MTV: Melissa Rosenberg Debunking Rumors and Getting the Vampires All In

Melissa Rosenberg talked to MTV about the challenge of getting the multitude of new vampires into Breaking Dawn and Internet rumor, and how she has used her facebook to talk with fans.

“”I ask people to really weigh in with what are their favorite scenes in the books, what’s important to them,” Rosenberg said. “And there generally seems to be a consensus about one scene or another. It’s really helpful for me and I’ll interact with them sometimes.”

She added that the fan interaction has helped her to squash any out-of-control Internet-generated rumors about her “Dawn” scripts. “At one point, [the fans] were upset because they had gotten the impression that I was choosing not to put the birthing scene in the script, and I was able to go online and say, ‘I don’t know where that idea came from, but of course the birthing scene is going to be in.’ ” Another Net-generated rumor, according to Rosenberg, is that she won’t include the Book of Jacob in the final film. “I don’t know where that idea came from, but that is not true,” she confirmed. “We are going to see Jacob’s perspective equally, so don’t worry.”

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  1. Menos mal que la mina esta vaya a poner la perspectiva de Jacob porque sino la mataba.

  2. However any criticism or negative comments you make on her facebook page get deleted.

  3. Now that its for sure its 2 movies, why can’t she put it all in? Every delicious little word, let this one be for the fans….she has 2 movies, I’ve read she said how would she stretch it into 2 movies….easy, put it ‘ALL’ in.

    • I second that notion!

    • I agree! I have REALLY high hopes from BD since its going to be two movies.I want her to include everything and make a movie for the fans as a good-bye gift.Please don’t change Edward n Bella’s personalities!! A majority of the people who don’t read the books get a totally wrong impression of E/B.It’s frustating!!

      • I totally agree with you. I think the movies are not really portraying Edward as he should be. The story is about Bella and Edward and I just hope Breaking Dawn will be great since it is the final one.

  4. ana hernandez says:

    Gracias a Dios….
    En serio no podia creer que no incluyera el Libro de Jacob…

  5. thefactis says:

    I hope they don’t make this movie all about Jacob. Eclipse was too Jacob but no surprise there because Summit will try to make bad acting Taylor the hero to get the money off those little teenyboppers who squeal over his abs. BD better be about Ed and Bella, Edward is the main guy, the hero, not jacob. less of monotonous TL (but he’s a nice guy though) and more of Rob and Kris (and Billy Burke and Alice).

  6. Brandedz says:

    Twilight saga game.Which side will you choose??

  7. I too believe this is Bella and Edwards big story and I do want to see it from Jakes side too but in the end its the looks, the caresses, the shared looks betwen Edward and Bella that the fans long for. So far nothing. So far she has changed Bella’s reason for turning altogether….follow the book Melissa. The fans want the story they fell in love with, not this crazy interpretation its been so far. JUST FOLLOW STEPENIES LEAD! LOL We can only hope.

  8. @thefactis @k @Reenti
    Exactly! We got enough of Taylor ripping his shirt off and morphing into a puppy. We want the BOOK- Edward and Bella. I have come close to disgusted when they take out key points in the book and instead put some scene where Jake removes his shirt for no reason. (I mean, to dab her blood in New Moon, really, wow. And he didn’t even dab it! He just kinda smeared it around a little.) Edward was made to seem like the bad guy in Eclipse, when Bella JUMPS ON JAKES BIKE RIGHT IN FRONT OF EDWARDS FACE which, by the way, Stephenie Meyer said she had big time issues with. Also, they didn’t show Jakes manipulative side, making Edward look bad for the girls my age (12) who cry over ugh Tay Lautners abs. I mean really. Then they say they love Twilight and they are Team Jacob, but it’s more like Team Steroids. DON’T SCREW THIS UP ROSENBERG *peace*

  9. Julianne says:

    Your comments are music to my ears. I’ve been frustrated with the manufactured triangle for some time now. I recognized a long time ago that the Jacob fever is about getting the tweens all excited and not about the true story. Its B & E, always has, always will. And the idea that she’s including Jacob’s book scares me. He can and does act like a jerk sometimes, but that doesn’t ever seem to make it into the movies. Whenever I hear someone is “Team Jacob”, I doubt they’ve read the book. But I’m hoping with SM as a producer, she can help steer the ship.

  10. Skimming the comments above, it seems that the majority of people (to my great satisfaction) share my opinion that the films (and Eclipse, especially) have missed the boat as to what these stories are really about — Edward’s relationship with Bella and vice-versa. Although I can’t say at all that I hated Eclipse, I was really disappointed in the portrayal of Edward (not Rob’s acting…but Melissa’s script). Someone who hasn’t read the books would be saying, “What’s all the fuss about with this guy?” because he was portrayed so negatively. Jacob, on the other hand, was portrayed very sympathetically. I have nothing against the character of Jacob, but come on. I’m guessing if Melissa wrote the Harry Potter scripts, she’d be manufacturing a love triangle between the three main characters, and ultimately having Harry hook up with Hermione. I’m just not a fan of what she has done with the scripts. Sorry!


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