Melissa Rosenberg at the French Twilight Convention

Interesting information at the 1:28 mark working with Stephenie, 3:10 mark, 4:38 mark spin off characters, 6:00 mark Breaking Dawn


  1. I’d find another convention to attend if she were the guest…sorry

  2. I just have to wonder if these movies would have been more satisfying if Summit had called someone else. I think in the beginning, they had a smaller budget and were relatively unknown with the Twilight project and probably didn’t have as many options as they would have now. I also wonder if Stephenie Meyer is aware of the discontent that the fan base has with MR. I get so tired of hearing MR talk about how they try to stick to the story, IMO she tries very hard to give them a different point of view.

  3. Re-active Pro-active. What is this silly woman talking about. Just adapt the BOOK. That is all fans want is the book. So much of the most important scenes in the book was left out of the movie. I am not even going to rehash the stuff that was missing in Eclipse. We the fans already no what they were. I just hope she does not destroy Breaking Dawn. I hope the Big Wigs at Summit are hearing the complaints of the fans.

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