same thing if you take or add on a year.

  4. Twhitaker says:

    I think the birth scene is extremely important because it really shows the dedication of Edward to save not only the baby but bella. It shows how much he loves her in those moments, even though it is from jacobs pov. The horror isn’t necessary in the movie, but the emotions represented are. To not show them, would destroy the delicate balance of Breaking Dawn, because it is apart of that book as much as the binding is. Summit has taken away some of the most instrumental moments of the series, that fans wanted to see. The least they can do is show these scenes in a way that satisfies both the fans and the pg-13 rating. Hopefully having Stephenie Meyer as a producer will put some of the romance back into the series instead of summit entertainments quest for a vampire action movie.

    • I believe its important to the fans of the books that the film focus on Bella and Edwards relationship and the intimacy they share. It think if that is the focus, the scenes will fall into place exactly the way they should. Bella desparetly wants Edwards child, Edward desparetly wants Bella to live. Every conversation, every look, every thought, every action is based on that premise.

      Another thought, is anyone planning to write music for Edward? We have Bella’s Lullaby, Jacob’s Theme and Edward’s… er…nothing.

  5. A good director will give the fans what they want…the fact that Edward has to chew through the placenta…won’t be seen…but if they screw this one up..geez…so many good scenes have been left out already…the director needs to get with the fans and ask us…what needs to be in the movie…Jacob sees Bella naked for the first time…this entire thing needs to be done correctly or not at all…

  6. mellisa is going to screw it anyway no matter how we are desperate to see a good BD.

    • Twhitaker says:

      Mellisa has screwed up the last three so i hope Stephenie Meyer can put her back in place, and make her realize that she is NOT the author and too KEEP the books the way SHE wrote them to be, seeing as the fans love them the way they are. Rosenberg needs to stop making these movies about herself, and focus on the books that everyone loves in the first place. DO IT RIGHT, OR JUST DON’T DO IT AT ALL!!! I am sick of seeing these movies just because i love the books, the movies aren’t the books (not even close). I want to see the passion i read in the books on the screen, otherwise it just wont be worth it.

      • I agree with both of the above.

      • I would like to be a “fly on the wall” in the meetings between Stephenie and MR – I don’t think MR ever in her wildest dreams envisioned that Stephenie would decide to be a producer and be ON THE SET EVERY SINGLE DAY. It just kills me when MR says that she works in close collaboration with Stephenie on the scripts and how important it is to her to keep her screenplay “true” to the books. That has never been true and especially obvious in Eclipse.

      • I also hope that Summit gets their heads out of the sand and realizes that if BD-1 is a big disappointment to the fans, they might as well not even bother with BD-2. BD-1 needs to be the one that really figures it all out, true character development, the romance, the real Edward, sets and scenery (do not screw up Isle Esme) and I would like to see better costumes (cannot believe Bella wore a button down chambray shirt and jeans to the graduation party), better hairstyles and makeup (Rosalie has blonde hair and black eyebrows?!) how did Esme’s become black in Eclipse? Pay attention to the details, it’s not hard but you might actually have to read the books. I’m sorry if I seen to be bashing Eclipse, I saw it 4 times and there were things I loved and I will buy the DVD and watch it probably 100 times while waiting for BD-1. I just feel like it was pretty good when it could have been really great. And I think Stephenie feels the same way and that’s why she decided to be a real hands-on producer for BD1 & 2.

        • kierrabelle says:

          The thing that caught my eye about your comment was about the “don’t screw up isle esme.” What upset me the most about all three so far were little details that I really wanted to see on screen that disappointed me. I am still upset that the cullen’s house is not as described in the book (big white house). I am also upset about some scenes not making it to screen or being dramatically changed but I understand that they can only fit so much in. But details aren’t too hard to keep the same as the book so I wish they did that.

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