Starz Interview: Melissa Rosenberg

Find out how Melissa got the Twilight gig and more. We can’t embed the video, but you can get it here.


  1. Thanks for posting – as an aspiring screenwriter, it’s great to hear more about her process and thinking. Even though I haven’t agreed with so many of her choices, I understand what she means about making Bella “active” in scenes (as in, she instigates what happens), which works for a film, but isn’t necessary in a book. I thought the best example of this was Twilight, when Bella is the one to lead Edward into the woods for the combination Theory/Confessions chapters.

  2. It says that the video is no longer available.

  3. It worked fine for me — no need to select one of the videos, it queues up and plays by itself.

    Key phrase: “Total Orgasm.”

    Key question: Which character have you changed the most? Answer: Bella.

  4. I’m sure she is talented and accomplished, but not in rewriting Steph’s characters. I do not agree with changing the characters personalities.

  5. Not a fan of her.The movies would have been so much better if she had stayed true to the characters’ personalities.Bella and Edward are WAY different in the books.

  6. Can’t view it either..?

    I must admit though that having read interviews with her its always irritated me how much credit she seems to take for her part in this whole franchise. I get it that she is hugely instrumental in taking the stories from book to film and that the two mediums are very different and changes have to be made BUT they are not her stories and I’m not convinced that she always makes the necessary changes in the best way…

    • I agree. I think she seems to take a lot more credit than necessary. She makes weird changes to characters and writes new scenes in when she has so much material to work with? I dont understand how adapting screenplay is such a hard job. The material is already there!

  7. Case in point: the proposal, in the book Edward says “Isabella Swan, I promise to love you forever, every single day of forever. Will you marry me?” Absolutely beautiful, elegant, PERFECT! But no, Melissa Rosenberg has to change it to “Isabella Swan, I promise to love you every single day of forever, will you do me the extraordinary honor of marrying me?” There was no reason to change SM’s perfection. And, that’s just one example of how MR just about ruined Eclipse for me. I hope that Stephenie being one of the producers and being on set every day, she will be able to rein in Melissa Rosenberg!

    • Agreed.Another scene that killed me to watch was : the conversation b/w EB after the Jake/Bella kiss. Bella walks up to Edward and asks him so casually,as if asking him about the view,’You saw?’ and later ‘I love u more’, to which Edward smiles and says ‘I know’. WTH! Bella hated herself for kissing Jake and told him to fight. Edward was deeply,visibly hurt.It must have certainly broken his heart.He didn’t seem concerned in the movie. I furiously hope Stephenie is able to stop all this in BD.

  8. just hate her for ruining my edward and bells or i say robsten chem

  9. Good post. Melissa Rosenberg is a very talented and aspiring screen writer, a big part of the Twilight’s success.